Happy to play the water | King swimming diaper evaluation

But the baby is still small, if you wear a diaper swim, a suction will be bulging a large bag; but if you do not wear diapers, another one, but also if you do not wear diapers You want to solve the problem, happy to play the water, you need to prepare for the baby swimming diaper! This evaluation room for everyone to bring the king to swim diaper Of the evaluation, together to find out about it!

Swimming diaper because the general use only in swimming, so the swimming diaper products are not many, but this king is really popular swimming diaper, is a hot product, reputation is also good. The evaluation products produced in Thailand, a package 3 pieces, XL code, suitable for 80-100cm, weighing more than 12kg baby. Here we through some simple tests to learn more about this swimming trousers it.

Evaluation method:

1, observe the overall appearance of diapers, to assess the design aesthetic;

2, observe the waist, leg Wai design, leak-proof design and other details.


This is the king of swimming diapers is XL3 film, enough baby to swim once. Outside the plastic bag packaging, from the packaging can be speculated that this is a pants-type pants-type swimming trousers. Packaging on the back of the Chinese marked, Open the middle of the seal, you can remove the diaper, remove the seal can be re-sealed, this design than the general open type of diapers that open much stronger.

The trousers waist and the two sides of the elastic design is more compact. Diaper was blue, with marine creatures cartoon patterns, small fish, small Dolphins, swimming laps, etc., the pattern is in line with 'swimming' positioning. Positive front, back with the back of the word marked, do not worry about wearing the wrong friends.

Stretched a bit and found the waist is still quite elastic, legs will not be too much, but it is feeling some of the material harder.

Leak-proof design or designed to be more careful, the use of elastic mouth design, can fit the legs, the use of a number of rubber band, making the force more dispersed, and not out of the red mark.

Evaluation method:

1, observe the surface layer and the underlying design details;

2, hand, face touch the diaper inside the surface, to assess whether the soft.


Swimming diapers and ordinary diapers the biggest difference should be swimming diapers do not contain absorbent beads, so the diapers are very thin and light. Yes, really does not contain high-molecular SAP, so no water on the drum package, but also Means that the ability to absorb urine is not as good as ordinary diapers (but what is the relationship, swimming is to be soaked in the water.) Positive is non-woven; the back is a layer of perforated film, mainly play waterproof breathable effect.

Kneading diaper, found that feel more than ordinary diapers to be much worse, especially the outer surface layer, a little hard feeling. The inner layer of non-woven skin more soft.

Evaluation method : Imitate to wear, take off the diaper, the assessment is convenient.


Because it is pants-type diaper design, so it is also very convenient to wear, a support, a pull, mention, minutes to help you put on the baby. And this swimming trousers elastic design just right, the elastic just right, fat and thin baby Can control.

This swim trunks are not only easy to wear, take off is also very convenient, along the side of the suture can be torn.

Evaluation method:

1, in the diaper back into the 50ml of water, check the diaper is waterproof;

2, cut the diaper base film, be blindfolded empty cup mouth, pour the water from the top of the beaker, observe whether there is water into the beaker.


The outer layer of the swimming diaper is made of a special waterproof material, so the baby can wear directly into the water. In fact, it is equivalent to the diaper wearing a raincoat like a da da.We will water injection in the diaper outer surface, Went down the surface, did not stop the meaning of the slightest.

Observed after the absorption of the details can be seen, diapers fold some small drops of water, but these drops are on the surface, like the leaves on the same water droplets can be seen diaper surface waterproof is also good Oh! Pool water is not easy Into the diaper inside.

Cut the diapers from the bottom of the diaper, cover the beaker and pour the water again. It is found that although the basement looks like a hole, the water is completely missed into the beaker, and the same as the lotus leaves, the water droplets remain on the surface without infiltration.

Evaluation method:

1, in the diapers below the paper towels, and then 100ml of liquid poured into the diaper to see its absorption;

2, pick up the diaper, observe the bottom of the paper towel on whether there is liquid leakage.


Do not contain absorbent beads, then it is how to absorb water? We diaper under the pad on the paper towel, and then through the cylinder to the diaper on the water, observe the absorption.

Because it does not contain absorbent beads, so diaper pants very slow, the proliferation was also relatively slow, there are still many water stains left behind the surface, but because it is swimming when used, so the dry and the like is not to be considered But if the baby urine output, it is easy to side leakage into the pool, but the general Kangzhu one or two bubble or no pressure.

There was a little trace of wrinkles on the paper towel, but there was no obvious wet mark.

Through the front of the test, we can see this diaper shape cute, easy to wear off, waterproof is very praise. For swimming or very suitable, you can let the baby rest assured that the water it! But be sure to pay attention to this is swimming diapers , Do not use ordinary diaper when yo!