Five big coffee initiative to let out | 'C bit', Samsung QLED TV what charm?

These days because of a Bazaar Charity Night Festival, 'C bit' fire, the limelight is not over, fashion Queen Samuel and other five big coffee has recently offered to 'C', willing to green leaves, only for this Bit 'big star', a time envy others.

In fact, in addition to the fashionable Queen Samuel, there are DMC champion DJ Wordy, well-known designer Shen Jianghai, young writer Zhang Haochen, director Li Yu and other strength of the big coffee, they are in different areas have a unique contribution to the arts, life , Work has a different persistent pursuit, they are common and the only choice for the Samsung QLED TV to give 'C bit'.

Big coffee selection: to do the best

Sumang, Wordy, Shen Jianghai, Zhang Hao Chen, Li Yu, five large card assembly, what will burst out how incredible energy?

Obviously, let alone the five big card build, no matter which one, in their respective areas have brilliant achievements, there are ordinary people difficult to achieve the achievements of fashion Queen Samuel founder "fashion Bazaar", is recognized as the trend of benchmark Starred in the star of the 'Basha Star Charity Night' activities, adhere to 15 years never give up .90 after the young writer Zhang Haochen successful won the writer list of gold cuttings of the year award, masterpiece "you are the best of their own" The famous director Li Yu has directed the "Hongyan", "Apple", "Guanyinshan" and many other outstanding film. Architects Shen Jianghai is one of the founders of Beijing Dazang Dazan, Won a number of domestic and foreign awards. Music producer DJ Wordy has won three times DMC champion.

The five different areas of coffee to break the boundaries of the industry, the goal is clear, only for the Samsung QLED TV from the fashion king Suma that Samsung QLED TV is a transcending art of television, impeccable design, Jane Word QLED TV for us to open the horizon, wake up the ears, technology will capture the sound weaving more perfect.When you see the Samsung QLED TV (see the Samsung QLED TV) At first glance, the designer Shen Jianghai 'feel very surprised and excited', already have this product into different space after the screen. Samsung QLED TV subvert the TV in the home space in the conventional display ideas, let life More art.

Five different areas of the big coffee also co-sponsored the 'Declaration of Choice': there are two kinds of ways in the world. One at the foot, see; an invisible, in your heart. Adhere to their choice, To be the best. Obviously, in their respective fields, five big coffee has been the best to launch the impact, and in the choice of quality of life, the Samsung QLED TV is their best choice.

Samsung QLED TV: open quantum dot 'horizon' new era

Five different areas of big coffee common 'choice', take the initiative to give 'C', Samsung QLED TV what charm?

In 2017, the color TV industry officially entered the QLED era, marking the image display industry, a major transformation.Quick point of the TV breakthrough in the traditional understanding of television, especially in color performance, to provide closer to the real world of the ultimate visual experience, In fact, the history of quantum dots can be traced back to the emergence of colored glass, that is, distant the first century of the century.Gene actually started early on the use of nanoparticles, and nano-particles are Is to create a QLED TV amazing picture of the core components of quantum points.

Samsung QLEDTV has a bright, long, wide 'display, in color performance significantly improved. Can accurately show the DCI-P3 (Figure), Samsung QLEDTV with a new color point technology, restore the true color of the world, reveal the color behind the real esoteric. Of the color space, is the world's first 100% color volume to restore the TV, and even QLED presented in the 1500-2000nits peak brightness, so that special subtle differences are also missing.

Li Yu said that Samsung's new QLED TV with its excellent picture quality performance at home can also see the perfect appearance as a theater-like Beijing Jiaotong University Professor Xu Zheng also said that 'digital technology to make human life more convenient At the same time, but also let the human has been really accessible to the world drifting away in order to please the consumer's vision, the screen appears more and more bright colors, but this is not the original color of the world. Samsung QLED TV with super High HDR brightness, the ability to restore 100% of the display volume, so that people clearly see the world 's most true color system.

Quantum Dot TV also has higher luminous efficiency and lower energy consumption, as well as near-infinite image life.With the organic materials used in WOLED, QLED does not appear to degrade over time, Never fail.

Not just 'color': QLED TV both internally and externally

You think that Samsung QLED TV is only a good color can capture a lot of big coffee? Internally and externally is the Samsung QLED TV Become a star of the best magic weapon.

Samsung QLED TV almost do the border without the border, the whole picture is like floating in the air, to minimize the TV frame for visual interference. Samsung will be the ultimate minimalist style has been continued to be ignored The back of the TV, the fuselage surface can not find a screw, creating a 360 ° no dead end of the visual experience. Samsung innovative solution to the problem of messy TV line, the introduction of thin screen line implicit connection design, A thin, almost invisible cable to solve the pain has been the consumer has been this year, Samsung is very thought for QLED TV prepared a rack-mounted bracket, at any time 'dress up', just like a work of art.

Samsung TV has been focused on providing a unified and simple user experience. Samsung QLED TV operation page will be streamlined to the extreme, in addition to change the TV settings, the vast majority of daily operations in the two-level menu will be easy to get through the use of Smart View mobile phone APP can be the contents of the phone on the TV, easy and family to share the daily record bit by bit, and the phone can immediately turned into a remote control, bring extraordinary control experience. Samsung QLED TV can also automatically Identify a variety of external devices including radio and television, IPTV set-top boxes and game consoles, Blu-ray DVDs, etc., and through a Samsung universal remote control to control, no longer have to find the remote control with the match and distress.

It is worth mentioning that the Samsung QLED TV re-optimized the intelligent voice control, not only supports the traditional volume control, channel switching, but also support fuzzy search, just simply want to watch the large names (such as 'Transformers') , The video playback software can show the relevant video can be selected according to their own preferences, greatly simplifying the search for the steps, very user-friendly.

Zhang Haochen also said that Samsung's new QLED TV built a massive video resources, you can temporarily forget the work of trouble, threw himself into the leisure time.

'To do the best to do' is the five big coffee of the 'big declaration', choose Samsung QLED TV is also the best manifestation of this declaration. Samsung QLED TV through the hardware display technology revolution, man-machine Interaction and content of the breakthrough, a new understanding of life and innovation, and create a new era of QLED, bring a better and more convenient life.