Haier full space preservation of the refrigerator | 'temperature control capacity' | strong

Recently, the World Wide Web appliance network launched two air-cooled refrigerator frozen video caused a lot of attention to the users in the video, 'small ball ups and downs', 'daily operation' have become a new way to evaluate the refrigerator fresh and fresh strength, and this Back, even broken eggs also play to play as 'quality inspectors', and users with the argument: in the environment of -18 ℃, broken eggs, whether the egg outflow?

-18 ℃ frozen egg contrast: egg outflow of VS eggs do not flow out

During the experiment, two eggs were placed in Haier full space preservation refrigerator and ordinary air-cooled refrigerator in the freezer.

After standing for 72 hours, Haier full of fresh eggs in the refrigerator, although the shallow cracks, but no eggs outflow, and ordinary air-cooled eggs in the refrigerator has been split, there is a clear egg outflow.

Egg outflow: After the defrost temperature fluctuations are too large

For this phenomenon, the home appliance network gives a professional interpretation: in the frozen process, the eggs contain water will form ice, so that the volume increases, so the two frozen eggs in the eggs after removal, the shell was ruptured.

And ordinary air-cooled refrigerator every 40 hours will defrost 1 times, the freezing room temperature is not constant, so the eggshell is frozen, the original has been frozen eggs will be slowed down with the temperature of the liquid Out of the eggshell.Thus, Haier full space preservation of the 'temperature control capacity' was significantly better.

Egg does not flow out: from Haier's first intelligent thermostat technology

Has been able to maintain the egg after the frost is not out of the egg, from Haier full space fresh refrigerator first intelligent temperature technology.

It can intelligently control the air duct and fresh area between the shelter device, the refrigerator freezing interval temperature fluctuations by 45%, 40% reduction in defrost temperature, juice loss rate decreased by 18%, the maximum retention of food nutrition, Original flavor.

Following the 'small ball ups and downs', 'daily operation', the home appliance network of the 'egg broken' experiment is undoubtedly once again confirmed the extraordinary strength of the full storage of the refrigerator Haier, and in addition to frozen thermostat, the whole space preservation refrigerator is also the first In the cold storage room on the application of precision control of wet and dry storage technology, through the dry area, wet area partition to solve the food string taste, dry goods back to the tide and other users pain points, opened the frozen frozen fresh space full of preservation.

A series of technical achievements, it is from the Haier refrigerator to the original technology and intelligent manufacturing to lead the transformation of high-end practice, and this self-breakthrough self-innovation initiatives, will also upgrade the whole industry to establish a new benchmark.