Trump called Lattice merger case; Note8 China released Samsung confidence to regain trust

1, Trump stopped the Chinese institutions of the acquisition of US chip manufacturers; 2, 6988 yuan from Note8 officially released, Samsung is confident to regain the trust of Chinese consumers! 3, Huawei terminal: read Apple conference, pressure 5, ZTE 5G R & D results into Hungary; 6, the market value of Apple may break this year, the scale will lead the development of AR 7, iPhone X how to lead the next A decade of inflection points, heavy launch of Apple's global suppliers;

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1, Trump called the Chinese institutions of the acquisition of Chinese chip makers;

SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 14 morning news, US President Trump Wednesday stopped a Chinese-based private equity firm to buy US chip maker Lattice Semiconductor's deal, releasing a clear signal that the US government will Against a deal involving potential military application technology, which was previously opposed by US National Security officials, a Chinese-funded private equity firm focused on technology investment, which plans to spend $ 130 million on the acquisition of Ledi If the deal reached this will become the largest Chinese company to acquire the US chip industry's largest deal, is also the headquarters of Palo Alto in the first announced the transaction of Chinese companies. Lattice 1 this month in a The regulator said the two sides could not eliminate the concerns of the US Foreign Investment Review Board (CFIUS), which would take the $ 1.3 billion deal to Trump for the final decision, which had 15 days to consider, Canyon Bridge Capital Partners is also close to the acquisition of UK company Imagination Technologies Group Plc acquisition, but not Including this troubled chip maker's US business. (Compiled / beli4ve)

2, 6988 yuan from Note8 officially released, Samsung is confident to regain the trust of Chinese consumers!

Samsung Electronics today in Beijing 751 D-PARK 79 cans held the theme of 'with Note8 to create' Galaxy Note8 new listing conference today is definitely a good day, because Xiao Bian's friends circle during the day Was the iPhone X message scraper, the night was Samsung Note8 message scraper.

Compared to the iPhone X 64GB 8388 yuan and 256GB 9688 yuan price, Samsung Note8 fairly 'close to the people.' Samsung for the Chinese consumers to prepare a three color Galaxy Note8, respectively, the mystery of the night black, wild gray and star river blue. Galaxy Note8 mobile 4G + version priced at 6988, 64GB Galaxy Note8 priced at 6988 yuan, 128GB Galaxy Note8 priced at 7388 yuan, 256GB Galaxy Note8 priced at 7988 yuan.

Samsung is confident that it will regain the trust of Chinese consumers

At the beginning of the conference, Mr. Gao Dongzhen, President of Samsung Electronics Mobile Communications Division, wrote the 'ingenuity' with S Pen at the conference site to express the unique product charm of Note8, Note 8 this product in the Chinese market confidence: 'Samsung has been listening to the aspirations of Chinese consumers, for the Chinese users to experience better, higher quality, more creative technology products at the same time, Samsung has always been the user's Safety and product quality in the first place, and constantly improve the safety of mobile devices, we will strive from the past experience in summing up lessons, continue to strive to win the trust of consumers, and strive to become the Chinese consumers and partners the most trusted s brand. '

Samsung Electronics Mobile Communications Division President Gao Dongzhen

Mr. Sajeev Jesudas, Senior Vice President of UL, was also invited to give us more information on the Galaxy Note 8 battery safety test, as a global independent safety science company, UL has over 100 years of experience in innovative security solutions and has deep expertise in the field of lithium battery safety. The UL has been deeply evaluated, tested and certified for Note 8 cell phone batteries. Standard, battery performance for system-level safety, current and battery temperature, etc. Note 8 Mobile phones are stable, safe and reliable under normal use Note 8 Cell phone batteries and battery packs comply with safety standards UL 1642 and UL 2054 requirements, through the UL certification.

Samsung Note8: double OIS optical image stabilization camera + full screen surface screen + enhanced version of S Pen + seconds to open the first to support the dual optical anti-shake technology double shock shock the audience. Galaxy Note8 in the preservation of S8 powerful wide-angle lens basis , And added a high-tech telephoto lens, can achieve 2x optical zoom.At the same time, Samsung introduced F1.7 large aperture, 1.4 μm large pixel sensor, can adapt to more stringent light conditions, and then Plus full dual-core fast focus technology, can capture a clear moment and micro-expression.More surprising is that Galaxy Note8 equipped with dual OIS optical image stabilization camera, in the movement can also be sharp clean and clear picture.

At the same time, Galaxy Note8 is equipped with a full-screen, is the Samsung Galaxy Note series in the largest area, Galaxy Note8 also has a high-screen proportion of compact body design, to help users easily grasp the one hand. 6.3 (6.2) inches Quad HD + Super AMOLED Full view of the screen allows users to frequent sliding screen, you can browse more.

In addition, the enhanced version of S Pen brings more powerful mobile productivity for Note 8. Since the advent of the Note series, S Pen has been one of its distinctive and highly creative configurations. In Samsung Galaxy Note 8, Version of the S Pen is to open the writing, painting, social and mobile phone interaction of the new way. 0.7 mm nib, 4096 pressure sensor, making Galaxy Note8 and S Pen become a creative inspiration and convenient carrier. The new dynamic information Function, so that anyone can easily express their feelings through the brush strokes, record ideas, become their own artists in life.

There is also a bright spot in the conference, that is, Samsung and shared cycling industry leader - Matthew conducted a comprehensive depth of cooperation.Three Samsung life assistant integrated services, can be directly through the Note8 camera function simple and quick unlock, This hardware-level unlock mode, so that users do not need to open the application. Exclusive steward service upgrade, new booking has been fully launched

At the meeting, Samsung Electronics Greater China Mobile Communications Marketing Director Feng En, also announced on the scene Note7 customer enjoyment package, all in 2016 has purchased the national version of the Galaxy Note7 mobile phone users, after booking to buy Note8 can get additional 500 yuan to trade subsidies, or the value of 528 yuan folding wireless charger.In addition, the original exclusive butler service in 18 months 5 fold to buy a battery coupon upgrade to 18 months free battery replacement coupons, but also enjoy the priority to participate in Samsung Galaxy Mobile phone year for new program qualification.

