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Customer service, a customer-oriented system of values ‚Äč‚Äčthat integrates and manages all the elements of the customer interface in the pre-set optimal cost-service portfolio. In the face of a wide range of customer service needs, traditional customer service systems have begun to be stretched , Enterprises in the market competition to get a good reputation and reputation, the new form of intelligent customer service system is imminent.Then, the construction of intelligent customer service system need to pay attention to which aspects? Perhaps we can from the wisdom of the whole line of intelligent cloud cloud customer service system ( www.71chat.com) glimpse one or two.

As an international professional channel of intelligent customer service solutions provider, Qi Yi Simuo clutching the market demand, the first layout of the intelligent customer service industry, launched in 2015 'wisdom starling' intelligent customer service system based on the brand to upgrade a comprehensive A large amount of data based on a strong data analysis to support the precise marketing strategy-oriented, help customers from the cost center to the marketing center change.

SaaS model to create a new structure of customer service industry

SaaS (software as a service) is simply relying on cloud services to help enterprises to establish a virtual customer service center model.Compared to the traditional call center customer service, based on SaaS system architecture 'wisdom starling' enterprise customer service management system deployment Simpler, business users only need 1 working day will be able to complete the online system installation settings, and no additional purchase of hardware for enterprises to save a lot of costs at the same time, to bring customers a better service experience.

Diversified channels to create a new generation of service platform

Traditional customer service system, customer communication channels are basically through the telephone and mail to carry out, and the rapid development of the Internet, all kinds of instant messaging software, WeChat public number, mobile phone APP applications will become the customer's potential communication channels, which requires Enterprises to achieve a unified channel management of multiple channels to facilitate customer service personnel in the platform for effective communication and processing problems, improve service quality and service efficiency.

Sa SaS intelligent customer service system provides full channel coverage, support web pages, WeChat, microblogging, IOS, Android, phone, PC and other access methods, multi-channel integration in a platform, greatly enhance service efficiency.

Artificial intelligence to create a quick response mechanism

7 * 24 hours of uninterrupted customer service is the basis for ensuring a good customer experience, and the traditional customer service center of the human sea tactics is virtually the same as the customer service, the customer's needs are likely to occur at any time, and the business needs to be effective. Enterprises have increased a lot of manpower costs, but also make the customer service team slightly bloated, increase the internal communication costs.In addition, the process of customer service, the same problem has been repeatedly mentioned thousands of times, manual processing not only affected Work efficiency, but also allow customers to wait too long.

To this end, 'wisdom starling' launched a 'man-machine mutual aid' customer service product model, the use of natural language processing and machine depth learning technology, the latest generation of intelligent robot 'small starling' into customer service products, to achieve accurate understanding and answer users simple repeat Robot mode, manual mode free to switch, can solve about 80% homogenization and repeat the problem and automatically organize the standard answer to help customer service personnel to improve the speed of reply and reply to the quality. In addition, the robot can 7 * 24h online, at any time to answer Inquiry.

(Small starling intelligent customer service robot seven advantages)

Multi - dimensional analysis to create a convenient management mechanism

In addition to the customer service guarantee, the customer service team system within the reward and punishment mechanism is also essential.The traditional customer service industry are human sea tactical service center form, there will be several operational management risks, such as customer service performance appraisal , Service quality monitoring, service data statistics can not be effectively controlled, and managers want to achieve efficient customer service management, which requires intelligent customer service system to provide data support, real-time control of daily customer service data, multi-dimensional measurement customer service sales and Quality, from extensive operation to refinement of the operation of the change.

Zhixian brother's background data management system to break the bottleneck of the traditional customer service system for enterprise management customer service to provide multi-dimensional data statistics, from the session data, the number of reception, customer evaluation and other multi-angle record customer service detailed data. Of indicators, easy to complete the management work, change 'artificial assessment' for the 'intelligent assessment'.

Big Data Analysis to Build Customer Service Marketing Function

Customer service is not only the solution to customer needs, more is the collection of customer data in the era of large data, only through intelligent data analysis can further demonstrate its value. 'Wisdom starling' can build a rich and diverse Statistical analysis of the report, the analysis of customer focus, access to data statistics, customer service to provide data support to assist enterprises to conduct scientific business decisions in the future, business operations will change from the customer service industry changes open.

Customer service industry experienced a diversified service needs to promote the accelerated iteration, fully into the intelligent era. 'Wisdom starling' as a deep plowing industry, relying on the young elite team, focus on online customer service + artificial intelligence technology innovation, , Create a customer service industry a better future!