Smart office easier ... Canon iC MF633Cdw one machine first test

Nowadays, under the influence of 'public entrepreneurship and innovation, start-ups, shared offices and business incubators are springing up, and the birth and development of such enterprises have made the market demand for office expanded and the demand for office equipment has become larger For the office needs to solve the start-up enterprises, Canon iteration of its smart color cubic product line, including the introduction of color laser all-in-one machine iC MF633Cdw, including nine new color color cube.To further understand the Canon color laser new Edited Canon iC MF633Cdw in-depth evaluation.

The new smart color cube has a whole new experience, such as more efficient, such as the ease of use, such as the innovative application library (only iC MF735Cx, iC MF635Cx and LBP654Cx), and support more Multi-connection way to meet the mobile office needs.

1, more efficient

Canon's new smart color cube to enhance the product's single-sided / double-sided printing speed, the use of a new ADF feeder, the scanning speed has been greatly improved.In order to meet the special needs of more industry printing, Of the fixing system to A5 format, for example, Canon iC MF633Cdw print speed of 32.8ppm.

2, easy to use strong

Canon re-designed, including iC MF633Cdw, including six intelligent color cube new control panel, the touch screen to expand to 5.0 inches, and supports full keyboard text input, the operation more intuitive and fast.

3, Wi-Fi direct connection

In the past part of the office equipment, Canon set up AP mode, the equivalent of no need to route, you can wirelessly connect the printing device. The Canon's new smart color cube, Canon added Wi-Fi direct function, NFC function, It is worth mentioning that iC MF735Cx / LBP654Cx can be connected with the phone through the NFC (Android users only); the iC MF735Cx, iC MF732Cdw, iC MF635Cx, iC MF633Cdw, LBP654Cx, LBP653Cdw, LBP613Cdw also supports WiFi direct connection.

4, the application library

The addition of the 'Application Library' design allows users to set up common programs, according to the user's work types and processes, free arrangement of the combination of the icon, customization, the use of iC MF735Cx, iC MF635Cx and LBP654Cx) Printer home page.

Body appearance and details

Mention the appearance of Canon iC MF633Cdw, you can use the 'business compact' to describe. First of all, the appearance of the model color to light-based, black, supplemented by filling the business atmosphere.Second, as a pioneer's first color laser Multi-function machine, Canon iC MF633Cdw trying to be small, as a member of the desktop solution.

Size, the model size of 451 × 460 × 400mm, relatively small, the user can put it on the desktop, so you can save a lot of office space. Weight, the model of the total weight of 22kg (including toner cartridges) A person can move.

The details of the previous models with a lot of similarities.First of all, the model using ADF feeder and scanning plate combination of the way, you can focus on the scanning speed, but also take into account the quality of the scan.Second, the model Using two input tray, a 250-sheet paper tray, the largest paper feed format A4, the other is a single sheet of manual feed.

Canon iC MF633Cdw and the previous model is different from the model of the control panel, familiar with the Canon printing equipment users must know that Canon's control panel is often used button + display layout, the Canon's control panel has a very Large innovation, the use of 5.0-inch color touch screen, the user can easily find copy, scan and other applications, this update, so that the Canon's control panel becomes more concise. On the control panel details, Xiao Bian will be described in the next page The

Control panel and supplies

Canon iC MF633Cdw control panel design in the front right side of the fuselage, 5.0-inch color touch screen has been upgraded, you can visually display a variety of commonly used functions, such as copying, scanning, which can choose to scan to the computer scan, scan to U disk, scan to the message, the other control panel also has a menu, storage media printing, secure printing, ID card copy, paper settings and other functions.

In the storage media print function options, the model in the front with a special U disk jack, the user will carry the U disk into the jack, the printer automatically identify JPG, PDF and other formats of the file, it is very convenient to operate. Mention the ID card copy, which is commonly used by the user function, the use of this feature, the user ID card or other documents placed on the scan plate, click scan, after the scan is completed, the document turned over, select the next item , Until both sides of the scan is completed, the print job. Note: document flipping process, no need to move the location.

In addition, the user can customize the printer home page according to the daily business needs, the home page to add the common work, such as frequently used ID card copy, can be placed in a prominent position, this arrangement can reduce the cumbersome steps to improve work efficiency.