Samsung exclusive housekeeper in May this year, officially launched in a few months after the market test, the exclusive butler service has been recognized by countless consumers, satisfaction up to 94%. With the introduction of Galaxy Note8, exclusive butler service also received The new exclusive butler service continues to have a worry-free enjoyment, exclusive enjoyment and intimate enjoyment on the basis of an increase of 5 fold to buy S Pen services at the same time, the new exclusive butler service, but also more Pay attention to the user's daily experience. Buy Note 8 users, available from Microsoft China to provide 120 yuan coupons, you can buy Office365 Personal Edition / Home Edition year of the right to use a direct deduction.

With the release of Galaxy Note8 in China, the new book is also fully launched. From now until September 26, 2017, consumers can 'Samsung Member Club' WeChat service number, designated online store (limited to Samsung official online mall / Jingdong / Day cat / Suning Tesco / Gome online), or scan the store two-dimensional code to make an appointment, the final successful purchase of 256GB version Galaxy Note8 booking customers have the opportunity to apply for the value of 388 yuan Samsung or 1048 yuan worth of Samsung DeX smartphone Docking station; purchase 128GB / 64G version Galaxy Note8 booking customers have the opportunity to apply for the value of 288 yuan Samsung or an additional 200 yuan to get the value of 1048 yuan Samsung DeX smartphone dock; above booking users in the purchase time to purchase Machine, have the opportunity to apply for the value of 668 yuan entertainment 'big' packs and exclusive butler service.

3, Huawei terminal: After reading the Apple conference, the pressure is not so big;

Li Na every year in September, are the most lively time of the mobile phone ring.On the night of the application of red, endless stream of pieces, separated by a few days still brush the price and do not need to pay the marketing of high concern, perhaps only Apple This year is the birth of the tenth anniversary of the iPhone, it is because of this special year, leading to the Apple's new conference attention than the previous high, but in the industry view, even the top of the 'history of the most expensive' title iPhoneX, and no longer as in the past, to the industry to bring more technical impact. chip company Qualcomm even before Apple released a 'new technology is always first appeared in the Andrews' article, in addition to breakdown OLED Screen, borderless and face unlocking features have been the first use of Andrews phone, but also said that Andrews platform already has a lot of the world's first technology. Apple means innovation is weak. 'More importantly, the current iPhone8 assembly of good products Only 50% of the rate, the first batch of products is not high, the user wants to buy the product according to the official website price, this time point to the end of November, early December, so short-term Apple in the whole The market share will not happen much change. 'The first mobile phone industry research institute president Sun Yan Biao told reporters that the challenger in the Apple conference after the end of Huawei's internal insiders told the first financial reporter, from the value and Performance, the upcoming release of the Mate10 win over Apple, 'read Apple's conference, everyone's pressure is not so big.' In the just-concluded autumn new conference, Apple released a variety of products, including three new iPhone, 4.7-inch iPhone8, 5.5-inch iPhone8Plus and 5.8-inch iPhoneX. Which iPhoneX is known as the history of the most expensive iPhone, the lowest price of 8388 yuan, the top version of the version close to million.From the technical point of view, like Qualcomm ' The face of the screen, give up the Home button, vertical double lens, wireless charging, face recognition FaceID, the new color all the fulfillment of the advantages of these Apple's propaganda almost as early as possible, the same time, Apple's mobile phone is not the first function of high-screen SuperRetinaHDOLED screen, Has been in advance on the domestic mobile phone to achieve, while the Samsung released at the end of Note8 already has most of the features of iPhoneX, Apple iPhoneX become the strongest competing products. The day before the Apple conference, millet released MIX2 on the 'full screen' selling point and Apple is directly 'crash.' According to millet, MIX2 positive almost all the screen, the screen size reduced to 5.99 inches, the screen ratio of 18: 9, and in the hidden, including the traditional handset, distance sensor, under the micro camera three aspects of the upgrade.Quantong vice president, general counselor Donroosenberg has said that in addition to connectivity and mobile networks, Qualcomm has a lot of innovation, such as High-precision GPS navigation, APP store operations, power management, battery life, high-compression mobile video, graphics, image processing, facial recognition, high-definition audio and audio compression technology, etc. In his view, Qualcomm's innovation is every the core of the iPhone, bringing the most important use and functionality. 'It is foreseeable that in the next decade, Apple will face greater challenges in hardware innovation, including competitors from China, the industry advantage from the west to the east But the innovation is weak, but can not deny that under the leadership of Cook, Apple is a business in the extreme Its success in the company, according to the current level, Apple's stock also need to rise about 20%, will be able to become the world's first market value of more than one trillion US dollars company investment company DrexelHamilton analyst Brian White said we still think that Apple The stock will not only benefit from the new iPhone cycle, but will also benefit from Apple's capital allocation plan, attractive valuation and potential product innovation. To some extent, Apple is trying to get rid of new products for the past few years Influence, such as service and channel profit improvement.Apple third quarter data show that the service revenue generated by 7.27 billion US dollars, setting a record high single-season revenue, and service revenue growth is mainly by the Apple Music and iCloud business income, and the latest report by eMarketer, a technology market research firm, shows that Apple's physical retail stores receive $ 5546 in sales per square foot, which is equivalent to $ 61622 per square meter Sales, which is far higher than other retail counterparts.The fall of the new conference, Apple retail business AngelaAhrendts specifically introduced to the outside of the 'square community' (PlazaCommunity) 'this new retail store model, will make the Apple shop more socialized, retail stores can teach children to learn programming, some large stores, but also There will be local artists to participate in the event of the future, Apple will be in the world to open more 'square community', while more than 700 existing retail stores for more investment in the Chinese market, Apple is also through more Partners to find the 'lost' share of the iPhone8 and iPhoneX booking sales, Apple's online channel partners significantly more than ever before in this year has just become an Apple licensee of the division of the relevant person in charge of music Told the first financial reporter, Apple in the past most of the channel operators are offline channel authorized dealers, but from the cooperation point of view, Apple is also looking for a new growth engine. 'Divisional music in April this year to become Apple level This is an upgrade process, prior to the lower level of authorized dealers (T2, two authorized dealers), this upgrade process requires the strength of channel operators Sales capacity and support for the activities of Apple and support, and Apple's cooperation in all aspects of the tightness, etc., integrated down stage music was upgraded. 'The person in charge of the first financial reporter said that the current iPhone in the platform has been sold more than 1 million, is the largest online channel in addition to Jingdong and Lynx. 'Apple's channel penetration in China and domestic mobile phone compared to a significant disadvantage, but since last year, Apple is also interested in increasing investment in China, which Which also includes online channels, now Lynx, Jingdong, Suning, Gome are all Apple's online distributors. 'Sun Yan Biao told reporters that he told reporters that Apple is the past decade, the most successful consumer electronics, brand premium Ability and research and development on the continuous investment is also expected to let Apple continue in the next decade to lead the mobile phone industry, but perhaps as Qualcomm summarized, Andrews camp will appear for Apple, the most powerful opponents.

