Microsoft Surface Studio evaluation: singled out iMac not only with the hardware and it

First, the appearance is very science fiction

Surface family of product quality has always been good, but also deeply loved by the vast number of consumers, whether it is thin and portable Surface Pro or Surface Book, or powerful and easy to use Surface Laptop, are good products, from the product Industrial design to the actual use of performance are first-class level.

The Surface family, in fact, there is a designer to use the one machine, Surface Studio, large screen and high recognition accuracy, and a strong rendering capabilities, so that this product has become a very competitive products , Is quite elegant and rich science fiction breath of a choice.

The appearance of this product looks very neat, elegant fillet design is the Surface family has always adopted the design language, simply direct, contrasting color scheme is also one of many users choose Surface products one of the reasons.

And most importantly, Surface family has always adopted a high-precision touch screen has also been inherited to the Surface Studio , Clean and tidy, clear and sharp screen people at first glance will be impressed, and smooth and smooth operation of the interactive experience is even more people can not extricate themselves.

The whole body is mainly composed of three parts, touch the display screen, shaft and base, the hardware unit is mainly concentrated in the base part, and flexible shaft is brought a kind of science fiction experience - personally, my favorite is standing on the use of computers, whether it is playing games or processing audio and video, or codewords, standing can make me feel energetic, concentrated spirit.

And Surface Studio of this design is to match my different needs, watching movies and playing the game when the TA screen stand up, and the codeword and deal with the video, I prefer TA to 60 degrees tilt , As for the time to deal with modeling - of course, let the TA gently reclining on the desktop, it looks like waiting for my arrival ~

In addition, the surface of the surface part of the surface there are many bright spots can be found, the upper part of the middle of the flat as a flat product like a camera here, generally does not seem to affect the integrity of the overall body design.

↑ ↑ ↑ and the rounded corners of the sleek design will not give people a too sharp feeling.

↑ ↑ ↑ around the anodized chassis feels very comfortable, with a simple industrial design, so that TA looks like a digital punk will appear in the product.

↑ ↑ ↑ and other Surface products, TA power and volume keys are in the side of the fuselage.

Back and shaft

↑ ↑ ↑ Touch the back of the display, printed with a just right Microsoft logo.

↑ ↑ ↑ and the shaft makes the display can be a certain track for posture transformation, to facilitate the use of the user.

Mouse and mouse and a few pen

↑ ↑ ↑ mouse and keyboard naturally with Microsoft's own Bluetooth mouse, lightweight features so that they use and appearance of beauty has a good advantage.

↑ ↑ ↑ keyboard is also printed on the back of Microsoft's own LOGO.

↑ ↑ ↑ and the battery is used in the standard No. 7 battery, hand gently push the battery compartment cover to open.

↑ ↑ ↑ In terms of input efficiency and experience, the keypad material with the keyboard feels good, but the input efficiency is only reached the level of qualified only, the key process is too short and the keycap is relatively small, easier to enter the wrong text.

↑ ↑ ↑ number of pen as Surface has always been used in interactive mode, of course, is as easy as possible, and can be magnetized to the side of the screen design also greatly enhance the use of comfort.


↑ ↑ ↑ interface, this product is for aesthetic considerations, a public interface design in the back of the base, not very easy to use, and equipped with the interface is not enough, only four USB interface, a network cable interface and A DP interface and a card reader slot.

↑ ↑ ↑ headset / microphone combo interface is ranked in the last of these interfaces, for users, this will undoubtedly improve the length of the headset line requirements.

Second, the use of experience awesome

Using the experience as a member of the Surface family, this product is of course the characteristics of many Surface families, in addition to the same design language, the product carefully crafted attitude and diverse features as its bright spot, good use Experience as a family has always been inherited the characteristics of the down, that we together to see what it is worth the attention of the bar ~

High resolution

First high-resolution, Surface Studio maximum resolution of 4500X3000. large screen and ultra-high resolution with the visual experience is simply not better - higher resolution brings better image recognition, usually looks Not clear enough font and color differences are well made up back, and in the game, even without anti-aliasing blessing, high resolution can still replace part of the 'anti-aliasing' function.

Video, color

With high resolution, of course, to say that this product for the video playback performance, as can be seen from the following figure, as a contrast, we also played 4k resolution movies and 1080p resolution movies, you can see To the high resolution, the difference between the original window of the two videos is very obvious, and the image difference that is not clearly visible to the naked eye is becoming more apparent.

