Dustie air purifier: how to keep children away from pollution during school season

At the beginning of September, after two months of hilarity in summer, students of large and medium-sized primary and secondary school students have returned to the campus, return to the classroom, but at the same time, it also represents the students will stay in the closed room for a long time to study and live , Which is bound to give students a breath of health problems.

It is well known that the children's long-standing places are nothing more than classrooms and homes (both airtight and airtight). The first class as a collective place, because it can accommodate dozens or even half a hundred people, so the indoor air must be dirty. Long stay in the dirty air environment, not only will affect their learning efficiency, long-term, it is easy to induce upper respiratory tract infection and viral flu and other diseases.

Not only that, if the autumn and winter suffered heavy haze weather, the classroom will appear PM2.5, dust and other solid particles, which undoubtedly increased the risk of students suffering from respiratory diseases.

Second, for the home indoor environment, the type of pollutants it is more, such as home decoration produced by formaldehyde and benzene, the daily cooking of the kitchen to produce a large number of fumes, the external inflow of PM2.5 and various microbial bacteria, These pollutants are also a threat to the children's health.

Therefore, for the child's health considerations, in a timely manner to find relevant ways to alleviate the quality of indoor air is particularly important.Traditional methods to improve the indoor air is mainly adsorption method, window ventilation or choose a suitable for their own performance and reliable air purification Device.

Which adsorption and window breathable despite a certain period of time can play a good effect, but if encountered in winter cold or severe pollution of the weather seems powerless, so at this time to buy air purifier can be considered a wise move.

However, the current air purifier quite a variety of traditional air purifier due to the use of passive adsorption technology, the application of a smaller range of space, and will produce a lot of noise, and then the children will have an impact on learning efficiency, So may wish to focus on today to recommend to you the Swedish Darthie Dustie air purifier.

First of all, relative to the passive adsorption of the traditional air purifier, the Swedish Daxie Dustie air purifier uses a unique four-filter design.It can be indoor air circulation filter, can effectively remove dust in the air, PM2.5 or even PM0 .3 and other solid / gaseous pollutants. Second, the Swedish Daxie Dustie air purifier can also be equipped with a new powerful formaldehyde (2in1) filter, in the role of formaldehyde catalyst, can effectively eliminate excess air in the formaldehyde.

Also worth mentioning is that the Swedish Daxie Dustie air purifier as a result of the dual inlet structure design, which effectively avoid the frictional vibration caused by the fuselage in the air while also creating a comfortable and quiet study Environment, greatly improving the student's learning efficiency.

When you are still worried about your child's health, try your Swedish Daxie Dustie air purifier when your child is suffering from heavy school stress and is also suffering from the risk of disease. It is definitely your child's learning and A great companion in life.