4, Financial Times: millet bath fire rebirth of the road;

Was the world's highest valuation of 'unicorn' millet, once seems to be reduced to 'horns.' But now it has returned to the global smart phone manufacturers list of the top five.

Once the world's highest valuation of 'unicorn' millet (Xiaomi), the previous stage seems to be reduced to one of China's largest 'horns': burn, deep supply difficulties. Today, with the fortunes rise, Millet play into the next scene: the fire of the Chinese Phoenix Phoenix rebirth.

According to IDC, in the second quarter, the Beijing-based technology company once again entered the world's top five smartphone manufacturers, shipments of 21 million units, an increase of 59%. Millet production from smart phones to smart rice cookers Of all kinds of products.

Millet company founder and CEO Lei Jun mentioned that the vitality of the previous experience of a 'year of setbacks, it can be said that the history of our company the most challenging period'.

'We need to slow down,' said Shou Zi Chew, the young chief financial officer, at the millet Beijing headquarters, which is surprisingly small at the headquarters of the high-tech district in northwest Beijing.

'We did not have a smartphone for a year, with revenue from zero to $ 10 billion, and we spent four years thinking about the organizational challenges that we needed to build organizational strength.'

Although 'history' in the Chinese business community is only a relative concept - millet just set up for seven years - but millet has suffered a setback is an indisputable fact.

At the end of 2014 financing, millet's valuation reached 45 billion US dollars, more than the excellent (Uber) was 40 billion US dollars of the valuation, but because of the smaller competitors took away market share, millet did not achieve 2015 mobile phone Shipments target.

Oppo and Vivo, according to Gartner, said that Oppo and Vivo were as sudden as the previous millet, and in the second quarter of 2016 they were the second largest and third in China in the second quarter of 2016, respectively, according to Gartner, The most popular mobile phone manufacturer.

Similarly, Oppo and Vivo, like their predecessor millet, focus on online sales and thus seize the sales of three or four lines of cities, thus achieving success.

'A few years ago we rushed too fast to create a modern business history of the growth miracle, but also in advance part of the growth of overdraft,' painful Lei Jun in January this year in its micro letter (WeChat) account and Facebook published a memo Road.

'We have to slow down the pace, make a serious lesson, and make up more than late, the slow fire is better than the emergency fire.'

Many industry watchers have given the millet a full season. "A good quarter for millet as a smart phone industry heavyweight players back to the arena, 'Radio Free Mobile Richard Windsor (Richard Windsor) recently written to the customer's briefing Wrote.

The total number of employees in the company has increased from 10,000 to 14,000 over the past year, which is part of the long-delayed recruitment campaign, saying that 'we have the same valuation as our peers, but the number of employees Only for their small part.

Sustainability is a big problem. 'The recovery needs to last more than one product cycle in order to keep it strong,' said Windsor.

Millet's transformation program is a three-pronged approach: improving technology, expanding distribution and global development.

Technically, millet has begun to design its own processor to reduce battery weight and reduce dependence on foreign manufacturers such as Qualcomm, which has applied for more than 16,000 patents and 4,000 patents.

In sales, Lei Jun also hope to use the store to add online sales - that is, Alibaba (Alibaba) and other technology giants to pursue a seamless 'new retail' - and conquer India and other new markets.

The same strategy has helped Oppo and Vivo win customers in areas outside China's affluent big cities, and many of those in these areas are not online.

Sung Shui Capital (GGV Capital) partner, in Qiming Venture (Qiming Venture) to become millet early investors, Mr. Tong Touhao said that millet let the store further, in the store selling a series of household appliances - all products With App, so that it can form a smart home, and open up a potential source of revenue.

Everything has control of its App; when people use these App more and more, you can sell ads, 'he said. For example, the Smart Home Assistant is a logical extension of the product. You can add Internet services, such as games, and online advertising.

The strategy is showing signs of success. Millet is now the world's highest-selling manufacturer of wearable equipment, occupies 13.4% of the market share in the health ring, higher than Apple (Apple) and was the boss of the field Fitbit.

Today, millet has opened 137 'millet homes' in China, advertising itself online and offline, and doing something that is almost impossible to keep operating margins - the company claims that Online and offline combination of physical store sales costs and online sales costs the same.

Global expansion may be the most courageous step in millet, so far the company focused on emerging markets.

Millet claims to rank third in sales of mobile phones in Indonesia and fourth in sales in Russia, where the company is particularly focused on the Indian market; in India, Oppo and Vivo have won a large number of fans by sponsoring the cricket league.