But at the same time we also found that this product color correction is still to be improved, because Grayscale does not perform well enough , This product in the details of the dark performance is not very good, especially delicate dark color difference is not very obvious.

Touch screen, gesture operation

In addition, this product in the interactive way also has a lot of tricks, Surface family has always been absent is the touch screen function, and this product because there are large screen and adjustable posture axis of the blessing, and the screen of the interactive operation of the Between the addition of a bit of science fiction - especially in the operation of 3D modeling software.


In terms of the shaft, the shaft design of this product is such that the screen will move along a given track, either as a general computer screen or as a sci-fi movie, The angle of standing on the desktop with the interaction and use, for my people who like to stand office is simply the same as the existence of the Gospel.

Various functions

And as a can easily adjust the attitude of the touch-screen interactive designers dedicated products, not with the corresponding software and function how can this? This product with a lot of design software, the first is this painting called Fresh paint Software, it not only a complete simulation of the real brush texture and effects, but also joined the simulation of the real painting process function, such as watercolor can 'dry', brush can rinse the water to remove the paint, have a good experience.

↑ ↑ ↑ different brushes also have different settings between the options and effects, these are can be adjusted.

↑↑↑ and Word also for the touch screen and stylus to do the corresponding function, such as the page set to A4 paper, the page size is really as large as A4 paper, and hand and stylus can also be directly on the Word Marking and painting (gray area is not), can be used to demonstrate and explain the document to others.

↑ ↑ ↑ Of course, the drawing software itself must be more than the one mentioned earlier, for the professionals, different drawing software will be used for different functions - and 3D painting and 2D painting is such a combination of Function.

↑ ↑ ↑ first is 2D painting, in this mode, with a different brush can be selected, and the brush texture and effects can also be selected.

↑ ↑ ↑ In 3D drawing mode, not only can the brush draw the 3D image.

↑ ↑ ↑ Also you can draw textures and patterns on 3D images.

Rendering, processing efficiency

Of course, the designer if used, the most should be used with the Adobe home products, where we through Premiere this video clip processing software to test the efficiency of this product processing.

Test the film is 1080P "Batman Superman: Justice Dawn", through this up to 3 hours of film for a rough 'substantial deletion', we completed our editing work.

This is a test of the hardware performance, excellent (or targeted) hardware can greatly improve the efficiency of this part of the work - not out of our work, it is necessary to re-encode and synthesize the film. Surprisingly, Surface Studio encoded the two and a half hours of the film only took less than 45 minutes of time, very strong (my own computer it .... did not dare to use this scale of the project).

From the figure we can see that during the coding of this product for the hardware call efficiency is very high, due to a stable performance output, this processing efficiency has become possible.

Third, the test to a hair

Of course, in view of TA is not designed for games to play the product, so there will not be used for the game PC test method to test, we will measure the TA's hardware properties, and make a summary. , Of course, is to understand the next TA hardware configuration information! First CPU-Z, this software can measure the CPU processor properties.

↑ ↑ ↑ can be seen, Surface Studio processor is used i7-6820HQ, 14 nanometer process and 2.70GHz frequency is the biggest highlight of TA, four core eight threads of this processor has 8MB of L3 cache . Premiere mentioned above part of the rendering is done through the CPU, the efficiency is surprisingly high.

↑ ↑ ↑ As a comparison, the actual performance of i7-6820HQ is basically the same as i7-3960X.

↑ ↑ ↑ 32GB of DDR4 memory is of course the standard of these products, dual-channel also ensures the operating efficiency of memory.

↑ ↑ ↑ as a product is not used to play the game, this one machine equipped with a 9 series mobile graphics card in the flagship graphics card GTX 980M, with 4GB GDDR5 memory of this graphics card is naturally no doubt (just, as Workstations, should not be equipped with a professional graphics card).

↑ ↑ ↑ This card is also very reliable in running efficiency, and there will not be a sudden drop of the situation.

↑ ↑ ↑ Also, do not forget, this product is equipped with a 2TB solid state hard drive! CrystalDiskMark measured with the TA read and write speed were 1925MB / s and 549.3MB / s, and 4k read and write speed is often better Reflecting its true performance, the results were 35.48MB / s and 80.53MB / s, so cool.

