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Fruit powder are eagerly looking forward to iPhoneX Finally opened the mystery, for this 10Anniversary special edition, ordinary consumers need not entangled in the overwhelming evaluation, just remember three keywords: brush face, wireless, large screen.For the first two represent the face recognition, wireless charging technology, previously too much 'spoiler ' , And in order to pursue the full screen to abandon the iconic home Key, it is not surprising Apple's breakthrough in the determination of self 'Big ' On the road, Apple's designers have reached a broad consensus.

Bid farewell to the home button iPhoneX full screen more amazing

The current global home appliances and electronic consumer market, 'big screen' trend intensified, from the 120-inch large screen color TV, to 'pull' out home key after a big circle of iPhoneX, the user's desire to 'big' forced enterprises to continue to explore products The limits of performance.

In this highly anticipated iPhoneX, for example, the product in addition to Face ID, after the vertical dual-camera dual optical anti-shake, iOS11 enhance the reality of powerful, wireless charging, A11 bionic processor and other unexpected increase, almost covering the entire Positive 5.8-inch full screen, so iPhoneX is clearly different from the previous iPhone6 ​​and iPhone7, especially Apple's iconic Touch ID round home key from the missing, replaced by Face ID facial recognition system.

It can be said that these improvements become the iPhoneX and iPhone other products of the most intuitive difference, although the volume and feel close to the previous 4.7-inch iPhone, but the screen display area is comparable to 5.5-inch products, regardless of visual impact or experience to have a higher level.

Break the washing space limit the high-end washing machine 'big' trend

The pursuit of 'big' is not limited to the field of electronic consumption, there is news that the domestic washing machine leading brand is about to launch a large wash capacity known for high-end duplex washing machine, the product was named Beverly 'amplifier' double washing machine, And is expected to be officially launched on September 18th.

If the phone 'full screen' to meet the requirements of the user's clarity, then the large capacity of the washing machine is undoubtedly in order to users from the heavy laundry labor in the complete liberation of people who often do housework have similar experience, Adults and baby clothing and clothing of different colors or materials, must be washed in batches, otherwise prone to string color, cross infection and other issues.In addition, heavy sheets, quilts, curtains and so often need a one wash, these Are obviously increased the user's household strength.Obviously, it is the need for large-capacity laundry and the practical needs of partition washing, and jointly promote the development of double-washing machine.

As a double washing machine for the tripod, Beverly 'amplifier' double washing machine with '3kg pulsator + 12kg drum' up and down the partition design, 15kg total capacity far more than the general large capacity washing machine, according to most of the sheets or quilt cover three In addition, this product also solves the ordinary large capacity can not wash the limitations of a single piece of clothing, through the partition design, Beverly 'amplifier (Figure), in addition to the large pieces of washing together, The large washing area of ​​the double-type washing machine can reach 12kg large capacity, much larger than the 8kg capacity normally used in the ordinary double-type washing machine.At the same time, the drying capacity can reach 8kg, which is twice as high as the mainstream 4kg drying capacity The

From the iPhoneX to Beverly 'amplifier' double washing machine, for the consumer market painful sharp grasp, so that these high-end products invariably choose a larger, more full development path, consumers can also enjoy a higher quality Of course, 'big' is not the purpose, how can the least time and effort under the premise of the user to bring the greatest degree of convenience and enjoyment, this is the ultimate problem of business.