Kavin Bharti Mittal, founder and chief executive officer of Hike Messenger, an Indian unicorn company supported by Tencent, says millet is a niche brand, but in this volatile market deep Respected. 'Smartphone changed every 12 months, which is the average level of India,' he said, 'the key lies in the price and features.'

"Neha Dharia, a senior analyst at Ovum, a telecommunications consultancy, agrees that Chinese brands are sweeping the Indian market as people become loyal to mobile brand history.

Millet said that more than 95% of millet phones sold in India and Indonesia are locally produced, although taking into account the complexity of the supply chain, which often refers only to assembly, rather than complete manufacturing process.

But Darria pointed out that the mobile phone market is still changing, the rise of the Indian telecom operator Reliance Jio will boost the 4G market (thanks to the company's $ 63 mobile phone) to further disrupt the market.

The future will depend on which manufacturers are able to keep up with the supply, which has proven to be a fatal weakness in millet.

At present, Lei Jun's 'small target' this year to reach 100 billion yuan (15.3 billion US dollars) revenue, 2018 shipments of 100 million smart phones.For the more distant future, he became a bit more ambitious , Claiming that the future of millet is like 'stars'.

Millet CEO imitation is the retail business, rather than idol technology companies

Headquartered in Beijing, millet technology founder and chief executive officer Lei Jun, often referred to as 'China's Steve Jobs (Steve Jobs)'.

But in the business model, Lei Jun learning goal is not Silicon Valley, but not so bright American retail industry.

'We have the same value system as the Costco,' said the entrepreneur who has been entrepreneurial, and the company's executives are obsessed with the efficiency of manufacturing and distribution chains, like obsessed with new products.

Lei Jun in 2010 founded the millet technology, when he asked the first batch of employees simply eat a millet gruel when the 40-year-old Lei Jun has long been a billionaire, enjoy the success of the founder as a success.

Lei Jun was born in central China in 1969, he followed a childhood partner to choose to study computer science, near graduation in Wuhan University, read Steve Jobs's achievements.

His first job was Kingsoft, an engineer at the start-up period, and later became Jinshan's president and led the company to market.

He also founded the online bookstore during his tenure at Jinshan and sold to Amazon for $ 75 million four years later.

Lei Jun is a restless venture capitalist, he invested in 2014 to 2016 56 start-ups, including social platform YY live and Internet browser UCWeb. The former is China's current popular variety of live platform Originator, which was acquired by Alibaba in 2014. Translator / He Li FT Chinese network

5, ZTE 5G R & D results into Hungary;

Budapest, Sept. 13 (Xinhuanet) ZTE has held its 'Innovation Day' campaign in Budapest for the first time to showcase ZTE's 5G R & D results to well-known partners in Hungary and Slovakia.

ZTE has introduced ZTE's 5G R & D results to Hungary and Slovakia. ZTE has said that ZTE has been at the forefront of 5G, but the formation of the industrial chain is still needed. He said, '5G technology application depends on the market to a certain extent, the market once the corresponding demand, the application will soon be synergistic development. And 4G compared to 5G will be a new technological innovation, with the uplink and downlink rate The level of the upgrade.With the 5G technology approaching, the industry's ecology will be earth-shaking changes. 'Liu Xiaokang said that Chinese manufacturers in the 5G technology has no doubt in the leading position.Currently, ZTE in Hungary, Italy, Belgium, Austria , Macedonia, Slovakia and other European high-end market has its own strategic partner.Liao Xiaokang said, 'the current in Central and Eastern Europe, 5G is a hot topic, a lot of countries are highly concerned about the development of 5G technology, such as Hungary this year Set up a '5G alliance', designed to support the development and application of 5G technology. 5G in this ZTE will provide the entire network of 2G, 3G and 4G network services for Hungarian mobile operator Telenor and Slovakian mobile operator Swan, both of which are ZTE's strategic partners, and the two mobile operators, 5G evolution of the form of high degree of concern, as soon as possible and ZTE completed 5G laboratory theory test.In the 'Innovation Day' activities, representatives from the two mobile operators in addition to visit the relevant 5G wireless access equipment, but also Many of the specific evolution of technology to show great interest, and with ZTE experts in-depth discussion.

6, Apple's market value may break this year, the scale will dominate the direction of AR development

According to Reuters news reports, Apple will be published in the autumn of the new market value of the day will reach 830 billion US dollars scale, with the end of this year before the planned expansion in the global area of ​​the number of outlets, and with the iPhone X, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus and other new Will be listed on the market, including the new Apple TV 4K, Apple Watch series 3 will attract more people to buy, Apple will likely before the end of this year to break the market value of one trillion dollars.

On the market analysis, in the iPhone X, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus and other new machine blessing, while the old machine price down, Apple iPhone sales this year is expected to reach 227.5 million at the same time, in the Apple iPhone models Began to use OLED display panel, and the introduction of full-size narrow frame design, will lead to more new machines to join the use of OLED panels with the same full-size screen specifications, will be beneficial to promote the new smart phone design direction.

However, the use of OLED display panel applications for smart phones is bound to be tested, but it will also include Samsung, LG, Sharp and other display panel manufacturers to increase more development opportunities, while the other may be affected by face recognition related Hardware components supply, while Face ID and ARKit technology brought about by the application of software is expected to bring the Apple App Store more revenue, which will be practical application of the iTunes App Store key projects.

As the past game developers tend to play in the iOS platform game works, because the iOS hardware specification uniformity, stability and compatibility is relatively high, so compared to the market user community broader Android platform, developers are more willing to invest more Research and development resources in the iOS platform.Although Google follow-up also proposed ARCore expansion of real development tools, but Apple's ARKit development tool application attractive charm, the game developers are expected to be attracted to the iOS platform to create amplification real game, Even the software developers will also provide content on the iOS platform.

