Haier IFA announced that in the mainstream of Europe, the main push 9 direct drive washing machine

September 1, the world's largest and most influential international electronic products exhibition opened in Berlin, Germany Haier washing machine announced in Britain and France and other European industrial technology strong push 9 new direct drive, aimed at the high-end market, This opens the world direct drive popular screen.

In the domestic, Haier direct drive washing machine with a quiet can be coins, soft and can be washed napkins are known in the IFA exhibition site, the reporter saw three direct drive inverter motor and ordinary belt motor contrast module.According to the introduction, direct drive motor The torque is greater than the belt motor, can be directly 1: 1 drive inner cylinder rotation, while the belt motor will need to turn 12 turns to drive the inner tube turn lap, running noise is also more obvious.Moreover, the scene also played the napkin video, A napkin in the Haier direct drive washing machine for 5 minutes is still intact.

The Haier washing machine equipped with direct drive inverter motor, by the Haier and Fisher & Paykel joint research and development, can accurately control the inner tube rotation, in the greatly lower operation of the washing machine, Noise at the same time to achieve the cradle of soft wash, both quiet and smooth operation can give high-end clothing hand wash like care in the domestic washing machine top 10 products selling list, Haier monopoly 7 seats, 6 is direct drive.

The industry believes that Haier direct drive washing machine in the domestic market in a leading position, and into the century-old enterprises gathered in the European market, can not be separated from the global R & D strength.Currently, Haier washing machine in the world has five major research and development base, the Americas safety standards , Europe's balance of technology, Japan's clean technology, Australia's direct drive motor technology and China's high-end clothing care technology, Haier washing machines are leading the innovation to provide strong support.

In the new pattern of global brand development, Haier washing machine adhere to the user thinking, research around the world in the high-end clothing needs of users, driven by product demand for product innovation, to provide users with a perfect solution. , Haier washing machine has been reelected for 8 consecutive years the global market share first.