The appearance of 0 bad comments Oaks Mingxia air conditioning with the end how?

Since the installation of Oaks Mingyue air conditioning, many colleagues are telling me, hey, evaluation center that section of the air conditioning who's it? The appearance is really good ... ... (Barabara automatically omitted 10,000 words) What is the concept of high value? From small to Big was not 'face' troubled Xiaobian thought for a long time also can not answer this question, so can only ask X almost to see the following answer in the end how many friends ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓

It can be seen, whether it is the product or the high value of people as if with a halo, where to go where the red ~ so we quickly look at this new product of the Oaks moon in the end with what kind of design captured the 'beings'.

Oaks Ming Yue series air conditioning appearance

In the industrial design, the moon is indeed breaking the conventional idea, Oaks through thousands of years from China's traditional culture to get inspiration to the design, equipped with elegant ancient rhyme of the base, antique, with 'moon to send Acacia' meaning.

Burberry classic checkered panel

Details, the moon with a fully enclosed aluminum alloy drawing guide plate and Burberry classic checkered panel with the highlight of the ingenuity of the 3D diamond cutting mirror high light edge technology, filling the high-end air-conditioning texture.

Moon in the appearance of the design is not just fine so simple, but also focus on the functionality of air conditioning, bipolar guide mode to achieve the 'carpet' and 'immersion' bipolar mode.

When the wind guide, the warm air from the ground, 'carpet' guide the wind more easily let the body feel the fastest speed; Feel cool.

Appearance so 'grab the play' so many people on the performance of the moon Xia air conditioning question, then this new product in the end how to use it? Let us actually test it.

First, air conditioning can chat micro letter?

A new era of intelligent air conditioning must be based on user needs as the core to integrate the data platform, to seamless docking and interactive experience.

Ming Yue Xia air conditioning in this regard on the performance is very outstanding, it is equipped with third-generation smart WiFi technology, not only to achieve the Jingdong micro-Lian APP, AUX steward APP Internet-controlled, but also to achieve the air conditioning industry's first micro-control technology in intelligent air conditioning The application, that is, your home air conditioning can also talk micro letter ~

As long as the scan two-dimensional code on the phone to add equipment, concerned about the Oaks Butler public number, you can switch through their own micro-air conditioning various modes.


If you are impatient to manually enter the command to support voice control more convenient, absolutely let you lazy to the extreme ~

Microphone voice control

Of course, if you want more in-depth understanding and control of this air conditioning, 'Oaks Butler' APP will be able to help you, not only to switch the cooling heating function, there are more work mode to choose from.

APP cooling mode

APP heating mode

APP control panel

Second, air conditioning is also a power housekeeper

Speaking of APP, it can not fail to mention the moon and another innovative features, which uses the AUT-Smart power intelligent adjustable technology, the air conditioning and the national grid cloud connected to the perfect combination of air conditioning and Internet technology.

Users can adjust the power according to the actual situation at home, control power consumption, so that air conditioning continues to run more power, while enjoying life, but also save electricity, so smart life more green and healthy.

Here is the Xiaobian evaluation period for several days during the monitoring of electricity consumption results, we can see that APP can not only show the month of electricity consumption, but also to monitor the daily electricity curve, allowing users to better understand their own home electricity situation The

Electricity curve

At the same time, the moon Xia air conditioning also comes with 'ECO energy saving mode', 'peak and valley energy saving mode', 'smart power mode' three power control mode, allowing you to see power, more effective visual effect.

Third, the rapid hot and cold temperature is not afraid to open hanging

Summer this year, high temperature constantly, many students to Xiaobian reflect: home air conditioning and refrigeration is not to force, often opened half an hour indoor temperature did not come down.

In order to cope with this extreme weather, Oaks Mingyue special use of its original TS rapid hot and cold technology, you can easily achieve 30 seconds of cooling, that is to say after opening only need a glass of water time, it can let you enjoy the cool.

In order to test the rapid cooling effect of the moon, we in 30.7 ℃ 15 square meters of the evaluation of the size of the room to open a strong mode, set the temperature of 26 ℃, we can see, air conditioning is turned on only 30 seconds after the temperature dropped by 1.4 ℃ , While the outlet temperature is only 22.2 ℃, showing its effect is indeed extraordinary.

In addition to the cooling speed of the fly, the moon can also be based on the ambient temperature of the room to adjust their own temperature, so you enjoy the most comfortable temperature.

Fourth, the basic features of a lot of highlights

In addition to the above three main push function, the moon in the basic function of the performance is also absolutely 'sharp' in the noise, air conditioning before opening the indoor noise meter reading is 31.7dB.

At this time the air conditioning to the maximum wind speed, noise meter readings for the 48.7dB, silent mode, the working noise is only 32.5dB, it can be said to run a truly ultra-quiet.

Surging air volume is able to quickly hot and cold protection, Oaks Ming Man air conditioning in the strong mode, the outlet wind speed of 3.55m / s, silent mode outlet wind speed can reach 1.82 m / s, reduce noise While improving the efficiency of air supply, so that it can quickly reach the scheduled temperature, more energy efficient.

At the same time, the machine also Hydro automatic washing technology, in the dehumidification and cooling mode to produce a condensed water to form a frost on the fins of the stains frozen, and then quickly heat the air conditioning cream and stains quickly melt, these stains after melting Into the sewage through the condenser tube out of the room, and then hot air drying, the use of bionic human metabolic system, after the five from the inside to the outside purification, to achieve the purpose of automatic cleaning evaporator.

Before cleaning

After cleaning

Hydro automatic washing function

Written at the end

Whether it is the third generation of smart WiFi technology, rapid hot and cold technology and a key wash function, Oaks Mingyue addition to the beautiful and unique appearance, there are a variety of powerful features, these features make people's lives more comfortable and convenient.

Even if you are a downright 'Yan dog' will be used in the Oaks Mingxia smart and practical features to attract, so do not hurry to go to Jingdong buy buy and so what?