Value and strength coexist | IFA on the strength of ice washing products recommended

2017 German Berlin Consumer Electronics Show has long been the curtain, but the show appeared on the many 'black technology' products are still talked about. As one of the world's three major consumer electronics show, smart home appliances and consumer electronics products are naturally show Focus on which the Chinese brand composed of exhibitors camp, became the focus after the meeting is still eye-catching.Then the problem came: I would like to change the set of ice, so many dazzling look at how to do this home for everyone to recommend several TLC appliances debut IFA2017 to force the ice wash products.

TCL TRF-460WEXPG1 four-door refrigerator

TCL TRF-460WEXPG1 is a huge but very intimate and a kind of refrigerator, the machine to one variable frequency air-cooled technology as the core, compared to the traditional ordinary refrigeration refrigerator, with faster cooling, smaller internal temperature difference, better energy efficiency, noise Lower and so on.

In addition, the refrigerator with a full space inside the AAT negative oxygen ion culture technology, the use of natural tourmaline ore embedded in the duct for the refrigerator to provide fresh food, in addition to taste, dust, sterilization 360 ° all-round fresh care. It is mentioned that the refrigerator has a professional maternal and child area, for the family to provide safe and secure baby storage space.

TCL TRF-420WEXG1 French four-door refrigerator

TCL TRF-420WEXG1 is a French refrigerator, refrigerator with one variable frequency air-cooled technology, compared to the traditional refrigerator, in the refrigeration, temperature, energy efficiency, noise and so on better performance. Air conditioning with a full space AAT negative oxygen ions Technology, the use of natural tourmaline ore embedded in the duct, to achieve full space from the permanent release of negative oxygen ions fresh, the refrigerator stored in the material can be long-term maintenance, in addition to taste, dust, sterilization, get all aspects of care.

In the external design, the refrigerator with four-door design, whole body gold satin pattern, elegant atmosphere in the internal storage design,

Fridge with French style partition storage design, a special storage of fruit and vegetable space, but also has a -1 ℃ temperature lock fresh storage space, fruits and vegetables, fish and fish can be a perfect storage.

TCL TRF-520WEX on the door refrigerator

TCL TRF-520WEX is a variable frequency air-cooled refrigerator, the cooling speed is very fast, the internal temperature is constant, low energy consumption, while the running state of the noise is very low.With the first two refrigerators, this refrigerator is also equipped with full space AAT Negative oxygen ion culture technology, the use of natural tourmaline ore embedded in the duct, in the food fresh, the refrigerator in addition to taste, dust, sterilization and other aspects of the effect is significant.

In the design, the refrigerator door for the 630mm slim body, 90 degrees to open the door design, suitable for a wide range of family environment. Inside the refrigerator set up eight independent partitions, frozen storage innovation using intermediate storage drawer design, and human nature is highly consistent, very human The intelligent one of the frequency conversion air - cooled technology, air - cooled frost - free fresh, according to the storage space temperature temperature demand for intelligent cooling configuration for food storage quickly provide the best temperature zone.

TCL free wheel washing machine XQGM90-14508BH

TCLXQGM90-14508BH is a distinctive washing machine, through the brain hole open design, easy to solve the secondary pollution of the laundry distress.This washing machine has 9KG oversized washing capacity, with one touch full touch with intelligent light and fine chord Sound, the new Hyun dynamic control interface for the user to bring a new washing experience.

In the design of the brain hole, TCL waste wheel washing machine used in the triple water seal technology will be inside the bottom of the aluminum support tripod for sealing.For the family's exclusive washing needs, it uses a 1 + N program, that is, (A small vat) + N exclusive sort of washing tub (internal keg), small pieces, baby, underwear, etc., each clothing has a special keg.

TCL launched a one-click Q series of intelligent washing machine

TCL one-touch Q series washing machine is for 'many consumers face multiple laundry parameters at a loss, I do not know how to choose washing mode, and the introduction of intelligent washing machine, the operation is very convenient.

Washing machine has a key to a smart laundry, through the APP convenient for a variety of laundry options, and according to the situation of clothing set washing machine parameters, users can also natural voice control for intelligent laundry. Coupled with the washing machine is not big, and sometimes the current single The crowd more market demand.


It can be said, TCL in the IFA exhibition launched several top products, these refrigerators and washing machines are the value of the double and high strength products.If IFA exhibition tired, have not found their favorite ice washing products, Then pay attention to TCL, which will definitely give you some surprises.