In this case, perhaps the next expansion of the application of the development trend of the market will be based on Apple's iOS platform, although Google to promote the ARCore will also help to expand the practical application of universal, but may also face the hardware design specifications The operating system fragmentation and other effects, leading to developers still prefer to select the iOS platform environment to develop content issues, not to mention Apple has a lot of game manufacturers, brands to expand the application of reality, and then in the expansion of the real market layout Grab the right to speak

7, iPhone X how to lead the next decade turning point, heavy launch of Apple's global suppliers;

Set the micro-network news, since January 9, 2007 the first generation of iPhone turned out to Apple to release the 10th anniversary of the iPhone X version, the past 10 years, we witnessed Apple's mobile phone after the invention of the glorious years. Not only accelerated the process of mobile Internet, to create a near-perfect ecological closed-loop, more importantly, iPhone to touch screen, fingerprint recognition, mobile payment, 3D Touch gradually become mobile phone standard, leading the industry trend, to promote the global mobile phone design and manufacturing industry Chain constantly torrent Yong Jin.

This morning, Apple released iPhone 10th anniversary of the masterpiece, launched the much anticipated iPhone 8/8 Plus, iPhone X. Among them, iPhone 8/8 Plus double-sided glass design, support wireless charging, processor upgrade to A11 chip; iPhone X uses 5.8-inch AMOLED shaped full-screen and A11 processor, support for wireless charging, 3D face recognition (Face ID), cancel the Touch ID fingerprint recognition.

Breaking iPhone regular naming iPhone X is the Apple press conference of the heavy new products, X represents the Roman numerals 10, iPhone X represents the tenth anniversary of Apple's tribute to the iPhone, and even can be considered to pay tribute to Jobs at the beginning of the conference , Apple founder Steve Jobs was once again a grand memory .In ten years, iPhone global sales have more than 1.2 billion, for Apple in the global caring more than 240 billion dollars in revenue. Ten years for the iPhone X in the design used A full screen with a full screen size of 5.8 inches, equipped with Super Retina OLED screen, the resolution reached 2436 * 1125, far from the glass screen, a full screen by the Samsung OEM production. Super over all previous iPhone.

iPhone X support 3D face recognition (Face ID), in the front of the screen 'Liu Hai', Apple integrated infrared lens, flood sensor components, distance sensors, ambient light sensor, microphone, microphone, front camera, dot matrix projection Device (Dot projector) and other 8 sensors.Apple said, iPhone X face recognition data will remain in the A11 processor, will not upload to the cloud, compared to fingerprint identification 1/50000 security probability, Face ID increased to 1 A11 bionic with six cores and 4.3 billion transistors, it has a network operation up to 600 billion times per second neural network engine, is the iPhone the most powerful and most intelligent chip.

In the wireless charging, the iPhone X supports Qi standard wireless charging, you can in restaurants, shops or cars, airports and other scenes using wireless charging.Of course, Apple also designed its own wireless charging board AirPower, for the iPhone X, Apple Watch 3 generation, AirPods and other charges, and support Qi standard. Cooler is AirPower a panel can be the three products for the common charge.However, Apple's wireless charging board to be sold next year.

iPhone X with 64GB, 256GB version, 64GB version price of 8388 yuan, 256GB version price of 9688 yuan, will be October 27 at 3:01 pm to accept the pre-order. iPhone 8 64GB version price 5888 yuan, 256GB price of 7188 Yuan; iPhone 8 Plus 64GB version priced at 6688 yuan, 256GB version priced at 7988 yuan, both in the September 15 at 3:01 pm to accept pre-order.

Share the Apple dividend on the iPhone X global supply chain manufacturers

10 years ago, Steve Jobs said, iPhone will have to redefine the phone, perhaps he did not expect the iPhone is to redefine the evolution of mobile phones and create a new business model.Throughout the annual Apple iPhone will give the whole industry a huge impact , And even lead the industry benchmark, I believe this year is no exception.With the iPhone X will soon be listed, the standard full screen, wireless charging, 3D face recognition will become a new wave of Android brand mobile phone brand, industry chain manufacturers But also the rise of the opportunity to share the dividends brought about by Apple.

In the iPhone X first standard full screen, 3D camera, wireless charging industry chain manufacturers, according to incomplete statistics, listed in the Greater China iPhone X suppliers, including the former camera module manufacturers have Gao Wei Electronics, The camera manufacturers have a large vertical light; 3D Touch manufacturers have industry, TPK; touch motor and acoustic device manufacturers have Rui Sheng Technology, song Seoul acoustic, sound; touch screen manufacturers have blue technology; metal shell manufacturers have Hongzhun , In fact, iPhone X supply chain manufacturers far more than that, for example, in the 3D camera supply chain, such as the supply chain in the 3D camera supply chain , Including TSMC, Hon Hai, Sharp, with the Xin Electric, Li Li Guang, Yu Jingguang, SONY, steady Mao more than 20 suppliers, across Europe and the United States and Japan and other related technology manufacturers. iPhone 'ten', iPhone decade, to promote the mobile phone industry chain manufacturing industry continue to torrent Yong Jin, led the global batch of mobile phone industry chain manufacturers rise. Industry leading enterprises, the United States and Japan is still the apple production chain's largest production base.

