Surface boss position precarious: ASUS Ling Huan 3Pro strength PK

With the progress of science and technology now the electronic products are beginning to move in the direction of all in one, the phone in addition to the call, take pictures, songs feature readily available. TV can not only watch TV programs, and network video the same 2in1 computer homeopathy, it also has a tablet computer's portable and touch screen easy to operate the property, but also have a strong computer office capabilities in the notebook and tablet computer is not very prosperous today, it gradually by everyone Recognized, and developed rapidly.

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In the 2in1 notebook computer just listed when we are not optimistic about its prospects, but the opposite is true.When the birds did not understand why this performance is not high, adding a gaze like a flat-panel model of the notebook actually gradually stand firm , To know the notebook market in recent years is not the economy.After online access, refer to the user's experience, the wind bird to understand, 2in1 products have their own unique characteristics in the work and study can play more roles , More portable than the laptop, touch screen for users more convenient operation, notebook mode also makes it make up for the Tablet PC in the work of the efficiency of the short board. Said so many 2in1 product features, because we bring today Test is ASUS Ling Huan 3Pro T304.

Yan value is the first productive force

ASUS Ling Huan 3Pro T304 body with a simple design, aluminum alloy shell, coupled with the treatment of frosted process, so that it feels good in the hands of the square, fillet fuselage, star gray color, so that the machine Looks more atmosphere, calm.Compared to the gorgeous cool appearance, ASUS Ling Huan 3Pro T304 in the meeting to use, or class notes are very good choice.

The integrated metal bracket allows the ASUS Ling Huan 3Pro T304 to have a wider opening and closing angle of up to 155 °. The damping of the shaft is moderate and the addition of a small groove on the sides of the fuselage makes it easy for us to use The bird is more like the design of the integrated stent, because in the case of large angle opening and closing, the stent to make the computer more stable.

Since the release of the Windows 8 operating system, the touch gives the new use of PC devices, so that mixed, cross-dimensional deformation of the popular, while Intel is also given a new positioning of these devices - PC / flat two products, a You can switch between the notebook and the flat form of the PC device.We use the tablet mode when the keyboard and what is the use? So ASUS Ling Huan 3Pro T304 keyboard with a split, split the biggest advantage of the keyboard That is, when we remove the keyboard, you can let us experience the 'real Tablet PC'.

ASUS Ling Huan 3Pro T304 bracket allows us to adjust the screen according to their own various angles and because of the use of the spin-off reasons, when not using the keyboard, whether it is handwritten notes or watching movies, Painting frame will provide a great convenience only in the normal as a notebook when the stent will increase the use of a little area.

ASUS Ling Huan 3Pro T304 with the upper left corner of a 13 million pixel front camera, in the flat mode we can also provide us with a good camera experience.But the flat some big, take pictures slightly inconvenient.

ASUS Ling Huan 3Pro T304 and most of the portable PC, because the fuselage area is limited, the interface is not much, but better in Micro SD, USB3.0, USB-C, HDMI and other interface types are more complete. Or no problem, if you are more outside the equipment, or need to expand their own.

At present, most of the notebook computer screen resolution is still selected 1920X1080, ASUS Ling Huan 3Pro T304 is selected is a resolution of 2K IPS touch screen, support ten touch, viewing angle of 170 degrees. In 1920X1080 still It is believed that this screen will give you a better visual experience. The top of the screen is a 2 million front camera, in the left side of the camera there is completely hidden in the panel under the IR dual lens, support for facial recognition And Windows10 Hello boot function.

ASUS Ling Huan 3Pro T304 thickness of only 8.85mm about the thickness of an iPhone 7, the weight is only 0.85kg such a thin body performance how exactly?

Let's draw it together

The slim ASUS Transformer Cover Keyboard uses a magnetically mounted connection, and the magnet's suction is moderate, and when the keyboard is near the interface, the magnet can be sensed and the interface can be received very accurately. The top of the keyboard magnetic bar can be closely adsorbed on the computer, making the keyboard can naturally lift an angle, easy to use.However, after all, is a split-type keyboard, after the keyboard lift, typing strength is too large, then the keyboard will There is a slight subsidence situation.

