150 New York Fashion Week Street shot to wash your eyes | the most real wear with the 'map'

2018 spring and summer New York Fashion Week is about to come to an end, so that you are most impressed by what? I believe that in addition to the beauty of the show on the beauty of the show outside the street shooting people always fashion week a beautiful landscape, Whether they rush to show the pace of the show, or after the scene of the scene after the show, have been shot to capture the perfect photographers, the following came with us under the inventory of the New York Fashion Week,

A group of pairs

Sister show together, couples show together love, this fashion week the most love the street ~ whether it is a sister or lovers installed, some clever details of the echo more to highlight the attitude and create a beautiful picture, so the street shot really beautiful!

Second, dominate

A person can hold up the whole scene that gas field, whether it is random to capture, or hard to concave shape, in this picture only you are the protagonist, each frame has a strong attraction.

Third, the most beautiful details

Details of the see the true meaning, when the small details are caught when the United States is really won! Gestures between the little tricks, bag accessories among the small interactive, or a gently turned, wantonly back, freeze The moment the United States spent!