Old version is no longer sold | Amazon recently launched a new set-top box?

Amazon is no longer selling its Fire TV set-top box, or it is suggesting that a new generation of Fire TV will be on sale in the near future. On Amazon's official website, Fire TV's web page information is 'not currently available'.

The online retailer did not disclose the Fire TV set-top box in the sale of the specific time, but the user can go back to purchase the new version of the set-top box.

Old version is no longer selling Amazon recently launched a new set-top box?

Last week, it was reported that Amazon is developing two new Fire TV devices, one of which is similar to HDMI dongle, while another new Fire TV device is integrated with Alexa.

And two new set-top boxes will support 4K and HDR format, and has 2GB RAM, 8GB RAM, the price is about 60 US dollars -80 dollars between.

So, will Amazon launch a new set-top box in the near future? We will wait and see.