▌ US supplier

3M: mainly for Apple supply Beijiao, data lines, privacy screens, etc. Acbel Polytech (Acbel Polytech): mainly for the supply of battery power for Apple, supply factory in Dongguan. AMD: mainly for Apple supply SoC chip, two factories Amphenol: A total of four plants, three in China (Hangzhou, Shanghai, Shenzhen) and one in the United States. The United States and the United States, Devices: mainly for Apple supply chips, including analog IC and power management IC, etc. ADI a total of two factories for the supply of apples, one in Ireland, one in the Philippines. Artesyn Technology (Artesyn Embedded Technologies): headquarters In the United States, mainly for the supply of power to Apple Boyd Die Cut: for the Apple to provide heat sink, a supply factory in Suzhou Broadway Industrial Group (Broadway Industrial Group): in Hong Kong, Shanghai and Shenzhen each have 1 Coilcraft: one of the world's largest manufacturers of magnetic components, providing data lines for Apple, with four plants, two in China (Meizhou, Shaanxi), one in Indonesia, one in Indonesia Family Vietnam Diodes: US separators, logic, analog and mixed-signal semiconductor products suppliers, six factories for the supply of apples, Shanghai 2, Sichuan 1, Germany, the United Kingdom, the United States 1. Eaton ( Intel (intel): the world's largest semiconductor manufacturers, for the supply of baseband chip for Apple, there are nine main factories, China 2, Ireland 1, Israel 1 (1), the United States, the United States, Home, Malaysia 1, the United States 3, Vietnam 1. Yingmei (InvenSense): US chip manufacturers, Apple gyroscope suppliers, currently has a main factory in Taiwan. Jabil (Jabil Circuit): Apple (Kemet): the United States capacitor manufacturers, there are four main factories, China, Indonesia, one each, Mexico 2, the United States, the United States and the United States, F. Knowles: American supplier of electro-acoustic components, headphones and microphones for Apple, and one main factory in mainland China and Malaysia Laird Technologies: providing wireless technology and related materials for Apple , There are four supply plants, Kunshan 1, Shanghai 2, Toshiba 1. Linear Technology (Linear): ADI acquisition, there are three main factories, two in the United States, one in Malaysia. (Maxim): To supply chips for the apple, there are eight supply plants, the Philippines 2, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, (Microchip Technology): One of Apple's core suppliers, with 15 major facilities, most of them in the United States. Micron Technology: Supply of storage for Apple Chip, a total of six main suppliers, two in Taiwan, two in Japan, mainland China and Japan have 1. Molex (Molex): for the apple to provide connectors, a total of eight supply plants, the main distribution In China, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, Singapore and the United States. ON Semiconductor (ON): to provide power management products for Apple, a total of 16 main factory Pioneer Material Precision Tech (Pioneer Material Precision Tech): for Apple to provide precision materials, There are three in mainland China To the factory. Qorvo: American semiconductor company, for the Apple to provide RF components, there are seven major factories, four in the United States, two in China, one in Costa Rica. Sandy (Sandisk): for Apple supply hard drive products, Santak: now part of Eaton, supplying power products for Apple, and 3 factories in China. Seagate: Headquartered in the United States, Apple's hard disk supplier, 3 Sunshine, headquartered in the United States, Apple chip suppliers, six factories in Japan, Mexico, Singapore, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, The Chemours Company: one of the core suppliers of Apple, one of the eight main factories, four in the United States, two in Japan, one in Mexico and one in the Netherlands. Vishay Intertechnology: Cirrus Logic (Cirrus Logic): Apple audio chip supplier, currently in California, a supplier. Qualcomm (Qualcomm): Apple L (Apple), the company's leading supplier of products, TE chip supplier. Silego: Apple chip supplier Synaptics: Provides touch chip for Apple.

▌ China (including mainland China, Hong Kong) suppliers

Aisi Technology: mainly for the supply of acoustics components for Apple, Apple's largest speaker supplier. Auspicious technology, a total of three factories for the supply of apples, two in Changzhou, one in Shenzhen. Bourne Optical: Bourne Optical Huizhou factory For the Apple to provide mobile phone screen. BYD: Apple to provide battery and accessories products, in Shenzhen and Huizhou each have a factory. Guotai Ming: mainly for Apple to provide chargers, in Shenzhen, Dongguan and Jiangsu each have a factory. Hongming Shuangxin Technology: dedicated to 3C as the core areas of precision components R & D, to provide precision components for Apple. Currently, there is a factory in Chengdu for Apple supply. Jinlong Holdings: for the apple to provide linear motor, currently in Wenzhou 1 factory for the supply of apple.Gao Er acoustics: the mainland electro-acoustic industry leading enterprises, supply acoustics for the Apple device, the main supplier of three plants, China's Shandong 2, Vietnam 1. Kesen technology: supply of precision for the apple One of the two main factories are located in Changsha. Longwell: cable, connector suppliers, in Shenzhen has a main factory. Lianfeng set : Hong Kong companies, for the Apple mobile phone supply case, two main factories are located in Dongguan. Rising Precision: China's leading connector enterprises, Apple's core suppliers, there are four main factories, two in Kunshan, one in Ji'an, one in Anhui Zhuzhou. Desai battery: headquartered in Shenzhen, Apple battery suppliers, two factories are in Huizhou, Guangdong. Fu Chengda: Main precision metal structure, one of the major suppliers of Apple, Fidelity Technology announced 2.895 billion acquisition of Fu Chengda. Xinwei Communications: Apple's core suppliers, has been open to the letter of all communication product line, the main supply of mobile terminal antenna system products. Anjie Technology: headquartered in Suzhou, Apple provides functionality Equipment and photoelectric glue. Dongshan Precision: supply FPC for Apple, currently has three main factories in Suzhou. Jinqiao Aluminum Factory Co., Ltd.: headquartered in Hong Kong, mainly for the provision of precision components for Apple. TLG: headquartered in Hong Kong, for the supply of electronic Components, eight supply plants, are located in mainland China.

