It's enough to move the laser TV home

The first time to see the laser TV is a few years ago at a show, then also feel that the laser TV is still relatively far away from the reality, the main price is too expensive, then a brief experience of a brand of laser TV, 100-inch large screen , Then look at the home of the 55-inch TV, full of despise!

Some time ago millet released 9999 yuan meters home laser projection TV, the original feel far away from me things, suddenly all of a sudden so close to the laser TV has long been ready to start thinking about whether to move it home ... ...

Do not need to install directly with

Laser TV itself does not need to install, find a good place on top of it, but if equipped with anti-light curtain, you need to install the professional home, projection screen and anti-light curtains need to fully fit, fixed after the best not Free to move, otherwise it will take time to adjust the screen.

Rice home laser projection TV does not provide anti-light curtain, need only a white wall, and I put it with the other several other laser TV on the market for some comparison, rice laser projector TV is not only small size, the weight is also lightweight Many, less anti-light curtain 'tied', it can be flexible to move, such as moving from the living room to the bedroom.For me such a rental family, such a small size of the 'big' TV advantage even more obvious.

Conventional projector cabling is complex

Meter laser projection TV easy to use

Compared with the traditional projector, rice laser projection TV only need a small projection distance, do not need complex wiring process, will not affect the appearance of home improvement, the back provides HDMI, optical audio output interface, you can directly with the home Of the other audio and video equipment to establish a connection, a variety of cables can also be a good hiding, will not make the desktop becomes messy.Of course, if you choose to lift, you need to decorate the projector when the power supply and consider the wiring The

In addition, after the boot can be located on both sides of the mat and the system built-in electric focus, keystone correction function of the screen fine-tuning, if not particularly demanding on the screen, will soon be able to complete.

Brightness after shading completely enough

Projector viewing effect by the impact of ambient light is relatively large, even with anti-light curtain laser TV is also the case, the daytime viewing effect will certainly be greatly reduced, nor is it a wise choice.

It is certainly enough to see the height at night

Compared with the LCD TV, the biggest advantage of laser TV is large, quality brightness, contrast and other aspects of the LCD TV is certainly a gap, but taking into account their usual use it is mainly used to watch movies, are certainly shading Environment, from the actual effect, the brightness is completely enough.

If you are concerned about the brightness of rice projector projection TV is not enough, would like to enhance the daytime viewing effect, you can equipped with a light curtain, do not recommend the use of ordinary soft screen, because for the ultra-short focus projection, the curtain is slightly uneven Will cause the screen display distortion, the experience is not ideal.However, hard screen prices are not cheap, even more than the home of home laser TV also expensive, perhaps millet will launch a high cost of anti-light curtain, you can look forward to.

How big is the wall and how big the picture is

For laser TV, the projection of 100-inch screen is not a problem, the need is just a big enough wall.

Control the size of the data above, projected 120 inches when the screen height of 1.5 meters or so, count the height of the TV cabinet, the size of the screen at home is still relatively easy to achieve.However, in accordance with the 0.2333: 1 projection ratio, this time rice laser The distance between the projection TV and the wall is about 60cm, and it may be slightly cramped on the ordinary TV cabinet.

Moving to facilitate trouble

For the rental family, buy a big TV every move is a headache, demolition packaging are very troublesome, the transport process there is the risk of broken screen.Ma home laser projection TV do not consider the installation of the curtain, installed in the box on You can say why you do not buy a smaller micro-cast? At present more than 1000 lumens micro-investment price of 3-5000 yuan, but they placed on the location, projection distance are required, as short Coke projection is convenient and easy.

Put in the box to move directly away

Price is no longer a problem

The delay did not consider the laser TV in the final analysis, or because of the poor, in the rice family before the laser projection TV, laser TV less have to start 20,000 yuan, rice laser projection TV directly to the price level, that is, a In the high-end 65-inch LCD TV price, even with a block of light curtain, amplifier, 5.1-channel audio, can also be controlled within 2 million.

Although the performance of rice laser projection TV is not the strongest, but its significance is to have certain requirements for the people of the video to provide the most economical large-screen solution, do not need too much expertise reserves, you can use the shortest Time, minimal effort and minimal money to form a practical home theater, as to how the specific formation, and then to share with you.