Haier self-cleaning air conditioning settled in the first 'public laboratory'

August 23, Gome and China National Institute of Standardization in Beijing, the United States and the United States held a 'human science and technology experience standardization laboratory' joint development project signing ceremony. Haier air conditioning and the successful research and development of intelligent bionic people were invited to the laboratory, Visualization of the data to the user intuitive product experience, so that the previous professional laboratory has become a user-visible 'mass laboratory', as a user experience outside the scene of a new way of experiencing the same time, Haier will be able to blow natural The wind of intelligent self-cleaning air conditioning moved into the laboratory, to provide consumers with multi-dimensional, visual product experience.

It is understood that 'human science and technology experience standardization laboratory' is based on professional laboratory specifications designed to build, mainly used to study the air conditioning to create a thermal environment on the impact of consumer thermal comfort to visual experience and objective data to achieve 'technology Transparent "and 'information visualization'. Experience by the forehead, chest, upper arm attached to the measurement sensor, in person to perceive the temperature changes made subjective evaluation, and then compare the sensor measured objective parameters, a full range of products Evaluation. Experience by the laboratory selected the most comfortable air-conditioning products, air-conditioning companies can also be based on laboratory data feedback product iterative upgrade.

The lab's intelligent bionic people were jointly developed by Haier Air Conditioning and China National Institute of Standardization, which can monitor the overall or local comfort parameters of the human body in a specific thermal environment in real time, avoiding the physical, The influence of psychological factors, and even the addition of the amount of clothing, activity metabolic rate, light radiation and other evaluation indicators, the experimental results more in line with the actual experience of the Chinese people, in order to accurately assess the indoor thermal environment comfort provides an important basis.Based on intelligent bionic people Technology, Haier air conditioning research and development was born to blow the natural wind intelligent self-cleaning air-conditioning, the wind guide plate of a plane design into a 52-plane, to achieve the effect of three-dimensional, for the user to create a healthy and comfortable home environment. Activities, the user experience the Haier smart self-cleaning air-conditioning natural wind technology, and the test results show that from the human subjective experience and objective test data, Haier smart self-cleaning air conditioning blowing the most comfortable.

In the Chinese air-conditioning market, Haier air conditioning has been in a leading position, relying on is the user-centered R & D model.Perhaps, Haier air conditioning to up to 10 years of comfort research, the introduction of healthy uniform wind technology Tianzhuang air conditioning, In addition, in order to further improve the user's use of comfort, Haier air conditioning will be the focus of research and development to the direction of intelligent self-cleaning, through six innovative technology to achieve air conditioning inside and outside the machine from the clean, from the source to prevent Indoor air secondary pollution, and in order to meet the user's deep demand for indoor space clean, Haier air conditioning in the new cold years of innovation launched the world's first 'empty one' air conditioning, 15 minutes to achieve full house purification, and the original soft Wet frequency technology to achieve the effect of the whole house antibacterial, and promote the industry from the air conditioning clean into the indoor air clean new era.

Industry experts said that to meet the needs of users is the fundamental goal of home appliance industry technological innovation.Haier air conditioning relying on 80 billion + intelligent large data, the interaction of the user's pain points for product comfort research, and ultimately to meet the needs of advanced technology users to promote sales growth. According to the National Information Center statistics, Haier air conditioning for 43 consecutive months in China's first intelligent air-conditioning.