Fitness plan to do it | good body extra points healthy life

Since you know the benefits of fitness, or act quickly into it, will make you a lot of income.

When you start an exercise program, you need to consider the following factors:

Age, physical condition, disease history, there is no basis for exercise and whether there are fitness resources for their own domination, etc. In addition, if you can put the following principles of fitness to exercise to exercise, you can make your body gradually adapt A positive way of life, fitness is also very easy.

1. Before you take part in a formal exercise, you must first perform a physical examination, especially if you have not participated in the appropriate exercise for a long time.

2. If there is no fitness basis, it suddenly began to exercise, not only will lead to excessive fatigue, muscle soreness, stiffness and other symptoms, but also may cause heart disease, fitness is the key to the principle of gradual progress.

3. The fitness exercise into an indispensable part of life, and then a small amount of activity for fitness also help, such as housework, climb stairs and step on behalf of the car, etc. These daily activities, although fragmented, but over time will appear big effect.

4. It is important to exercise the exercise time, but it will take some time to exercise, but it is very important to maintain health. You can experiment with various types of exercise programs until you find a way to combine exercise with your daily life the way.

Practice has proved that those who take up the entertainment time to participate in the exercise, the general exercise will not only enhance the energy, improve work efficiency, but also from the exercise of the fun. No doubt, this return is very rich.

5. In order to reduce the risk of injury, whether before or after fitness are in the warm-up and relaxation activities, in front of this rule without exception at all.

Warm-up exercises and relaxation activities to prevent physical injuries and muscle soreness. Warm-up exercise time control in about 5 minutes is appropriate to low-intensity aerobic exercise combined with gentle stretching exercise as well in the warm-up process, your heart rate will Slowly rising, and with the speed of blood flow to speed up, the muscles will become gradually heat up.

Whether it is a coach or fitness CD demo course, are starting to exercise in this way.If you exercise alone, may wish to walk from walking or in situ warm-up procedures; exercise after the end of the relaxation activities, to take a slow walk or Stretching exercises until the heart rate down to 100 times per minute.

Relaxation is particularly important for older people because of the lack of relaxation activities, blood pressure is significantly reduced, which will not only cause syncope, but also may lead to the occurrence of muscle spasms stretching exercises are also very suitable for relaxation activities, but also can improve The flexibility of the body, so do not ignore it.

6. If exercise makes you feel chest pain, palpitations, fatigue, nausea, shortness of breath or headache, you should immediately stop and go to the doctor.

7. The impact of great movement, such as running, some aerobic fitness courses, the soles of the feet will be issued when the pound of the sound, this will lead to a variety of sports injuries occur (from the leg pain to dizziness, tinnitus, etc. And so on).

Prevention of this situation occurred in the first line of defense is to have a pair of high-quality sports shoes; Second, but also change the movement pattern, the easier and more difficult combination of exercise methods.

8. In your fitness program, you first choose aerobic exercise. Common aerobic exercise includes walking, cycling, jogging, aerobics, swimming, cross-country skiing and tennis, squash, etc. In this type of exercise Choose the most suitable for your project, but also refer to the following factors: fitness experience, physical condition, discretionary time, financial status, personal hobbies, etc. Cross-style exercise can enhance the balance of the body, improve your flexibility and resilience , Worth a try.

9. Do not eat in the case of eating, do not eat in the two hours before exercise, but you can drink enough water, whether it is before exercise, exercise or after exercise can be.

In the hot season should drink plenty of water, so as to avoid dehydration caused by the adverse consequences of the water is to maintain the best water content of the body of sports drinks containing a lot of sugar and calories, which is specifically for athletes or hot conditions in the exercise 45 Minutes above the person to prepare. So as an ordinary fitness, or to drink as well

10. Keep exercise regular. Unless you are sick or injured can not participate in exercise, or as far as possible every day to participate in sports. At the beginning, exercise 2 to 3 times a week; over time, to gradually increase the exercise time or exercise Intensity, or daily exercise for 30 minutes (medium to high strength), or daily 45 to 60 minutes (low to medium intensity), two sets of exercise can be alternating.

11. If you are feeling a little headache and want to continue to exercise, it is necessary to reduce the strength of refining, to the principle of safety. If you want to continue to exercise, it is necessary to reduce the intensity of refining, to the principle of safety.

12. To choose a good sports equipment, in particular, to choose a pair of high quality, fit shoes not only can reduce the fatigue, but also to prevent ankle injury.Choose the shoes should be to protect the ankle and have a buffer performance Often runners at least every 12 months to replace a pair of shoes.

Sportswear should be in a comfortable, convenient and safe principle, do not pursue fashion effects.Looking, the appropriate sports dress will not stimulate the skin, and will not tighten the skin, so that the fitness process becomes happy.

13. In the week fitness plan, do not forget to increase the 2? 3 strength training program, choose low resistance, high frequency exercise methods to maintain the muscles and bones of the strong, to avoid bone loss and muscle loss.

In the course of strength training, the breathing is slow and rhythmic, which helps to prevent elevated blood pressure. Before the start of the action, the first breath, in the recovery of the initial position of the process to inhale. Practice the action to slow, stable For the best.

In addition, in the process of stretching the limbs, the joints should not be too straight, and in the exercise with a muscle before the 48 hours to make a rest time .In the strength of the training process, about 20% of the injured parts occurred in the waist, so It is also essential to carry out proper warm-up exercises before starting exercise.

14. You can consider hiring a coach or attending a health club, for 'foreign aid' to make you detours, and can enhance the confidence of exercise.

15. In the outdoor sports, safety on the ride when wearing a helmet, try to avoid the road in a crowded exercise or a person in a remote place to exercise.If the weather is too hot, cold or wet, it is necessary to adjust the exercise plan.

16. Hot summer, or in the morning for outdoor exercise, or in the indoor practice. Because in the hot environment exercise will lead to serious problems in the hot outdoor exercise, if there dizziness, nausea, headache, Fatigue, no sweat or attention is not concentrated embolism, to immediately stop, to the cool, dry place to rest, and add enough water.

17. In the cold environment, exercise should also take protective measures to wear clothes, including gloves, hats, socks and more sealed shoes.

18. To listen to the sound of the body issued to understand the heart of the warning signal, such as chest pain, chest tightness, shortness and even suffocating, once received this information, we must immediately stop to rest, the situation still need to go to the hospital Do not ignore the slight symptoms that can aggravate the pain condition. Early treatment can prevent the occurrence of serious illness.

If the fever or physical discomfort, do not reluctantly engaged in exercise.After some rest, especially after the injury is cured, to step by step to start the previous exercise program, and gradually restored to the original level of exercise, should not blindly aggressive.