2017ChinaGT Signeo German poetry Long paint power ho to take the team champion

If the home is a master of fashion life, then the super sports car is the life of the engine, full of personality and passion of life between the two, to find their own inspiration and style, the pursuit of excellence in the same field in different areas 2017 China GT Shanghai start, the top drivers at home and abroad, is the most serious stop of the season. Signeo German poetry Long paint as one of the sponsors of the competition for the participating teams and drivers full help, in the elaborate VIP ROOM, invite partners to feel the car together with the shock and charm, and for the audience to bring a full range of fashion life experience.

2017 China GT Signeo German poetry Long paint VIP experience area

Signeo The Aston Martin team, supported by the German poem, offers auditory and visual gluttonous feats to the fans and the audience with extraordinary professionalism. Behind the championship is the outstanding teamwork, efficient, Professional spirit, and Signeo German poetry Long paint professional spirit complement each other, together for high-end customers to build top-end high-end products, uphold the higher quality standards in the ultimate environmental home areas courageously and seek innovation, establish a new model of the coating industry.

Aston Martin team He Xiaolei / Zhou Yong, Ross Gunn / Yang Mengqiao swept the team's total score of the championship

Quality racing driver is the guarantee of the results of the game, it is the leader of fashion life, 77 racing driver is a well-known venue race, cross-country race, Rally's three-bike driver Zhou Yong, Taiwan well-known gentleman Yang Mengqiao in an interview with reporters Signed by the German poetry Long paint advocate the ultimate concept of environmental safety home that the car itself is also a pursuit of excellence in the way of life, different areas, but with the ultimate common pursuit.

Aston Martin Team No. 77 racing driver Zhou Yong and Signeo German poem paint

Yang Mengqiao and Signeo German poetry painting

Signeo As a high-end paint brand from the North Rhine-Westphalian family of hundreds of years, it has been recognized and recognized as the purchase and use of the vast number of consumers. Since entering the Chinese market, it has quickly become an industry rookie, Has been highly concerned and a lot of praise.

In the development process, Signeo German poetry long paint to maintain forward-looking product development and manufacturing process updates, inspired and timely to meet the consumer demand for product quality and environmental protection.Now, Signeo poetry in the world's most advanced Automatic closed water-based paint production line produced by the use of drinking water production, the whole process by the strict quality control to ensure that the product of zero pollution, high quality and stable performance. Germany Blue Angel Award, food grade German LGA health certification, France A + certification , The best open innovation award and many other authoritative awards also support the strength of Signeo German poetry Long paint.

China GT slogan is: 'We have created the starting point, but our future is not the end.' Signeo German poetry Long paint adhering to the strict quality of German culture and challenge innovation, is committed to the fashion of European design to bring more full of life Love and passionate people, this challenge the spirit of high-end quality and Aston Martin team pursuit of excellence in the spirit of heroes Xiangxiu believe that Signeo German poetry and Aston Martin team in their respective fields will achieve new speed, Create a new record.

By the poem Liao Shi support the 77 car