ios11 arrival App Store drastic rectification | Brush business losses

According to foreign media reports, App Store will be drastic rectification. Previously, the media has been reported to be canceled list of categories is true, in addition to the new version of the App Store, there are other important changes in the press conference before, let Let's talk about the changes in the new version of the app store. What does these changes mean?

First, the bottom of the navigation bar will be divided into separate games, the game group's attention significantly increased.

After the arrival of ios11, the App Store's bottom navigation bar will become today, the game, app, update and search, but the original classification, the quality recommended list has been canceled.

Compared to the old version of the App Store, the game category, ios11 independent game as a category, the application side by side shows Apple focus on the game community. At the same time, the game as a separate category, game developers will also expand the chance Game category set in the Apple editor recommended, recommended to the user the day the largest cycle of the game, display the game to promote the video; the most beautiful game to recommend high-quality game to the user; In addition, also has a top classification.

Second, the list shows only TOP3, punch or tasteless

The new version of the App Store not only in the bottom of the navigation bar to cancel the list of categories, also shows the changes in the list, further weakening the impact list. Ios11 before the user can see the game ranking category, list pull down, you can view all The top 200 games in the new version of the application store, showing a significant reduction in the number of only the top three will be displayed.You can click to view the full list. This also means that the game can be seen, most Users in the TOP3 position. After all, not all users will click to view all the game rankings in TOP3.

The game will lead to further weakening of the red list of mobile games into tasteless, of course, if you get a high cost increase. Enter and export the red promotion cost list? After the arrival of ios11 pricing compared to other marketing methods is high or low? Game developers need to consider the red list more carefully.

New version of the application store to further weaken the ranking, closer to the content distribution.For game developers, good products and long-term operation is the best way to deal with the revision.