105-year-old Sharp: return to the road feelings and ambitious counterparts

105 years old Sharp, when the age of Yi Yi, can not talk about the elegance, but it is Houji thin hair return from 2016 Foxconn and Sharp strong marriage, to 2017, the world is not good, Year held on the 31st of the world's first consumer 8K TV stunning debut, Foxconn Sharp accelerated 8K eco-ready to go. 105 The age of Sharp, a hundred years of dust also conceal his peerless elegance; to create a lot of the first 'black technology', but the blood never stopped innovation.

Now, he is the hustle and bustle of the times a gentle comfort. Let people see, Sharp as a century brand, from the birth so far, is the quality of protection, advocacy: Sharp brand is noble, and the price is warm heart. After the shooting of this series of activities, is to reveal a clear signal to the outside world - Sharp is no longer 'the father of LCD' self-high cold posture, but to moisten things silently way to 'Wang Xie Tang Qian Yan 'High quality products into the homes of ordinary people, by creating a complete 8K ultra-fine image data under the energy of the industrial ecosystem, for the human lifestyle to bring a new note.

Build 8K Ecology: Chi in Sharp, lit life

The world's first consumer 8K TV adventure is Foxconn Sharp efforts in the direction of an important milestone, is also a new start.Looking on August 31 Shanghai conference, Foxconn Sharp once again to the world to show their muscles and blood: the introduction of The world's first consumer 8K TV.As the originator of the LCD industry, Sharp AQUOS 8K TV offer, once again let the world ashamed: 8K has been from the shelves of the laboratory technology to the consumer market has taken a key step in the The two sides of the long-term planning, to do not stop at only one TV, a camera, a projector and other terminals, but also the whole 8K ecological build; not only to do the whole 8K ecology, but also do The integration of the entire 8K ecological chain.

With Foxconn's endowment, combined with Foxconn's cutting-edge manufacturing capabilities and all the supply chain vertical capabilities, coupled with Sharp 8K technology, not only in the big screen TV, the future can also be used in mobile phones, flat, used in all In the whole vertical integration, horizontal integration process, the two sides built a network, this network is Foxconn Sharp strong combination, the period to build, to make consumers intelligent life A more comfortable, more healthy, more happy, more secure a service network.

From the birth so far, Sharp has built a lot of 'first' black technology, 8K is one of them, but how to put it to build the scene also created, which is what Foxconn Sharp is expected to do. At present, the joint partners from Eight life applications, by the medical, sports, security, etc., slowly advancing in the layout of the eight living, not limited to 8K content, signal transmission and other constraints .2017 8K in medical, security, sports have already have Show, accompanied by more friends are willing to join the 8K ecological chain construction, I believe next year will go faster, farther.

As Foxconn Technology Group founder Terry Gou mentioned, Foxconn and Sharp will continue to focus on cutting-edge technology research and development.Now, our 8K display technology is already very mature. At the same time we released the world's first consumer level, and through the Ministry of Industry and Industry We have taken the key step in the commercialization, marketization and popularization of cutting-edge technology into the families of every country's people, and we have taken the key to the 8K ultra-high definition certified 8K 70-inch TV. People in the future, 8K TV will become the owner of the public consumption, '8K' will also be changed from a technical concept into a way of life in the process, with the Foxconn of Foxconn, will be The founder of this lifestyle.

Red and blue intertwined: a talent, a touch of hair

Sharp as a hundred years of household electrical appliance enterprises, Sharp goldsmith spirit is a feeling.I believe that many consumers are growing up with Sharp, Sharp has maintained feelings.But as Foxconn Technology Group Vice President Dr. Chen Zhenuo said, the feelings of too much , Will live in the past from the 'father of the LCD' to the 'crown of the pearl', and then to the '8K ecological father', Sharp rely on not only feelings, but on the basis of the past, Into the focus of 8K era.

Since the last year, Foxconn has entered the Sharp, one of the world's most outstanding manufacturers, with the world's unmatched industry chain advantage; one is the world's leading technology-led technology enterprises in the field of consumer electronics deep precipitation in the beginning of cooperation, The two companies to clearly explore the pros and cons of the two companies, complementary resources, the role of mutual assistance, and conspiracy future ambitions.With Foxconn drastic transformation, from the collection of resources to process integration, the two companies eventually reached the cultural and operational system Full integration, the outbreak of a huge amount of energy, or even a few months time, under the power of Foxconn, to produce the best performance in three years.

You can see, since 2017, 'purple' frequently appear in the Sharp line conference and other activities. This is Foxconn blue intertwined Sharp red, condensed together stained high and not cold purple, behind the meaning of two The success of the brand fusion, which is the transmission of red and blue. Foxconn business philosophy is love, confidence, determination. Sharp's philosophy of operation is creativity and sincerity. Essentially, the idea of ​​the two is the same, from the set , Integrated into the integration of the two sides in the continuous integration of explosive, not only to Sharp's brand in China to re-polish, but also continue to the forefront of scientific and technological achievements of commercialization, market, universal to each family to go, so that more Chinese families enjoy intelligent life.

On the occasion of the 105th anniversary celebration, Foxconn Sharp for the vast number of consumers has brought a wave of great value concessions, in the days of cat, Jingdong, Suning, Gome, rich network of the whole channel platform revealed burst TV limited grab, massive coupons Free collar, the whole point of a spike, six benefits and other benefits. Lan embrace the world to Zhen, set the world's huge benefit, and you congratulate Sharp 105 years old, looking forward to the next hundred years of arrival!