What is the crystal tableware? Crystal tableware advantages and disadvantages introduced

Crystal tableware material is made of crystal crystal beauty is often appreciated by people, modeling Kit Kat, crystal integrity, high transparency and smooth surface of the crystal cluster is considered to share, and the crystal for the human body has a certain effect, a lot of electromagnetic waves Is able to make the body gradually aging and cause a variety of diseases, through the crystal can put those harmful evil absorption.

Crystal tableware has become a new fashion family products or holiday gifts, because the crystal has a variety of colors, with crystal-made tableware more ornamental, usually transparent, pink, yellow, purple, bright and moving, to the naked eye a good The price of crystal tableware is more expensive than other dishes, usually from several hundred dollars to several thousand dollars.Although the crystal tableware is expensive, but the more popular, in addition to being able to use, many people will be used for writers In the decoration with decoration, or do a wedding will buy a set, there are some hotels using crystal tableware is to enhance the grade, to give a noble atmosphere.

Disadvantages of crystal tableware:
Crystal tableware prices are more expensive, and the price will be affected by all aspects, so a few hundred dollars there are, there are thousands of dollars, the price range is still relatively large, which requires field visits to purchase. But the price does not seem to affect It is the degree of popularity. Crystal tableware is relatively heavy, as other tableware light, so be careful when using, so as not to fall.