New Nissan issued a new benchmark for the electric car market

Nissan Motor Company today launched a new generation of zero-emission electric vehicles - the new Nissan hear the wind. Subversive changes make the new hear the wind has a longer mileage, dynamic design and equipped with innovative technology, fully confirms Nissan in Leadership in the field of science and technology.

Nissan's president and chief executive officer, Hiroto Saikawa, said: 'The new Nissan will further drive Nissan's future core brand strategy -' Nissan Intelligent Mobility '. "Nissan Intelligent Mobility" Has increased the mileage, but also equipped with innovative automatic driving technology, such as ProPILOT Park Nissan automatic parking system and e-Pedal Nissan electronic pedal, to further consolidate Nissan in the field of electric vehicle leader position, and then continue to expand its Global electric car market share .This time, the first in the new Nissan wind on the advanced technology, will also be in the future Nissan electric car products to continue and upgrade.

Equipped with the latest electric powertrain system

According to the Japanese standard JC08 fuel model test, the new Nissan hear the wind mileage of 400 km (European NEDC standard mileage of 378 km, the US EPA standard mileage of 150 miles, are certified), occupants can enjoy a longer, More comfortable driving experience. The new Nissan hear the wind powertrain system maximum power of 110kW, the maximum torque of 320Nm, greatly improving the vehicle acceleration performance, so that drivers enjoy the pleasure of driving pleasure.

Innovative autopilot technology

The new Nissan will be equipped with ProPILOT Nissan automatic driving technology, can achieve vehicle driving in the single lane. SimpILOT Park equipped with Nissan automatic parking technology, can automatically control the vehicle acceleration, braking, steering, shift and complete Brake, simply a simple operation can help the driver to safely enter the parking spaces.

ProPILOT Park Nissan Automatic Parking System

e-Pedal Nissan electronic pedal makes driving easier

The new Nissan is equipped with a highly innovative e-Pedal electronic pedal system that subverts the traditional way of driving, and the driver can easily complete the vehicle's start-up, acceleration, deceleration and speed by simply adding or reducing the tread on the accelerator pedal. Braking, etc. Once the throttle is fully released, the regenerative brake and friction brake function will be automatically activated and the vehicle will be able to achieve a smooth brake brake, even if the vehicle is running on the slope and can be completely stopped until the driver pushes the throttle again Pedal to start the vehicle. E-Pedal electronic pedal will greatly enhance the driving pleasure of electric vehicles.

Design: rounded outline interpretation of science and technology dynamic

The new Nissan has a low center of gravity and streamlined design, creating a sharp texture and technology dynamic.From the aerodynamic design of the smooth body, so that the new Nissan style of the wind unique charm from the rounded contour to the leading appearance, enough to evoke Consumers are more looking for electric car driving experience.

In addition, the new Nissan hear the wind also uses the essence of Nissan's design, including the rotary dart-type lights and V-type front grille. Clear blue smooth grille and blue with the embedded rear bumper, highlight the new Nissan Listen to style and style.

Interior: clean, comfortable, high-tech sense to create elegant atmosphere

The new Nissan has a new design of the cab, front panel showing 'glide wing' design, to achieve a good interior space and versatility.

The new Nissan has a selection of materials in the interior design for the driver to create a comfortable, enjoy the experience of car seats, dashboard and steering wheel on the blue suture is very eye-catching and full of vitality, which is Nissan electric car At the same time, the redesigned 7-inch full-color thin film transistor LCD screen further highlights key information such as Safety Shield Technology, sound systems and navigation systems, etc. In addition, the new Nissan can also be connected to the wind Apple CarPlay system.

In order to meet the demand for higher performance for Nissi, Nissan plans to launch a high-power, longer-end mileage, and higher-cost, high-performance version in 2018 (slightly different in different market areas) The new Nissan hearing will begin selling in Japan on October 2. The market will be available in the US, Canada and Europe in January 2018.

The new market is priced at 3, 150, and 360 yen in the Japanese market.

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