The following is a summary of the hardware given by AIDA 64, you can see the SSD is equipped with Samsung's solid-state hard drive, of course, is guaranteed quality.

CINEBENCH R15 test, TA in the OpenGL and CPU tests were got 102.46fps results and 700cb results, you can see in the test, the test of the software bombing, TA? Official ranking, CPU results are second only to 4.4GHz frequency i7-4770k.

In the traditional 3DMark test project, for 4k performance, 2k performance test this product were 2243 points and 4269 points were the results of the two test scenarios are in a closed environment, so Overall, the test pressure will be lower relative to the open environment.

In the open environment for 2k resolution Time Spy test, this product is to get the results of 2932 points, from the monitoring curve can be seen, this product's CPU and graphics output during the test has been relatively stable The

And just out of the PCMark 10 test data is more detailed, excited I put the wallet to Steam. This version of the PCMark 10 with a total of three types of detailed test results are similar, the following Each of the three tests was tested for each report.

First of all, PCMark 10 Express test, in this test, Surface Studio got a score of 4156, in the online test report that the comprehensive performance of this product in the middle level (which is the first report of the module), you can see To the higher are designed for the game computer.

The ↑↑↑ report also gives a detailed list of hardware.

The second test was PCmark Extended. In this test, Surface Studio scored a score of 5006 points.

The third test is the most detailed, the test project includes all aspects of office and entertainment, web page response speed and graphics processing efficiency are within the scope of the study.

In the online report, you can see that this test for the basic characteristics of this product, productivity levels, digital content creation and game performance were evaluated.

Detailed report gives the basic characteristics of this product response and processing speed, from top to bottom are for software, web browsing, video chat report, you can see the processing speed of TA is still very fast.

In terms of productivity, the report gives test results for the input efficiency and the response speed when extending the table. It can be seen that the response speed is completely within the comfort acceptance range.

Digital content output, the statistics of the image (pictures and images) processing speed.

Four, do not play the game is always itchy ~

Do not play the game is always itchy ~ but equipped with a 980m products do not have to play a game, my heart or itch, the designer is also need to rest entertainment (pretend to be a designer and blatantly in the office in the fish). To play a Batman: Akam Knight Well, we all know, this game is very good game, but unfortunately the optimization is relatively poor, the hardware needs are relatively high.

In the resolution of 3000X2000, we use the low shadow quality and low detail level of the screen settings, thanks to high-resolution blessing, coupled with the different settings of this game, the details of the changes in the map is not great, So I succeeded in running at a resolution far higher than 2k from this hardware demanding game, especially high-resolution addition makes the screen look particularly clear and comfortable.

Gotham day trip, in general, in this setting, the game can be stable in 35 or so, is a good performance, Ambilight performance also let the eyes are not so tired.

The game comes with the performance test, and even once reached the frame rate of 50, in general, fairly smooth.

In the actual game, I also take Fraps this software to capture a frame rate changes can be seen when running the frame rate is still very stable.

And the wizard 3 is known, of course, it is beautiful screen, the scenery there is a strong level of optimization friends ~

And therefore, in the wizard 3, I used a high-quality picture settings, 2k resolution - after one set to finish, into the game which, as if the real world of clouds and beautiful scenery to conquer me, Suddenly I think, before playing the wizard to play must be a fake Quentine card.

You can see the frame in the upper left corner of the frame rate, in the actual game which is indeed maintained at the frame rate above the smooth game experience and high-resolution high-definition performance as the game beautiful scenery in general charming.

Edit the summary

In general, Surface Studio, both in appearance and performance is a very good product.

A variety of interactive ways and excellent interactive experience greatly saves people in the use of it when the energy loss, you can concentrate on office or entertainment, and comes with a variety of design software is also very good use, excellent software experience and High-resolution to bring the refreshing experience so that I was soon after being used to lap powder, and powerful processing efficiency is so surprised me - really want to such a product, to Improve their comfort when dealing with video (but really, too expensive).

The biggest shortcoming is that it is the performance of the black, cooling, and interface settings, and because the cooling port set at the bottom, resulting in this product cooling efficiency unsatisfactory, and the interface settings in the original efficient interaction Experience added a lot of trouble, expensive price is a big discourage the factors.

But this world is not perfect product, in general, it is still a very good product.