The following look at the Canon iC MF633Cdw supplies, as a color laser models, the model has C / M / Y / K four-color supplies.It is worth mentioning that the Canon iC MF633Cdw supplies consumables in the form of toner , With standard toner cartridges and large capacity cartridge optional. The standard drum model for the CRG045, C / M / Y can print 1300 pages, BK can print 1400 pages, if the standard cartridge can not meet the daily needs, then a large capacity cartridge CRG045H For the user to choose, C / M / Y of the printed volume of 2200 pages, BK printing volume of 2800 pages.

We know that the quality of print quality is largely determined by the supplies, such as clarity, sharpness of the text, etc., then the Canon CRG045 supplies can give users what kind of experience, in the test quality page, we will show the system The

Drive the installation

Canon iC MF633Cdw random drive, including the drive CD-ROM, including the installation of the drive, just drive CD-ROM can be inserted into the drive nowadays, the notebook began to take the light line, so many notebooks do not drive, which requires users from the Canon official website Download. Here, we look at the Canon iC MF633Cdw driver installation process.

In the pop-up dialog box to choose the installation method, Xiaobian choose a custom installation

Select the type of connection between the device and the computer, Xiao Bian choose the USB connection, click Next

Custom installation, according to the need to install the program to choose, if the daily use of the scan, Xiao Bian recommended the second check, click on the 'install'

Click 'yes'

Click Next

The installation is complete and click Exit

Canon iC MF633Cdw driver installation process is relatively simple, it should be noted that the Canon iC MF633Cdw equipped with a wired network connection, USB connection and wireless connection, suitable for small groups of business use of small business.

Speed ​​test

According to the Canon iC MF633Cdw official information page shows that the model boot time in 13 seconds and below, sleep wake-up time in 6.1 seconds and below. A4 size, black and white / color print speed of 18 pages / min, the first page printing time Only 10.9 seconds (black and white, the machine receives the print data after the first page to print out) and 12 seconds (color, the machine receives the print data after the first page to print out).

In single-sided mode, the color / black and white copy speed is 18 pages / min. In duplex mode, the color / black and white copy speed is 11 pages / min, the first copy time is black and white for 12 seconds, and the color is 14 seconds. In this regard, Xiao Bian of the model of the print, copy, scan time tested. The following test data.

Canon ImageCLASS MF 633Cdw print speed test

Test items

Output quality

time consuming

Single page Word document


17 seconds 66

30 pages Word document


1 minute 53 seconds 33

5 pages of Excel


57 seconds 70

5 pages of IE


42 seconds 98

10 pages PDF document


1 minute 35 seconds 35



22 seconds 27

Still life photos


18 seconds 51

From the measured data, the home page output time than the official website of the nominal 12 seconds to be high, it is worth mentioning that Xiaobian test is the first page of the output print instructions to print out the first page of the time, so the time out. Look at the print speed, the measured data shows that printing 30 pages takes 1 minute 53 seconds 33 times, the print speed is about 16 pages / minute.

Look at the speed of scanning and copying.

Scan test

Test items



time consuming







9 seconds 78


Black and white

7 seconds 37

Copy test

Test items

Copy mode

Copy quality

time consuming


Single black and white


13 seconds 78

Single page color


17 seconds 40

10 copies of black and white


42 seconds 02

10 colors


44 seconds 80

From the copy speed and scanning speed table, you can see the measured data and official website nominal data is almost the same, in the actual office process for users to bring a good office experience.

Quality test

The clarity of the text, the color saturation of the image, and the degree of sharpness all affect the print quality, and the formula in which the consumables are the key, and the quality of the Canon, its intelligent color cube What is the quality of the new Canon iC MF633Cdw print?

Xiaobian using the YORK standard test page, the printer's print quality, copy quality were tested. The following is the test sample.

Print text proofs (click to enlarge)

Print graphic proofs (click to enlarge)

Copy of graphic proofs (click to enlarge)

From the test sample can be seen Canon iC MF633Cdw both in print or copy text and pictures, showing better than ever, the text sharpness and clarity have improved, print color chart or picture when the color reproduction is higher.

Edit comments : As an iterator, Canon's new smart color cube iC MF633Cdw in the experience has a lot of upgrades, with more efficient, easier to use features. Here Xiaobian stressed the two Canon iC MF633Cdw attractive place , One is the custom user interface, the user can sort according to the preferences of these functional charts, the other is easy to use, including U disk printing, 5.0-inch display applications and ID card convenient copy function. Xiaobian believe, The Canon iC MF633Cdw, which is positioned to provide office services for start-ups, is one of its rare options.