Stunning lack of practical more than | MateBookD can become Huawei to take the king?

Huawei as a veteran communications technology giants, in 2016 into the notebook market, with deep background of Huawei in the notebook industry can break a world? Can the notebook in recent years, bring a trace of vitality?

Huawei MateBook D (i5 / 4G / 128G + 500G)Reference Price: Read in ...image Comments Quotation parameter overview

At this year's CES exhibition, Huawei released the latest three MateBook products, including MateBook X and MateBook E were thin and two-in-one notebook, today for everyone to bring MateBook D is a traditional laptop , Positioning is more close to the people of home entertainment video.

The appearance of high-cold show grade

Huawei MateBook D design with a minimalist style, my hand is a champagne gold color, the appearance of the use of metal integrated design, the surface with anodized plating process, it seems a kind of cold wind But in the direct sunlight showed silver, did not see the golden color.

In the center of the A side engraved with HUAWEI logo, the design is very simple. Corner design for the curvature of a large deal with the smooth, coupled with the light, the sun shines under the champagne gold gives a sense of the atmosphere.

Open the top cover, a 15.6-inch screen greeted the border with the most popular nowadays, is also very popular narrow frame design, the upper frame to keep the microphone and camera, this design also ensures the shooting angle and radio effects.

The screen is using the 15.6-inch, 1080P resolution IPS screen, but through the Spyder5 Elite test, this screen color space only sRGB 65%, this result can only belong to the home range, but and this computer Positioning is very consistent.

The whole B surface is not made of metal materials, giving a slightly cheaper feeling, but the design of the narrow frame has been extra points, slightly more sense of science and technology in the screen just below the same engraved with the words of a small Logo HUAWEI, To show their identity.

MateBook D's C and A are the same as the use of anodized plating process, one piece of the keyboard looks very high integrity, but the color of the keycap with champagne gold body color some sense of violation. C is the upper right corner of the power switch button, there is a small power indicator above.

MateBook D uses a piece of chocolate keyboard, key way moderate rebound quickly, will not give a soft feedback, personal or more like this sense of a sense of the touchpad touchpad area in the same level of products Large, but fluency is very high, around the CNC diamond cutting process also makes it even more on the grade.

In the bottom of the touchpad has a groove, this design is for Fang Bo Ni users one hand on the notebook screen opening and closing, but because MateBook D shaft damping too large, resulting in one-hand operation, need to use the other hand Hold down the C surface can be.

In the interface, the left side of the fuselage for the power interface, HDMI interface, two USB 3.0 interface and an audio interface, the right side of the fuselage only a USB 2.0 interface. This interface number, type for the home is enough, but If I can join a card reader I think it will be even better.

MateBook D as a 15.6-inch notebook, in terms of size, weight, certainly not as good as 12.5-inch notebook portable, the overall point of view or emphasis on. Through testing, this MateBook D machine weight of 1.856Kg, travel weight of 2.039Kg The

Practical run points see real chapter

This MateBook D equipped with i5-7200U processor, 940MX 2GB graphics card, 4GB memory and 512GB HDD + 128GB SSD. This configuration for a positioning of the home notebook is completely no problem. Here I chose several software And "hero alliance" this game to test it.

● 3DMark

3Dmark has a number of different load scenes, to different positioning of the computer to test. MateBook D as a home machine, I chose the home level of the Cloud Gate for testing, the final score of 8062. And as a separate Video card home, I still use the Sky Diver for testing, the final score of 6299.

● CineBench R15

CineBench is a very convincing CPU and graphics test system, the latest is the R15 version. R15 version can support up to 256 logical core, in addition to the new version also enhanced shader, anti-aliasing, shadows, lighting and reflection blur The test of the CPU performance is more accurate.Through testing, this MateBook D processor score of 329cb, for the home has been completely enough.

● PCMark 10

PCMark 10 is Futuremark launched a new generation of PC integrated performance benchmarking software PCMark 10, designed for Windows 10 platform design. Compared to PCMark 8 simplified the test method, no longer like PCMark 8 as a distinction between traditional and accelerated testing, a key Start the test. Through the normal model of the test, MateBook D score of 2556 points.


A notebook SSD read speed, but also to a large extent affect the use of experience, where I used the CrystalDiscMark MateBook D SSD to test the final 4K read speed of 36.67MB / s, 4K write speed of 91.07 MB / s, this result for a home that has been regarded as excellent.

● "hero alliance"

This is equipped with a low-voltage i5 processor and 940MX graphics card Huawei MateBook D, play LOL can not be stable under the highest effects? Let us try together!

These days the Heroes Union began a time-bound model - infinite fighting, in this mode all the skills of the CD have become particularly short, in such a fierce battle of course, the computer performance requirements to be higher. Choose a very high this option, turn off the vertical sync, we take a look at its frame performance it!

Through the Fraps record, we can see in the process of war, MateBook D frame number can be stable between 42-50 frames, for the normal game is no problem, if the appropriate reduction of special effects, then it can be stable in the 60 or so.

● Endurance

As a home notebook, we need to respond to the needs of any place in our home, so that good enough to make life so that we can use whatever you want. Here I chose the PCMark 8 work simulation test to see Consumption of 80% of the electricity, this MateBook D will have a what kind of performance?

In the case of 100% brightness, after 4 hours and 02 minutes, this MateBook D power left 20%, for such a positioning of a notebook, 4 hours of high load continuous use of time has been a good , Do not charge the case to see the two films completely no problem.

● MateBook housekeeper

This MateBook D also built a Huawei notebook management software, called MateBook housekeeper. Through this software we can conduct a comprehensive computer checks, you can also view the system configuration, update the driver and the computer backup and restore. In addition to this can also be managed on the Huawei mobile phone.

Advantages and disadvantages


● strong endurance

● details of the design intentions


● slightly heavy

● The interface is too small

Product configuration
Huawei MateBook D
Intel Core i5-7200U clocked at 2.5GHz
Video card
GeForce 940MX
Display screen
15.6 inches resolution 1920 × 1080
hard disk
512GB HDD + 128GB SSD
Weight: 1.856Kg Travel Weight: 2.039Kg
Preload system
Windows 10 64-bit
4688 yuan
Performance Testing
Default setting (the higher the score)
PCMark 10
8062 (Cloud Gate)
4K read: 36.676MB / s 4K write:91.07MB / s