Suning tour big gathers: HP light shadow wizard III | green blade version straight down concessions

Speaking of HP's gaming notebook, many gamers will think of HP's Shadow Wizard series, since the advent of the game players by the favorite, and this time its promotional products HP Light Shadow Wizard Ⅲ generation green blade version can be said to Shadow Wizard brother version, It can be said that the shadow wizard series of green version, but from the shape of the color on the light of the wizard on behalf of the green version of the green version and the former is completely different.

This time the development of the HP light wizard to the third generation of green generation version of the color with the previous generation of products has a very big change, the normal light shadow wizard as the name suggests will usually use silver color, and black is the Shadow Wizard Of the color, but this time the light shadow Wizard III generation of green edge version of another way, with a black shell and then with green as a dotted color, first in appearance to attract a lot of game users

At the same time Hewlett-Packard light shadow wizard Ⅲ generation of green blade version also made a lot of thin design, first of all is the formation of metal C surface, not only beautiful but also in the dust on some of the benefits, feel and thickness is also very perfect control. On the keyboard surface metal wire drawing material and backlit keyboard around the Yingying green, it is particularly texture.When the measured body only 24.1mm, it can be said that the thickness of the game is basically a very lightweight players.

However, although the HP Light Shadow Wizard Ⅲ generation of green blade version although the shape is very thin, but the configuration is not behind, not only using the Intel seventh generation Kaby Lake platform Core i5 7300HQ processor, 8GB DDR4-2400 memory, 1TB mechanical hard disk , But also the use of the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 graphics card from the configuration point of view, it can meet the needs of most gamers, whether it is LOL or eat chicken can run perfectly.

Of course, as a game of this, the heat is also very important.Happer light shadow wizard Ⅲ generation green blade version of the thermal design is not only powerful and clever, first of its dual fan dual copper tube design can greatly enhance the cooling efficiency, followed by the fuselage and The connection of the screen using the escalator clever design, can open the screen after the whole machine elevation, resulting in a certain gap, on the one hand to increase the bottom of the air circulation, while ensuring the efficiency of heat, on the one hand also allow users to use When the angle of the notebook more fit the user, the use of more comfortable.

Hewlett-Packard light shadow wizard on behalf of the green version of this notebook in Suning is hot promotions, priced at 5699 yuan, there are concessions can be used for the need to take into account the study, work and entertainment students, white collar, this light The wizard is simply the best choice.Not only strong performance and low-key appearance of luxury, penguin use experience is also unusual, heat and life for those who need to go out to study, office people are also able to meet, interested friends to buy immediately Suning see it!

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