In fact, the overall use of ASUS Ling Huan 3Pro T304 keyboard feel good. This keyboard pressure is large, and it is obvious that it is more critical than most of the laptop key process to be longer, press the key Hard, the sound is very light

Since we have chosen 2in1 products, that is, choose its light properties, to carry out, the mouse is no longer a necessity, so the status of the touchpad was significantly improved, ASUS Ling Huan 3Pro T304 touchpad area But the feedback is more obvious, the overall size of the computer is so big, it is impossible to give the touchpad too much use of the area, these days the wind birds used down, did not feel obvious Of the lack of. Plus can touch the screen, the operation is still very convenient (touch screen with more, the birds are always involuntarily hand to poke their own computer). ASUS Ling Huan 3Pro T304 this external keyboard feel similar to the leather, this material gives us a good experience at the same time, it is not easy to leave fingerprints.

ASUS Ling Huan 3Pro T304 also presented a free 1024-class high-pressure capacitive pen, writing Ye Hao, drawing worth mentioning, can be competent. Wind birds because of family reasons, in a very young age began to contact the computer, now also engaged in the computer Related work.Although I like the tip of the pen across the feeling of paper, but the speed or keyboard input faster.However, the advantages of handwriting is not speed, but rather flexible, we can record what we want to record things , Mathematical formula, drawing, using the mouse and keyboard I am afraid it is difficult to complete it

The following words from the wind birds handwriting input, the weight of the pen is moderate, probably because the battery in the pen above the reasons, feeling this pen some top-heavy, grip in the hands feel in general. In the writing sensitivity ASUS Ling Huan 3Pro T304 Good performance, and high degree of recognition.

ASUS Ling Huan 3Pro T304 built-in battery management tools, you can go to their own situation with the choice of management mode, the battery is full or the power does not do for the battery life has a greater impact, the best to save the battery power is the battery Power at 60% of the time, of course, ASUS Ling Huan 3Pro T304 so light, if you want to carry out, then still have to choose long-term mode it

In the spare time we can play the game ah, but you said you are a large stand-alone game enthusiasts, please go out to turn Thank you. ASUS Ling Huan 3Pro T304 to deal with some online games or no problem, the wind to the "hero alliance" Quality set to medium high, close the vertical sync. Frame the basic number of 40 or so, the game runs smoothly then began to show the real technology it

to sum up: The wind bird of this evaluation is done in the ASUS Ling Huan 3Pro T304, light and easy to bring home is very convenient.Perhaps the keyboard is relatively soft, long time to enter the feel will have a certain impact. ASUS Ling Huan 3Pro T304 power The interface in the middle of the right side of the machine, if the connection power to use the feeling of chaos, but did not hinder the use of the overall use down, the wind bird not only did not find any obvious defects, and the use of feeling good, if I do not play the game, Will choose a such notebook.

Test data display and summary

CINEBENCH R15 test includes two, respectively, for the processor and graphics card performance indicators.The first test purely using the CPU rendering a high-precision 3D scene picture, single-processor single-threaded only run once, if the system has more Processor core or support multi-threaded, the first time only use a thread, the second run using all the processor core and thread.The second test is for the graphics OpenGL performance.

3DMark score is a measure of graphics performance of a standard, graphics test benchmarking software, ASUS Ling Huan 3Pro T304 chose the Cloud Gate test, the results of the total score of 4877, graphics scores also reached 7034 points, such a The count is not particularly high, but as a 2in1 computer is pretty good, Intele HD 620 nuclear response to some online games is basically no problem.

In the PCMark run test in the ASUS Ling Huan 3Pro T304 performed well, and in the case of high brightness screen life test time can be about 3 hours in the wind bird usually use only browse the pages and codewords in the case, 4 After hours there are nearly 40% of the electricity.

ASUS Ling Huan 3Pro T304 equipped with Intel Core i7-7500U processor and 16GB LPDDR3 memory, this configuration allows the computer to run the speed of protection.

512G SSD provides enough storage space, and the bird in the first test to get a good score of 1027. In fact, SSD test scores are not stable, luck is also present.

Product configuration
ASUS Linghuan 3Pro T304

Intel Core i7-7500U (2.7GHz / L3 4M)

16 GB
Video card
Graphics chip: Intel HD 620
Display screen
hard disk
512G / SSD
Performance Testing
Default setting (the higher the score)
Cinebench R15
230cb (multi-core) / 84cb (single-core)
4877 (Cloud gate)