▌ China Taiwan suppliers

ASE Group: The world's largest semiconductor packaging and testing plant, mainly to provide Apple Wi-Fi, Touch ID sensor and 3D Touch components of the system-level package. ASE has a total of eight factories for the supply of apples, of which there are two in Shanghai, South Korea has 1 Home, Taiwan has five. Qi 鋐 Technology: headquartered in Taiwan, mainly for the supply of cooling modules for Apple, there are three factories for the supply of apples, located in China's Kunshan, Shanghai and Shenzhen. Shuanghong Technology: headquartered in Taiwan, Apple supply cooling module, in mainland China, Jiangsu and Guangzhou each have a factory. Haihua Technology: Apple supply wireless module, has a factory in Shanghai. Can be technology: mainly for the Apple to provide metal shell, a total of four supply plants , Are located in the mainland of Jiangsu. Wei Wei Precision: Taiwan connector, wiring harness and power management, energy modules, wireless communications and optical products suppliers. Mainly for the Apple connector products, a total of five factories for the supply of apples, Dongguan There are four, Jiangsu Kunshan 1. Renbao computer: for Apple OEM, a foundry located in Nanjing, Jiangsu. Huatong: Taiwan HDI manufacturers, for the supply of PCB PCB, in mainland China Sichuan, Huizhou and Taiwan Taoyuan each There is a factory for the Apple supply. Delta Electronics: Taiwan Optoelectronics and precision components manufacturers, for the Apple iPad keyboard. Delta: the world's largest switching power supply and fan manufacturers, for Apple to provide power adapter, in China 3 factory workers, Thailand 1. Shunda: Apple battery suppliers, currently in Suzhou, a factory for the supply of Apple. Taiwan County Technology: Taiwan FPC manufacturers, for the Apple to provide printed circuit boards, in Taiwan and Jiangsu There is a factory. Fu You Hong: for Apple supply speakers, microphones and other products, currently has a factory in Suzhou. Yujing Group: Taiwan optical factory, for the apple to provide lens products, the main supply plant in Xiamen. Industrial Co., Ltd.: Taiwan's largest electronic screw factory, the main factory located in Kunshan (1). Hon Hai: for OEM, and provide panels, connectors and other products. 23 main factory, Brazil 2, mainland China 20, Taiwan 1. Ming Xiang Technology: There are two main suppliers in the mainland. Dali photoelectric: Apple camera module suppliers, in Taiwan and the mainland have a main factory. Lite-On Technology: Apple foundry, There are nine main Plant, Brazil 1, the remaining 8 are in mainland China. Meili: for Apple to provide speakers, microphones, etc., in Suzhou has a main factory. South Asia Plastic: Apple to provide protective shell materials PC, in the mainland and Taiwan There is a main factory. And Shuo joint: for Apple OEM, in mainland China has five major assembly plant. Huayin magnetism: for the apple to provide magnetic materials, in mainland China has two major factories. Apple supply camera module, is currently the supplier of Huawei and millet, there are two major factories in the mainland. Quanta Computer: Apple assembly plant, the main factory has three, one in the United States, two in China. (Guangzhou, Nanjing, Wujiang). Sharp: Japanese companies, is now the acquisition of Taiwan's Honghai, Apple supply panel .6 (the company is headquartered in Taiwan, Apple mobile phone backlight module suppliers, three main factories are located in mainland China (Guangzhou, Supply plant, 3 in China, 2 in Japan, 1 in Vietnam. New Rising: Headquartered in Taiwan, Apple Holly Hinge (hollow bearing) supplier, 1 factory in Taiwan. New Cape Technology: Headquartered in Taiwan , Apple battery suppliers, a main factory in Jiangsu Cooked. Sunon Electronics: supply of cooling products for Apple, a factory in Kunshan. Jing Yuan Computer: Apple computer keyboard supplier, a main factory in Wujiang. Sui high technology: to provide product assembly and aluminum production line, the main factory in Taiwan . TSMC: Apple chip foundry, six main factories, one in Shanghai, five in Taiwan. Chen Hong: Apple touch panel suppliers, there are two major factories in Xiamen. Titanium tripod technology: headquartered in Taiwan, the main Production and development of special application materials, optical lenses and touch panel, currently in Dongguan, a domestic supplier. Jian Ding: Apple PCB and HDI suppliers, currently in Taiwan and the mainland have a factory. Crystal technology: for the apple to provide quartz components , Currently in Taiwan Taoyuan and Ningbo, Zhejiang, each have a factory .XingXing Electronics: Apple supply PCB, a total of five main factories, two in Taiwan, China Kunshan, Suzhou and Japan 1. Yaohua Electronics: Apple Supply of mobile phone components, a factory in Yilan, Taiwan. Wistron Capital: for Apple OEM, there are three factories in China, India 1. National giant: mainly for the Apple to provide MLCC and ChiP-R products, the current country Giant in Taiwan There are three factories in mainland China has two Zhen Ding Technology: Apple PCB suppliers in mainland China in three factories.

▌ Singapore suppliers

Broadcom: Acquired by Avago, Singapore, mainly for wifi / wireless charging chip for Apple, for the supply of Apple's two factories are located in the United States. Flextronics: Flextronics India plant, for Apple foundry in Brazil, China Dongguan, India and the United States each have a factory. Hebi: for the Apple to provide the fuselage and other components, five main factories, Shanghai 4, Suzhou 1. Lateral: for Apple to provide spare parts in Malaysia, a main Factory, there are two in mainland China.

▌ Germany suppliers

Cosmosupplylab: Texas, headquartered in Hong Kong, is a supplier of Apple's electronic products, currently has four factories in Dongguan. Gideecke (Giesecke & Devrient): German SIM card manufacturers, for the apple to provide Nano Henkel Corp.: There are four main supply plants, two in the United States and two in China (Zhuhai, Yantai). Infineon (1) Infineon Technologies AG): Germany IGBT suppliers, the world's top 20 semiconductor factory, for the supply of chips for Apple, there are seven main factories, Germany 2, Austria 1, Malaysia 2, the United States 1, the United Kingdom. Dialog: Apple chip suppliers, the main supplier factory in the UK.

