Focus on the power of walking | see how the Canon iP110 through the big Tibet!

In 2011, by the famous actor Chen Kun was founded by the East Pei children painting company launched a spiritual construction of public projects 'walking power', through the 'only' walk, advocate self-concept, to enhance their inner strength, to convey positive and progressive life Attitude and life philosophy. Blink of an eye, the activity went to the seventh year, 'walking power' will focus on the line again in Tibet, such a advocate 'view' and 'intentions' activities, in the lead Chen Kun take the lead in the line, The team is also growing, has become the country's most influential one of the public welfare projects.

Take a determined road, once again left

Is still the summer season, is still led by Chen Kun, is still arduous, 2017 'walking power' successfully ended, Chen Kun and 20 walkers together in Tibet, 'take a heart of the road.' Walkers in efforts to achieve a new inner perception With the balance, and the organization of this public project to run the power of the team, not as everyone imagined as many people like the walkers, walking team is also a group of people gathered together, such a small team, has been Doing big public interest.

Subtle care, wireless connection enough worry

The number of small, means to do everything to improve efficiency, to avoid duplication of useless work, regardless of online or offline activities, a perfect division of labor directly determines the success or failure of the event in the arrival of all the people in Lhasa, the walkers can be slightly settled Adjust the next to meet the next itinerary, but the walking team is not a moment to stop the final activities for the final preparation and improvement of the work.

When it comes to improving office efficiency, the walking team has their choice, that is, Canon mobile portable printer iP110. Its wireless print function makes it connect to the inn's Wi-Fi, you can make the same Wi-Fi under the computer, mobile phone To achieve wireless printing, eliminating the need to go out to find the shop shop trouble.

Even if there is no Wi-Fi signal in the outdoor mountaineering training, the Canon iP110 can still print, which supports the AP mode, can be their own as a signal source, and intelligent devices to achieve the point-to-point connection to print, so the site staff can always use the phone to connect iP110 print In addition, iP110 can also be used with the battery kit, in the case of no power outdoors can still support the running team with the use of the print with the demand, outdoor printing completely complete, in addition to the same time, Get rid of the power cable bound.

Delicate details, one does not fall

In addition to the rhythm of the rhythm of the formal walk in August each year, walking the power of the team will be held 'walking 100 Q', 'Zen Live show' and other activities under the line to allow more people have the opportunity to participate in the 'walk' Better experience the spirit of the activities of many media, from the media come here especially, the Canon iP110 on the scene at any time on standby, it is small, credit is quite large, to help complete the mobile printing needs. Data backup or print photos, Canon iP110 also can quickly support in place.

Transfiguration made, color printing more exciting

Although the phone is convenient, but washed out of the photo than the total less a little ritual sense and collection of meaning.Therefore each time the activities, the walking team will print some memorable moments, distributed to everyone as a souvenir. At this time the Canon iP110 But also as a mobile photo printer to use, the use of 5-color ink system, so that photos more beautiful color, add a colorful for the memory of a pen.

Concentrated are the essence of Canon iP110 mobile office good assistant

'Walking power' in addition to Walker's footsteps walking, there are some other activities related to the spirit of walking activities, in these activities will inevitably appear on the scene of the urgent need to print the needs of the corresponding plan, the scene plan to walk The team, in each event showing a high quality overall effect.

The Canon iP110 mobile portable printer, by virtue of the size of the briefcase, and the practical features specially developed for the mobile scene, can be used in the mobile phone, such as the mobile phone, the mobile phone, the mobile phone, Easy to deal with offline activities, travel problems encountered in the printing, is undoubtedly outdoor activities, out of business in the most effective mobile office assistant.