Commemorative season | Lenovo printer in September special offer

September 4 to 30, in the Jingdong to buy Lenovo designated models, users have the opportunity to enjoy the 'homework a lesson' spree, over 500 yuan by 50 yuan, the United States and the United States, Collar E card, home installation and maintenance and other benefits to enjoy the series. September school, Lenovo print full range of products to participate in promotions, gifts a lot, not to be missed.

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Lenovo Xiaoxin: absolute tidal range of children printer

And the traditional printer is tall and solid, Lenovo small new printer overall style is handsome and bright, absolutely tidal range of children, use a small new printer, make your mood to lay a touch with artistic flavor of the cultural texture. The working state is absolutely full of energy.

From the outside, small new printer white, elegant and elegant, it minus the heavy coat, fiber show the body area and A4 paper is so big, height of 10 cm, and a can of cola is almost the same, this machine Whether it is placed in the desk or the corner of the room, can be formed with the surrounding objects wild, the printer is a work of art, greatly set off the owner of the aesthetic.

Do not look at the small new printer slim body, but it contains a lot of energy in the installation and use, the small new printer easy to use, full support for network applications. With the small new APP with, you can perfectly achieve mobile phone printing. Re-scan in one, print speed of 22 pages per minute, with ink clear and uniform, home, daily office gave the owner a perfect performance.

Home wireless printer: enjoy double ceremony

During the event to buy Lenovo M7206W and other wireless printers, you can enjoy the full 500 by 50, the single collar 30 yuan E card double gift. Lenovo M7206W laser all-in-one machine is a versatile versatile machine, the use of toner separation material design, Cost better, while the machine is equipped with a key ticket and ID card two-sided copy function, greatly facilitate the daily work of users.

Lenovo bill printer: business essential assistant

Lenovo notebook printer with long life of the print head, strong penetrating print pin, full support for a variety of bills, such as camps by invoice, courier printing, printing, clear and stable, is a good helper business.

In addition, Lenovo business models, supplies are also synchronized to participate in this promotion. Want to open the school season to ignite the new hope of the little partners, hurry up to Jingdong orders it!