Kitchen electric competition usher in the new season |

2017 has been more than half of the home appliance market 'mid-term exam' end, the kitchen electrical market continues to play high triumph. This article selected million and electrical, MACRO, Vantage shares and boss electrical analysis, in order to explore the kitchen power enterprise development status and laws.

Vantage shares

1, since 2004, Vantage annual net profit of 3-5 times the price of advertising, including access to the 2008 Olympic sponsor qualification, but unfortunately the Olympic Games after the economic downturn, Vantage did not get the ideal return. Marketing too front, Take advantage of failure, product innovation speed did not support the brand height, performance did not appear explosive growth.

2, it is worth pondering is that Vantage in 2004 to realize the importance of internal system construction, located in the high-tech products in 2005, the layout of the retail business in 2010, Vantage forward-looking layout to lay a good foundation .However, in 2015, the status of the kitchen electric industry to shape the most critical year, Vantage internal equity war, business without the main, unintentional innovation, the boss took advantage of the situation, the performance of the 'exponential' rise, although Vantage at the brand level is still able to The boss side is too comparable, but the actual sales level Vantage in order to grab the market position is not a small challenge.

Boss electrical appliances

1, by the impact of consumer upgrades, coupled with China's urbanization rate there is a very large room for growth, which undoubtedly to create a historical opportunity for the kitchen industry, product innovation category began from the 'burning stove' evolution to the dishwasher and other new Of the potential category.

2, the dishwasher market has great potential, but according to the billion European research market that, although the boss of the overall performance of the rapid growth of electrical appliances, but around the side of this threshold, especially the side of the sink dishwasher products to lead the boss, is expected to 2017 Year side too much overall performance will break 10 billion, the boss how much face some pressure.

3, kitchen electric industry under the brand concentration is increasing trend, which means that now want to start from zero into the kitchen electric industry, without the support of technological innovation, too little imagination.

Million and electrical

1, Wan and electrical production as originally Macro water heater accessories business, after pushing through technological innovation and change more than Macro, 10000, and is also actively layout of the kitchen electric diversified product extension, although sank stove income in the current low market share, but the million and overall performance has been steady growth, in 2014 the million and start a cloud service system, the establishment of a database, rapid growth in net profit in 2016 revenues second only to the boss side too.

2, of course, million and also faced with the entire home business are experiencing problems ?? second generation successor, Lushi three brothers and pro-brother brothers Ye Yuanzhang four holding 75%, training successor is also selected from the children, Family business is a rare introduction of social elites, whether the four family will lead to internal chaos is also unknown.While million is also a typical labor-intensive enterprises, there is no talent, mainly rely on low labor force extensive production, factor cost increase squeeze profit margins , The traditional development model unsustainable.


1, MACRO first to transmission and distribution equipment started, gas appliances mainly refers to the gas water heater business accounted for 37.4%. Early debt problems plagued, MACRO survived, in 2002 independent research and development of dual high-fire gas stove, from gas water heater to kitchen Electrical development; due to the main product transmission and distribution industry, rising raw material costs and other reasons, in 2011 to do the main development of the main business of kitchen appliances.

2, to adjust the direction of operation, the gas water heater business income in MACRO still accounted for the main proportion of 2013 MAC and the acquisition of Shun Electric continue to develop transmission and distribution equipment production and sales, we can see that MACRO is not in the field of kitchen power determination At this time the industry increased competition, electric water heaters, cookers, range hoods and other products grow rapidly, MACRO own brand building and equipment updates continued to invest, electric business channel to develop late, failed to catch up with the kitchen power industry development potential, 2016 Sell ​​kitchen electric business, re-operation of the old industry, from the kitchen power giant.