▌ Japanese supplier

Alps Electric (Alps Electric): Japan's display manufacturers, mainly for Apple supply touch panel, a total of four supply plants, one in Jiangsu, China, the remaining three are in Japan. Asahi Glass (Asahi Glass): headquarters In Japan, mainly for the supply of Apple's mobile phone glass screen, a total of four factories for the Apple supply, three in Japan, one in Thailand. First Seiko (Dai-Ichi Seiko): Japan's electronic components manufacturers, LCD panels and other components of the micro-connector. A total of five factories for the supply of apples, three in Japan, two in Singapore. Daikin Industries (Daikin Industries): the main production of electronic components for the supply of Apple's factory has 3 Dexerials: The main production of electronic components, connecting materials, optical materials, currently in Japan, a factory for the supply of apples. Foster Electric: Japan professional recordings (1) in Japan, Equipment maker, was the exclusive manufacturer of Apple's headphones. Foster a total of six factories for the supply of apples, of which there are three in China, three in Vietnam. Foxconn (Foxconn Interconnect Technology): Fujikura: Fujikura: one of the suppliers of apple soft board, two in Shanghai, China and four factories in Thailand. Furukawa Electric Co., Ltd., which is one of the largest factories in Huai'an, Shenzhen, Kunshan and Vietnam. Furukawa Electric: Provides heat dissipation module for Apple, 1 supply factory in Suzhou. Hirose Electric: Japan's largest connector manufacturer, supply connector for apple, 11 main factory, 10 Home in Japan, one in Korea. IBIDEN: Japan electronic components manufacturers, supply PCB for the apple, the main factory located in Malaysia. Japan display (Japan Display): Japan display panel manufacturers, for Apple to provide mobile phone screen. Japan's avionics industry (JAE): supply connector for the apple, two main factories are located in Japan. Kantatsu: Japanese camera manufacturers, for the Apple to provide (Kyocera Group): There are eight main suppliers, seven in Japan and one in mainland China. Light module, the United States and a total of four main plants, two in Thailand, two in mainland China. Mitsumi Electric (Mitsumi Electric): for the Apple to provide optical anti-shake correction with a total of two main factories, Japan, the Philippines 1. Murata Manufacturing: MLCC (Chip Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors) for Apple, 24 factories in China, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia and Vietnam. Japan's East Gold ( NEC Tokin): Absorb material for apple and 1 base in Thailand and Vietnam. NGK Spark Plug: There is currently only one main factory located in Japan. Nichia Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. (Nichia): for Apple to provide mobile phone LED devices, there are six main factories, two in Japan, one in the Philippines, one in mainland China, two in Vietnam. Japan Radio Industry Co., Ltd. (NDK): the main production of crystal Resonator and optical filter chip. There are four major suppliers, three in Japan and one in mainland China. Nitto Denko: To provide Apple with polyester film for film touch panel , A total of seven The main factory, two in China, three in Japan, two in Korea. NOK Co., Ltd. (NOK): mainly for the apple supply soft board, there are 10 supply plants, 4 in mainland China, 2 in Japan, 3 in Taiwan, 1 in Thailand. Panasonic: for the apple panel, a total of 13 supply plants, 9 in Japan, Indonesia and mainland China 2. Bailima technology (Polymatech): the main production Rohm: for the supply of sensors and other electronic components, there are 15 main factories, two in China (Dalian, Tianjin), eight in Japan, two in South Korea, the United States, (SMK): Headquartered in Japan, Apple connector suppliers, 3 factories, respectively, in Dongguan, China, Shenzhen and Japan. Sony (Sony): Apple CMOS sensor and camera (Sumida): Headquartered in Japan, for the Apple to provide inductors, three main factories are located in China (Changde, Dongguan, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, Guangzhou) Sumitomo Chemical (Sumitomo Chemical): Apple soft board supply Sumitomo Electric Industries: supplier of apple connectors in China, Shenzhen, Japan, the Philippines, and Vietnam, one plant is supplied by Apple. (Taiyo Yuden): for the Portuguese to provide MLCC, 11 main factories, the Philippines, Malaysia, China 1, Japan 7, South Korea 1. TDK: Apple for mobile phone parts, 19 supply plants, Japan 7 , China 9, Austria, Singapore, Germany 1. Japan Toray (Toray International): Apple material suppliers, three factories are in Japan. Toshiba (Toshiba): Apple supply panel and flash memory products, 6 (Toyo Rikagaku Kenkyusho): Headquartered in Japan, metal processing plants, providing stainless steel shells and related technologies for apples, 3 factories are located in Kunshan, China. Toyota Synthetic (Toyo Rikagaku Kenkyusho), headquartered in Japan, Toyoda Gosei): Apple LED suppliers, 3 factories in Japan .JJ (Tsujiden): for the supply of optical film technology and related materials, two factories are located in Japan. UACJ: headquarters in Japan Zeniya Aluminum Engineering: Headquartered in Japan, it offers structural parts for the app, and currently has one factory in Dongguan and Shenzhen. Intersil: The United States of America and the United States of America Chip factory, has been Japan's Renesas (Renesas Electronics) acquisition.

▌ Korean supplier

Bumchun Precision: Korean supplier, for the apple to provide audio modules and other components, a factory located in South Korea. Hexing Electronics (Heesung Electronics): South Korea BLU (backlight module), LED (light-emitting diode), TSP (touch (LG Chem): the supply of batteries for the Apple, there are two main factories, one in South Korea, one in mainland China, one of the main suppliers in the United States, LG Display: LGD, South Korea's LCD panel manufacturer, a subsidiary of LG Group. LG has nine main factories, three in China, five in South Korea, one in Vietnam. Samsung Motor (SEM): FPCB suppliers from India, Apple OLED panel, 5 major factories, 2 in China, 2 in Korea, 1 in the Philippines Samsung Electronics: supply processors for apples, Memory chips, OLED panels, etc. 9 main factories, China 3, South Korea 5, the United States 1. Seoul Semiconductor (Seoul Semiconductor): Headquartered in South Korea, Apple LED suppliers, a factory located in South Korea. SK Hynix (SK Hynix): South Korea semiconductor manufacturers , Apple memory suppliers, four factories in China, Chongqing, Wuxi and South Korea.

▌ Dutch supplier

NXP (NXP): for the Apple to provide NFC module, control chip, wireless charging chip, a total of eight main factories, one in Dongguan, China, the rest in Germany, Malaysia, the Netherlands, the Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand and the United Kingdom. Philips Lumileds Lighting: Headquartered in the Netherlands, providing audio and other electronic components for Apple. There are 2 factories located in Malaysia and Singapore.