The weather is hot, the goods vulnerable to tide rot? Give them a new home!

After the summer, all over the country have started the most hot weather. Brush friends circle will find that China is far more than Changsha, Wuhan, Nanchang, Chongqing this 'Four stoves ' , It seems that the whole of China fell into the stove, 'Risheng three summer heat smoked ',' to cook days steaming rain ' These two poems describe the weather is really right, but if there is no air conditioning, people may not need a minute to sweat, manic.

People in order to cope with high-temperature climate, will stay in the air-conditioned room, eat more fruit to drink cold drinks, protective measures properly, basically can not be affected by high temperature torture can survive. But most people take care of their own at the same time, but Found that many of their own goods, daily necessities, etc. have been affected by this climate.Two temperatures, humidity increases, attached to the goods on the bacteria, fungi and other activities increased to speed up the material rot, making the goods such as moldy, spoiled The situation is not uncommon.

High temperature hot flashes continue, and the next two months are basically the climate, how to more effectively protect their own goods? Ordinary warehouse is certainly difficult to do, the temperature, humidity are difficult to control, It is caused by the moldy mold, the main reason for decay in order to make the goods perfect to spend high temperature hot weather, it is time to find a new home goods.

Kaihai Yuncang, is the best home of goods. Kaihai cloud warehouse temperature and humidity is the most conducive to the storage of goods, inhibition of bacteria, fungal activity, to ensure that one hundred and sixty-five days a year, constant temperature, Hot flashes or snow and ice and other external environment can not give Kaihai Yun warehouse in the goods caused any impact.

In addition, Kaihai Yuncang based on large data, cloud computing and other information technology, logistics data analysis, intelligent sub-single, preferably the combination of distribution and other functions, to help more business platform to achieve online and offline integration orders Service to better meet the consumer demand for quality and personalized experience.

Kaihai Yuncang can also be based on the system for data transmission, to complete the door picking, intelligent storage, storage and other combinations. JIT Business model, you can eliminate all invalid labor and waste, to zero waste, zero inventory, zero preparation time and super resilience, by taking the necessary measures to ensure that the electricity business enterprises and express delivery business docking seamless.

With Kaihai Yuncang, is equivalent to providing the best home for the goods.