Relay / power cat weak burst! Mesh let Wi-Fi signal seconds full grid: all units take-all

This is the beginning of the year, playing the king of glory is the most afraid of delay '460', '460' is almost equivalent to the pronoun pronounced. '460' reason is mainly because of what? Not because the home WiFi coverage is not good enough, the signal in some rooms very weak, resulting in smooth Internet access.

I believe that home WiFi signal is not good friends often encounter, how to improve it?

Home WiFi coverage is not good to solve any problems?

Usually we are at home, most of them are using mobile phones, tablet PCs or notebooks and other mobile devices for Internet activities, WiFi signal has become the most concerned about the problem. Often in the bathroom and kitchen this room on the edge of the wireless signal is poor, Can not be smooth Internet. Especially for large units or villa users, WiFi signal coverage is a headache, wireless router for the change is not solve the problem.

General household units are complex, the signal is difficult to cover every room

Home WiFi signal coverage is poor, most users of the first reaction is to replace a new wireless router in the selection of new wireless router, many friends still holding the 'antenna, the stronger the signal, I bought the day the most antenna The number of antennas with the wireless router's signal strength is not directly related to the launch power and the launch of the algorithm is the impact of wireless router signal strength of the core elements of the wireless router signal strength is not directly related to the wireless router signal strength The

Poor signal is really crazy

In order to solve the problem of poor coverage at home WiFi, Xiaobian gives three major artifacts: wireless repeaters, power cats, wireless Mesh network (wireless mesh network). These three artifacts carrying their own magic, for users of different WiFi Cover the demand, you can play to their greatest power, then the three artifacts are how to solve the problem of WiFi coverage? Let us come to the next one to answer.

To solve the worries of small units wireless repeater debut

If most of our homes can have a good WiFi signal, only a small part of the space WiFi signal is poor, then we can choose to use wireless repeaters to solve the problem. Wireless repeater is generally deployed in the wireless router signal coverage edge position , So that the wireless repeater by receiving the original wireless router signal, and then to the signal is not good area to send wireless signals, so that the signal difference is better.

Wireless relay principle

The wireless repeater is an intermediate device that connects the wireless router and the user equipment. It receives the signal from the wireless router and forwards it to the user's equipment to allow the user's device to receive a stable and robust wireless signal. The user needs a wireless router The wireless repeater extends the wireless network to the room that needs to be covered by deploying a wireless repeater on a more edge-protected socket, and then simply set it up or if it can be automatically paired.

Wireless router and repeater suite

Wireless repeater is the existence of the original wireless signal, through its own forwarding for secondary transmission, thereby expanding the coverage of the wireless network.Use the method is also very simple, we are in the wireless router signal coverage of the edge of the socket on the deployment Wireless repeater, and then simply set it up, you can let the wireless repeater to extend the wireless network to the need to cover the room.

Currently on the market of wireless repeater operation more and more simple, such as Tengda and other manufacturers of products can be achieved and wireless router automatic matching function, without user manual operation configuration.

Separate high-end wireless repeaters

In the perfect signal strength at the same time, wireless relay also has a drawback.Transfer after the wireless network in the rate will have a certain decline, generally reduce the wireless transmission rate by half, but does not affect the normal Internet activities. Normal to the original wireless network can not cover the place to completely cover the need to pay a little price.

Another point, when multiple devices need to relay, the wireless relay can only bridge a wireless relay, and can not relay the main route, making the wireless rate will be halved.

Decoration is not cloth cable power cat to wire the line

Wireless repeater to solve a small area, WiFi signal poor problems.Then large units and villas family use wireless router + wireless repeater combination is obviously inadequate, and the rate of decline is very obvious, even to the last signal although covered , But simply can not network

This has long been prepared friends in the house decoration, the cable will be pulled to each room, directly in the room plug in the wireless router can, but for those who do not advance wiring users, how to solve it?

Electric cat products

This time we should be out of this part of the protagonist - power cat debut why the power cat suitable for large users use it? We said that the use of wireless relay way to expand the wireless network, will cause the wireless network rate of decline And can not be arbitrary in the designated room to deploy the network, only along the edge of the wireless router network to expand, very inconvenient. So what is the principle of power cats and wireless relay What is the difference?

Power cat deployment coverage principle

The working principle of the electric cat is also very simple, it will be the home of the wire into a network cable, as long as it is the same meter under the circuit system deployment of power cat can easily expand the network. Power cat is generally divided into 'cable power cat' and ' Wireless power cat 'two types.' Cable power cat 'is the deployment of power cats, computers, television and other equipment need to connect the power grid cat can be a normal Internet access.

'Wireless power cat' Like a wireless router, users can not only use the Internet cable to connect to the Internet, it can also provide users with wireless network coverage, easy to smart phones, tablet PCs and other mobile devices to use the Internet.

Family use is very simple

At present, the use of the latest standard power cat, the maximum transmission rate can reach 1000Mbps, 4K video transmission should be no problem, there will be no wireless network relay rate after half of the problem.

However, the power cat will be disturbed, such as home microwave ovens, hot water heaters and other high-power electrical appliances start, the power line transmission will cause a certain impact, so that the transmission rate decreased, but flawed, in general, in order to meet the villa, Duplex or large apartment Each room has a network coverage problem, the use of electric cat is a very good solution.

The most popular problem is the Mesh network

Here we introduce the two methods.Wireless relay and power cats are the traditional way of wireless network expansion.To say what kind of wireless network expansion of the moment the most fire, it must be Mesh network (wireless mesh network).

From the second half of last year, Eero first released, Google, UBNT, D-Link, ASUS, Linksys and other giant manufacturers have to follow up, Making the Mesh network become the most popular and most advanced wireless network expansion.

Read the first two methods of friends must remember these, wireless relay after the network rate by half, power cat vulnerable to high-power appliances.

And Mesh network will not appear half the rate and interference with high-power electrical problems Mesh network is to allow each wireless router can relay each other between the wireless signal.For example, the traditional wireless relay technology can only be A To B, and then from B to C, C and A is unable to communicate between And the mesh network, it is ABC between the three devices can communicate, forming a like 'honey bee' the same open network.

Mesh network deployment example

Mesh network is also very simple to use, the user as long as the main routing signal range, the access point power can easily expand the family WiFi coverage.

In the absence of user manual configuration, the expander will automatically connect to the main router, and the wireless network expansion. The most important thing is that this wireless network expansion seems like a wireless relay, but will not make the network speed Half yo!