At home can also enjoy the cinema-level large | God painting Dali touch projection evaluation

In recent years, micro-cast has always been a very popular class of products, new product update iteration is also very fast.As a focus on micro-investment products, God painting technology is also nearly two years of frequent efforts, not only in the technical breakthrough, Product performance is also rising, so that micro-investment has become a better use of home entertainment products.

God painted Granville touch projection >> retail price of 3999 yuan

Know the projector friends should know that lumens is a very important parameter of the projector, and in a certain use of the scene, the higher the lumen of the more bright picture, the projection effect is naturally more excellent, and today we experience God Touch the projection to reach 1100ANSI lumens, in terms of quality aspects of a comprehensive upgrade, the following we first look at the value of this projector it

Elegant home design

God painted the overall design of Granville more elegant, square body, pure white color, very wild, can be integrated into a variety of decoration style home environment, very beautiful. Specific size of 196mm × 196mm × 50mm, usually Do not see when you can easily accommodate, more space-saving.

God painted Granville's internal packaging is very tight, the main box accessories have a very thick foam to protect, to prevent the same kind of damage caused by the projection, while the box itself is a storage box, usually you can put the projector up.

God painted the overall color of Granville are elegant white, but the details have a significant difference, such as the top of the fuselage on the use of leather decoration, not only has a significant role in the promotion of the value, and the touch is also very soft and Switch button is located at the top of the fuselage, the use of circular drawing texture design, press the boot.

God painted Granville lens composed of imaging lens and interactive lens composition, ten high-precision optical glass composed of the lens, double-layer coating, the outer layer also added anti-fingerprint film, to avoid the lens was scratched or attached fingerprints. Painting the use of German OSRAM LED light source, longer life.

God painted Granville's exhaust is located in the front of the fuselage, the outlet area is very large, you can ensure the smooth exhaust, and the front of the exhaust design also ensures that users will not be blowing, allowing users to enjoy the best In addition, the sound of the exhaust is relatively small, almost no impact on the viewing.

On the back of the fuselage of God painting, we gathered a variety of interfaces commonly used by the projector, such as two HDMI interfaces, two USB ports, DC power interface, 3.5mm audio interface, optical audio interface, Ethernet interface, Is also very convenient.

God painted Granville loudspeakers on the left side of the fuselage and the right side of the back of the fuselage, so the user in the back of the projector and the side can get a good sense of listening to enjoy.

In the gods painting Granville Founder under the fuselage, there are four levels of shock support feet, about a height of about 1cm, just to protect the bottom of the projector is not worn. Also at the bottom we also see the cooling air inlet, and in the above also There is a layer of dust filter to prevent dust from entering.

At the same time in the bottom of the center position, there is a standard 1/4 interface, that is to say it can be used on a tripod, but this projector itself is not equipped with a bracket.

In the accessories, the gods painted with Granville One 'God pen ' Remote control, adapter, power cord, USB charging cable, manual and warranty card. Users can directly use after purchase, without the need for other accessories.

And God painted TT-P projector, like God's painting remote control also called 'God pen', and both in appearance and function is basically no difference, support for voice remote control, remote control can be achieved at the same time Remote control using lithium battery charging, capacity up to 1000mAh. 'God pen' comes with gravity sensor, both as a remote control to use, while it is actually a game handle.

1100ANSI lumens, the same daytime environment

As a biometric projector with the home, God painted Granville resolution of 800P, also has 1100ANSI lumens, dark night in the dark environment is very bright, and in the day to cover the light source (pull the curtains) to watch the case is complete There is no problem, compared to some low lumen projector, the use of the scene requirements lower, to meet the needs of more scenarios, but also more suitable for home users.

According to official data, the god of painting in the distance of 2 meters, can be put out of the 76-inch screen, so that you can experience the home bedroom bedroom theater experience, suitable for a variety of units and indoor environment, and can vote Walls, ceilings and other areas, so you look more relaxed and comfortable.The screenshots of the articles are from real shot, and the distance from the wall is about 2.5 meters)

In terms of configuration, God painted Granville equipped with 2G running memory and 16G storage, running more smoothly, while supporting 2.4G +5 G dual-band WiFi, users can easily choose the network better WiFi, viewing no longer cardton.

System, the gods painted Granville based on the depth of the development of Android4.4 system of God painting the third generation system PIQS UI3.0, more clearly classified, including home, theater, network, games, applications, files, settings and other sections, the user can To find their favorite type. At the same time using virtual control, operation is very smooth, while God painted PIQS UI3.0 system also has a strong file management capabilities to support multiple formats of file playback.

Theater interface

Network interface

game interface

Set the interface

In the actual use of the experience, God painted Granville's autofocus and automatic keystone school is the author's deep impression of the two functions, the main reason is really very practical.For example, when you adjust the projection position or shaking after each , Auto focus function will take the initiative to complete the focus operation, and very fast, basically 1 second can be completed, for the user to watch the experience to enhance too much.

In addition to the auto-focus function, the god of painting also has an automatic keystone correction function, support ± 40 degrees automatic keystone correction, that is, when the projection angle of the projector changes, the projection screen was trapezoidal, the automatic keystone correction function Help you adjust the screen through the vertical keystone correction to the normal screen, and the speed and auto focus as soon as possible, will not interrupt the process of viewing, very user-friendly.

Rich in resources, fine quality

Resources, the current painting of the world's excellent design and excellent use of cool and CIBN, with dual platform genuine film and television resources, you can watch the latest movies, TV shows, variety shows and other content, such as the recent hit TV series "my first half" "The ultimate three countries 2017", "Chu Qiao Biography" and so on.

Of course, including free content and paid content, but in general, the resources are indeed rich enough, but also in the column settings are also very detailed, to meet the user's personalized viewing needs.

In order to feel the quality, I choose to watch the home page recommended a "ferry people", who saw the film people know that the film's overall color is very strong, for the projection there is a certain challenge, the following look Look at the actual picture situation

↓ movie "ferry people" screenshot

From the author's actual experience, the god of painting for the quality of the reduction is very delicate, the screen saturation is very high, it seems very cinemas feeling, and 1100ANSI lumens advantage is also very obvious, the screen brightness is high, Whether it is at night or during the day shade environment has a very good picture performance.In addition, the sound quality, the quality of God painting Granville is also beyond the author's expectations, Sound of the sound field is relatively wide, Do not use an external speaker device at home.

In addition, I also read the next hit TV drama "my first half of life", from the details of the screen can see the advantages of this projection 1100ANSI lumens, and in the indoor light environment also has a very good picture performance. Is to watch the picture is a random interception, together to feel it

↓ TV series "my first half of life" screenshot

Experience Summary:

As a home projector, God painting Granville has 1100ANSI lumens, the screen brightness is higher in the night and daytime environment can be used normally, the use of the environment requires lower, more suitable for home users. Wei still continued its patented technology 'dual lens auto focus', this technology god painting has been launched in 2013. Currently in the market sales of bright smart micro-cast most of the auto-focus, or auto-focus need to meet Manual focus with the use, compared to God painting Granville, the experience is also greatly discounted. God painting Granville is also equipped with 'automatic vertical keystone correction' practical function, the user does not use the threshold, but also allow users to watch Experience more fluid, to meet the user's original intention.

Of course, God painting Da Wei also has a lot of fun features, such as touch the air touch, voice control, God painting office, so that the projection is not only to see the movie so simple, but also to meet the needs of more scenarios, A collection of a number of functions of entertainment, office equipment