Microsoft gets a patented fingerprint sensor under the screen

It now appears that Apple is difficult to embed the fingerprint sensor on the iPhone 8 display, and the company finally gave up the idea because the technology does not work, so the iPhone 8 will use face recognition instead of fingerprint scanning However, Apple's long-standing rival Microsoft believes that the fingerprint sensor in the integration of the potential on the display, and began to patent this technology.

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The US Patent Office announced on September 7 that Microsoft, as an applicant, several Microsoft engineers were classified as inventors. The patent describes a technique that places the fingerprint sensor under the touch layer of the display , Using a number of sensors and image processing chips to grant access to protected devices.

In the patent, Microsoft describes how the technology emits an optical signal and detects the captured light through the glass protective layer of the display screen, and then uses the various photoelectric detection elements to detect the captured light. The system then splits the captured information to create information that provides or prevents the device Access to the synthetic image of Microsoft's technology and Apple's iPhone 8 on the attempt to make amazing similar.

Microsoft said that no border or very thin border device can not leave enough space outside the display area to install the fingerprint detection component.Apple iPhone 8 uses the edge to the edge of the display, give up the border, which is why Apple will fingerprint sensor on the screen The following effort eventually failed.

Because Microsoft does not like to invest in mobile devices, so the technology itself may not be seen on the Windows smart phone at the same time, the patent is just to prove that Microsoft is indeed studying new technologies.