Let the connection drive innovation | Bluetooth technology alliance conference held

Bluetooth Technology Alliance 2017 Asian press conference, held at the Kerry Hotel in Beijing on September 6, 2017. This is the second time that the Bluetooth Alliance released a Bluetooth mesh technology announcement in July 2017, a formal display of mesh technology.

As the mesh is a significant new feature in Bluetooth technology, it will be a unique way to connect between devices.Therefore, the Bluetooth Technology Alliance (SIG) this time in China held a 'drive-driven innovation' press conference, the purpose is to provide Bluetooth technology is full of the latest news, while showing how the introduction of mesh network will achieve the next expansion of Bluetooth capabilities, and how to drive new innovations.

Mesh networks are now the third type of network topology for low-power Bluetooth, so low-power Bluetooth, in addition to point-to-point and broadcast topologies, now supports a mesh network topology that enables many-to-many device communications Mesh networks are optimized to enable large - scale networking of devices to enable hundreds or even thousands of devices to communicate with each other.

Bluetooth mesh provides global interoperability that will ensure that different brands of products can work together with each other.

Full-Stack solution: A unique full stack approach, from low-end radio frequency to high-end application layer is fully defined, so as to ensure that all aspects of the technology with a complete specification.

Interoperability-centric specifications: A comprehensive multi-brand interoperability test is performed during the specification development process, rather than testing after the specification is released.

The Bluetooth mesh is designed from the outset to be a mesh network solution that is really used for industrial use, for example, Bluetooth is the only mesh solution, which is essentially multipath, innate self-healing, and avoid Single point of failure affects the entire network.Although most mesh solutions can not be extended to hundreds of nodes, but the Bluetooth mesh can be extended to more than 1000 nodes.

Low-power Bluetooth technology available, is widely used in consumer electronics, smart home, mobile medical and other fields; Bluetooth mesh mesh network technology for smart life and industrial applications this year, the future development of more imagination, people can not stop it Is not busy, save money and save space, who do not love it!

Whether it is the introduction of low-power Bluetooth technology, or this year's Bluetooth mesh mesh network technology, are continuing to play an important promoter of emerging markets for the online device market to bring high-speed growth to meet the changing needs of consumers continue to develop, The unlimited potential of networking.