An air conditioning is very | 'frozen' | beautiful comfort Star Wars Flaming Mountain

86 version of "Journey to the West" is still the summer and summer vacation is the most replay of the TV series, no one, it is said that the number of replay of more than 2000 times, many classic fragments are still impressive.I remember in the play by the banana fan that episode, Sun Wukong Stick will be too Laojun's alchemy furnace knocked, a few pieces of burning bricks fell to Turpan, forming a flame mountain.

Flaming Mountain hot intolerable, although the help of the banana fan, the flame of the mountain off the fire, the mentoring four people also continue to take the road, but almost scorched just in the flame mountain beauty of the air conditioning limit evaluation of the reporter ... ...

☆ Test Description: The initial temperature of the room 30 ℃, through the opening of air conditioning, the use of multiple sets of thermometer probe in 30 minutes, respectively, the indoor temperature changes in different regions, record the average.

In order to facilitate the understanding, in the following figure, we use the white circle, respectively, the indoor 9 thermometer probe marked.

☆ test time: July 6, 2017 14: 00-18: 00

Test Location: At the foot of the Flaming Mountains Turpan Natural Environment Experimental Research Center

☆ outdoor surface temperature: 70.2 ℃

The beauty of the comfortable air-conditioning is the evaluation of the Turpan limit one of the products in the appearance of the United States and the comfort of the whole process of its use of film and spray coating process, panel texture highlights the flow.

It is worth mentioning that the beauty of the comfortable air-conditioning innovative application of 'windless' air supply technology, innovative design and development of a low-blown air conditioner air supply system.It is also in the Turpan evaluation room, even the wind speed Adjusted to the highest, nor in the use of traditional air-conditioning process 'cold air straight blow' caused by discomfort.

Through the comprehensive control of the wind turbine motor and the wind guide plate, the dynamic air supply control technology is used to realize the airflow output with the natural wind characteristics, so that the user can enjoy the cool feeling and the new comfort without feeling.

Test reviews

In the evaluation process, we see that in the outdoor temperature up to 70.2 ℃ environment, the US comfortable star 35TA100 within half an hour will be the average indoor temperature from 30 ℃ down to 22.6 ℃, the United States comfortable 72YB302 is the temperature dropped rapidly to 19.6 ℃, excellent cooling effect impressive.

The picture shows the Wei Kai Certification and Testing Co., Ltd. engineers are testing

According to the site evaluation engineers, under normal circumstances, the outdoor environment temperature is too high, the voltage and voltage are low and so on factors will affect the air conditioning effect, which is a measure of whether the air conditioner in the extreme high temperature conditions, one of the main criteria. And third-party testing agencies witnessed several beautiful air-conditioning have successfully completed the test.

US air-conditioning through the 'cold ring' technology will be the general outdoor fan cooling down to cool air cooler, such as air conditioning to the outdoor machine installed a cooling of the 'air conditioning', which greatly improve the outdoor machine operating environment, high temperature working environment Of the corresponding greatly improved capacity for air conditioning to provide a favorable operating conditions, but also for the United States in the air conditioning in the extreme high temperature environment in Turpan, the effective operation of a strong guarantee.