Paint companies have price adjustment | response to rising prices of raw materials

Recently, the legislature, long Runfa, Carpenter, China Resources, show Chen, Dabao Chemical, digital color, Huilong, blue ocean and other paint companies have issued price adjustment notice, to deal with the price of raw materials tide.Currently, Continuous fermentation, acrylic, titanium dioxide, propylene oxide, TDI, MDI, butadiene and other raw materials rose strong, especially the curing agent raw materials TDI prices skyrocketing, and has been limited supply situation. Raw material prices continue to rise , Forced to paint the frequent prices of enterprises to digest the cost of rising pressure.

Long Runfa: August 26, Long Runfa Paint Co., Ltd. released product price adjustment notice that since July 2017, due to environmental inspectors, chemical raw materials prices soaring, especially the curing agent raw materials TDI prices have risen to 45,000 yuan / Ton, the other raw materials are also rising, the company part of the product has been at a loss state. The company decided from August 26, 2017 on the 'long run', 'Ni Bang', 'Senmei' brand products prices.

Carpoly: As a result of various types of raw materials, packaging, logistics costs and other aspects of the continued rise, Garbo Chemical Group Co., Ltd. decided to 2017 on September 09, 00:00 from the implementation of the new benchmark price. In addition to UV products and Water-based products, the fighter series of products and other products are to make price adjustments.

China Resources: August 22, Valspar (Shanghai) Enterprise Management Co., Ltd. for China Resources Furniture paint price adjustment notice that since June this year so far, the entire paint market, raw materials prices continued to rise, especially TDI, titanium dioxide, the Resin, all kinds of solvents and other price increases, resulting in a wide range of various types of paint products costs.China Resources Furniture Co., Ltd. announced PU, PE, NC in the primer, finish, curing agent, thinner and other related products to price adjustment , And the order limit has been described.

Chen Chen: In view of the current market situation and the unified requirements of the Group, August 28, Shanghai Exhibition Chen Paint Co., Ltd. issued a statement on the product sales price adjustment, said the company will be September 11 at 08:00 on the full range of products Price adjustment.

Digital color: August 30, Foshan City, Shunde District Digital Color Coatings Co., Ltd. issued an emergency price adjustment notice, said the raw material prices for curing agent continued to skyrocket, one day price, to August 29, 2017, TDI prices hit a new high this year , To reach 50,000 yuan / ton, this instability, and continued to rise in the price trend, give us the pressure in the curing agent to bring great pressure. I have decided again and again, and according to the upstream raw material market, decided The price of all the curing agent for furniture paint is adjusted again.

Dabao: August 30, Dongguan Dabao Chemical Products Co., Ltd. issued a notice that, due to the recent TDI supply manufacturers monopoly price and other factors, resulting in solvent, curing agent, titanium dioxide prices soared, driven resin and other paint production materials are also synchronized Hike, has caused my company to bear the burden of production costs overwhelmed, helpless I begged to raise prices to your company, the new price in October 1, 2017 from the implementation.

According to incomplete statistics, since the end of July as of today, there have been more than a dozen companies to increase the price of paint-related products.In addition to the above enterprises, but also includes Jotun paint, Hongchang Chemical, Huayang Chemical, Sea Chemical, Mickey Paint, Jin Zhanhong , Shi Quanxing, Jiangmen City Pengjiang District France and the United States Paint Co., Ltd., Shandong Qilu Paint Co., Ltd., and other paint business.

'Paint prices have risen since the end of last year, so far, some paint manufacturers have completed two or three rounds of price rise.' There are paint business executives said that although the manufacturers have raised the price of paint, but the adjustment is much lower than the raw materials Price increase.