Zodiac dog design image | witnessed the new sound of the new speaker released tomorrow

Tomorrow afternoon, the illusion is about to usher in Nanshan District, Shenzhen City, 2017 autumn new conference, when the new image will be announced in 2018. There are friends who have used the illusion of loudspeakers should know that after the magic ring has launched a series of grand speakers , Such as horse to the success of the speaker, the golden horn sheep speaker, Sun Xiao Sheng speakers, and the small Kyrgyzstan speakers, etc. So the launch of the new speaker will be 2018 Zodiac dog design image, which is prepared to all the way in the end Want?

Today, the YORK network here also received the invisible 2017 autumn next year, the new conference invitation, when the time you can see the true capacity of the.

So, in the formal appreciation of the awakening of tomorrow's new speakers before, we may wish to re-look at this year's year of the main speaker of the speaker - small Kyrgyzstan.

As a creative Bluetooth speaker, the illusion of small Kyrgyzstan's image will be able to attract the eye immediately return to the product itself, Phantom Small Kyrgyzstan support a variety of device connections, while supporting the sound card mode, that is, with the help of multi-function data cable directly connected to the desktop or Notebook computer to play push; In addition, the illusion of small Kyrgyzstan can answer the phone, and because of the built-in lithium battery's sake, so that up to five hours of life; of course, the most important is its built-in professional full-range speakers, based on acoustic principles, Joined the inverted hole design, so that bass more vigorous, treble more bright.

Is not very nervous?

Xiao Bian a bit looking forward to tomorrow's magic 2017 autumn new conference brought 2018 Zodiac dog speaker products!