2017 cold year victory ending | 2018 air conditioning market where to go?

Experience 2017 air conditioning market to pick up after the consumer demand for air conditioning is what? Air conditioning manufacturers future competitive focus and where?

2017 cold years is the harvest of China's air-conditioning industry, Zhongyikang market data show that 2017 air-conditioning market retail sales and retail sales were 55.72 million units and 190.6 billion yuan, an increase of 29.4% and 35.4%; and 2017 air-conditioning The average market price of 3420 yuan, an increase of 4.6%, a record high in five years in sales and sales growth over the same period, 2017 cold years ending no suspense.

After experiencing two consecutive cold years of growth, the air conditioner market in 2018 is somewhat confusing.National Information Center, deputy director of resource development Cai Ying is expected, 2018 cold years, the overall size of China's air conditioning market will be relatively stable, but the weather is the largest Uncertain factors, the real estate market uncertainty is also added to the air conditioning industry variable.Owei Yunyun large data analysis that in the future needs of overdraft, real estate purchase policy, raw material prices and other factors under the influence of 2018 cold home air conditioning retail The amount will decline 5% to 10%. Coincidentally, the appliance industry veteran observers Liu Buchen also predicted 2018 cold air conditioning manufacturers sales will be less than 2017 cold years: 'air conditioning manufacturers in the development of next year's production plan, do not one-sided according to 2017 The sales situation to develop.

Faced with the market demand may be compressed, and increasingly fierce competition in the market, air conditioning manufacturers how to blaze a 'blood' from the wisdom to seek a breakthrough.

From the beginning of the cold 2014, intelligent air conditioning in the overall air conditioning market share began to increase year after year, after several years of cultivation, intelligent air conditioning has gradually occupied the mainstream market, the size of the total amount of 1/5, sales accounted for the total close 1/4, 2017 cold years of intelligent air conditioning growth is also obvious to all.

National Confidence Center data show that compared with the overall market level, 2017 cold listed on the proportion of smart air sales accounted for close to 80%, while the overall smart air conditioning market remains in the rising stage.

Haier Group will focus on the 'smart' and 'self-cleaning' two areas. Hai Rui International data show that Haier air conditioning in 2016 global Internet air conditioning (including intelligent air conditioning) sales first, according to the latest data from the National Information Center statistics, Haier smart air conditioning for 43 consecutive months in China's first intelligent air-conditioning.

Smart air conditioning market position transformation process, Haier played two roles.First is the leader, Haier in the air conditioning industry, the earliest layout of the intelligent, by the manufacturing side and product side to promote the popularity of intelligent air-conditioning in the manufacturing side, Large-scale production to large-scale customization changes in the product side, to achieve the upgrade from the electrical to the intelligent network device in Haier's leadership, intelligent air-conditioning products to attract other high-efficiency follow-up, intelligent air conditioning market, high-speed growth , Replace the frequency of air conditioning industry to become the biggest growth point.

Followed by the subversive.When the amount of smart air conditioning market share of nearly five percent, Haier air conditioning did not take the defensive, innovative launch of the 'empty one' air conditioning, breaking the people for the traditional air conditioning awareness, breaking the temperature and humidity Conditioning and air clean can not have the technical boundaries, to help the industry to complete the air conditioning itself, the family and the world 'three' clean air across.

It is by virtue of its Effective insight into user needs and innovation-oriented , Haier air conditioning in 2017-2018 China air conditioning industry peak forum gains A number of annual awards '2017 - 2018 annual air conditioning industry leading brand of intelligence ' prize, 2017 cold year to push the Haier comfortable wind self-cleaning air conditioning was awarded '2017 - 2018 Annual Intelligent Experience Innovative Products ' , Haier static enjoy the wind from the clean air conditioning Was awarded '2017 - 2018 annual air conditioning industry intelligence to lead the product 'Haier KFR-35GW / A2SAA21AU1 was awarded '2017 - 2018 annual air conditioning industry smart best-selling products', Haier Royal bottles intelligent self-cleaning air conditioning was awarded 'Air conditioning industry line smart ingenuity to lead the product ' and many more.

Haier intelligent air-conditioning made remarkable achievements tell us that the air conditioning industry has been to the 'intelligent upgrade' of the outlet.While the future of intelligent air-conditioning, is still talking about the product.As the China Household Electrical Appliances Association, said Jiang Feng, consumption The trend of upgrading in this year's hot air conditioning market is fully reflected, intelligent, energy efficient, environmental protection, comfort is the development trend of air conditioning industry, enterprises should continue to increase investment in technological innovation, through innovation to lead the market development.