There are 'taste' of the phone | look forward to 9.20 charm blue 6 new machine release

Charm blue really fast enough! 10 o'clock in the morning only in the official release of charm blue 6 poster publicity map, afternoon YORK Xiaobian here has received the invitation letter of the charm of blue 6. The same place - Beijing Performing Arts Center, Will be staged charm blue 6 wonderful Show! Think about it, looks like charm blue 6 from the last August 23 charm blue Note 6 release time soon after, this soon there are new machines launched, see the independence after the charm of blue mobile phone The more intriguing.

Of course, it is worth noting that the charm of blue 6 invitation to join the elements of the leap canvas shoes, but also marked 'basic models can not do it?'. Remark made, Xiaobian ye kind of back to 'tell true' that Will be the illusion of blanket, maybe this time the charm of blue 6 surprises Oh!

Say gold nine silver ten, the moment this stage does not seem to miss the charm of blue, so after the release of the charm of Lan Note 6 less than a month's time usher in the charm of blue 6 market, look forward to it

In addition, broke the news @ old burst of technology exposure of the real charm of the blue 6 smart spy photos.

On the exposure point of view, the entire appearance of the process should continue the family design and the classic waist round home button.However, the top of the screen, such as the opening part of the handset has changed, is it in addition, charm blue 6 main hardware configuration Has also been in the benchmark test site GeekBench coming out, single core 599 points / multi-core 2470 points, equipped with MediaTek MT6750 eight-core processor, supplemented by 3GB memory, which can be seen charm blue 6 should be a thousand dollars within the new machine.