'Bubble is not broken' | force Haier freezer cooling speed: the industry's fastest

Recently, a period of Haier freezer to the cabinet blowing bubble video on the line, attracting a large number of users to participate in the discussion.Video display, the same is to blow the bubble inside the freezer, ordinary freezer bubble burst in a short time, and Haier wind Bubble in the freezer is not only steady landing, but also within a few seconds showing an incredible scene - formed a unbreakable 'ice crystal planet' .According to this analysis, the video through the 'unbreakable' bubble , The world's only 'windy' technology visualization, not only reveals the deep cold frozen frozen fresh truth, but also to lead the industry's cold refrigeration industry has been strongly confirmed.

Haier the world's only 'wind' technology frozen out of 'ice crystal planet'

Some users have read the video after the question: 'The same is blowing bubbles in the freezer, why there will be very different results?' From the experimental principle, the gasification is one of the important reasons for the bubble rupture, The water will gradually evaporate into a gas, so the bubble film will become thinner and thinner, when the critical thickness of the bubble will break when the cooling can slow down the bubble evaporation rate.Therefore, if the bubble Is quickly frozen in a sufficiently low temperature environment before rupture, and then becomes more secure.

The Haier cold cabinet is to provide such a low temperature environment, relying on its global first wind circulation technology to achieve the freezing temperature as low as -40 ℃, freezing speed increased by 30%, to ensure that the bubble blowing into the refrigerator can be solid instant. At the same time, the structure of the wind around the air duct, the cold air can be transported to every corner of the cabinet, so that the cabinet temperature tends to 0, there is no too much due to temperature caused by The frost-ruptured local high-temperature zone. In addition, the frost-free walls of the Haier Freezer can prevent frost piercing the bubble and provide an excellent attachment point for the bubble. In contrast, the cooling rate of the ordinary freezer is slower Driven by the inner wall of the cooling, making the middle of the freezer and around the existence of 5 ℃ temperature difference, the local high temperature area is also easy to cause bubbles in the solidification before the self-defeating.

Black technology behind the user-centered innovative thinking

Haier freezer in the interaction with the user found that the traditional refrigeration mode of this traditional refrigeration model for the user storage has brought a lot of problems.For example, if the user will freeze a lot of food will be a lot of food will be slow, , The situation is not fresh, and the user in order to solve this problem, only back and forth to switch food, both time-consuming and laborious.Moreover, from the freezer out of meat after the thawing of food often appear bleeding phenomenon, after cooking The meat quality has become loose, eating taste worse.

In the insight into the user of such frozen fresh problem, the team immediately launched a targeted analysis and research, and ultimately invented the subversive wind circulation technology, through the cabinet blowing 'whirlwind', can quickly and even frozen Storage of food for the long-term complaints of food users slow down the cold, nutrient loss and other pain points to provide a solution.At the same time, the cold and frozen function can minimize the 'ice crystal generation time' to avoid ice crystal piercing ingredients, let Frozen meat after the food can also keep fresh taste.

In contrast to the video format, the first wind circulation technology and cooling speed intuitive display to the user.Thus, not only broke the current global refrigeration industry in the freezing temperature and cooling speed on the ceiling, but also for the user To provide a professional food storage preservation program, won the industry and the user's double recognition from the Zhongkang released '2017 China's quality of life appliances industry trends white paper' can be seen, Haier by virtue of the first wind circulation, in terms of preservation industry Leading, popular models ranked first in the list, the first in the industrial transformation to seize the absolute advantage, but also to the industry has brought new growth momentum.