Kyocera TASKalfa 2552ci color digital composite machine evaluation

With the gradual diversification of the market economy, small and medium enterprises are like mushrooms continue to take the lead, as a large composite printer business leader, Kyocera also targeted to the past, aimed at the monthly volume of 4000-15000 pages Enterprises and institutions, and optimize the need for a large number of print format or red tape function, this is for everyone to bring the Kyocera this color multi-function digital composite machine TASKalfa2552ci.

In terms of appearance, the Kyocera TASKalfa 2552ci color multi-function digital composite machine as a whole with a navy-based color, black auxiliary color used in the frame, the color can be said to be low-key and no longer connotation, very fit business office environment specialty.

This model top ADF double-sided document feeder can be selected, and can be customized according to user needs to choose a variety of models, double-sided scanning, scanning speed up to 160 pages / minute, while its standard tray support SRA3 size , You can also print the envelope and even some of the tender cover, tray can support 300 grams of paper output.

TASKalfa 2552ci supports long paper printing and scanning, semi-automatic automatic closing carton, the closing speed is very smooth and gentle, which not only makes the user pull the paper tray more effort and easy, but also effectively prevent the time to close the carton The paper is jammed, and there are 7 mailboxes in the option and the 4000 page finisher is fully satisfied with all the requirements in the business office.

Kyocera TASKalfa 2552ci uses the industry's mainstream 9-inch color touch panel, and the panel reaches an adjustable angle of 15 ° -90 °. In addition, the hard keyboard is removed and the user can enter it in the form of a virtual numeric keypad. Through the touch screen on the corresponding speed of the system for a simple test, almost no delay, really do the immediate response, so you can clearly feel the whole process of flowing water.

At the same time this Kyocera TASKalfa 2552ci color multi-function digital composite machine also inherited the Kyocera office information system has always been the advantage of the lower total cost of ownership that is TCO and reliable long life photosensitive drum and components are particularly prominent, Its 'customer first' purpose, by providing customers with greater value to improve satisfaction, and adhere to the economic and environmental protection of the concept of solid, and continue to add advanced new technology.

The Kyocera TASKalfa 2552ci uses Kyocera's exclusive patented technology - the cartridge recycling technology, with a more compact cylindrical design, with a threaded profile as a whole. It can be automatically agitated when the toner cartridge is installed There is no need to worry about the collapse of the toner cartridge, in addition, when the black toner is exhausted, the powder can also be reused as a waste toner box, environmentally friendly and economical.

TASKalfa 2552ci uses Kyocera original long-life amorphous silicon (a-si) photosensitive drum, the service life of up to 200,000 pages.This technology fully implement the Kyocera product has always been the concept of economic and environmental protection, greatly reducing the maintenance frequency, To ensure that the machine throughout the design cycle can work stably.

Compared with the previous generation models, TASKalfa 2552ci extended the paper space, which not only makes the output easier to see, easier to be removed, and the stack capacity from the original 250 to 500. So, in the The user can make a large number of output, you can effectively reduce the number of picking.

In order to meet the needs of many institutions use, this TASKalfa 2552ci specially improved toner used to meet the 'Chinese red' output, the color performance than the previous models even better, easy to meet the government agencies copy and print red tape The high demand for red head color.

This model also has a double-sided preview function, can effectively prevent the wrong output, in the implementation of copy or folder print function, the original model of the preview function can only display the first page, this TASKalfa 2552ci can be the first Two pages are also displayed, greatly reducing the error rate.

And as a color multi-function digital copiers, the Kyocera TASKalfa 2552ci is no less in terms of wireless printing and mobile printing. In the Wi-Fi environment, users can easily print smartphones or tablet PCs using KYOCERA Mobile Print (Apple / Android files, web pages and images can also be scanned from the file and image to the corresponding mobile device, in addition, TASKalfa TASKalfa 2552ci also supports iPhone or iPad AirPrint function.Also optional IB-35 wireless card module, Convenient for users to print through WIFI Direct / NFC, scan.

Introduced its shape and function of the next we do the test is for this Kyocera TASKalfa 2552ci multi-functional measurement, with specific test data to map the official given parameters.

First of all is his first print capacity, in the test of this ability when we use the daily office will be used in a number of different formats, in the same parameters are the same circumstances to try one by one , The following is the actual test of the video.

In the video, we can not only see a variety of different documents under the home page output can be more intuitive feel this TASKalfa 2552ci in the photo print quality advantage, just up to 1200dpi print resolution, it makes intuitive feel To print the delicate, high quality best print mode of the photo is more hue and structured.

This Kyocera printer in the power consumption can be described as perfect, in the sleep standby mode is almost 0 power consumption is really scared of Heaven, this energy-saving mode energy consumption below 1.0W capacity is amazing, but also has Fast preheat function, the IH fuser is a warmer time shorter and lower power consumption. The timer timer is set so that the administrator can preset the machine on and off time to maximize the overall energy savings.

Kyocera TASKalfa 2552ci is a small-scale company or create space for color multi-function digital composite machine, to meet the need for multiple complex machine or a short time need to print the output of large demand, 9-inch color touch with virtual numbers The keyboard not only saves space, but also for the functional combination of operations to provide a better way to show, 'empty box turned waste powder box' patent has also been demonstrated Kyocera for environmental protection and re-use of a good sense of high-speed A3 format compound TASKalfa 2552ci is in response to the changes in the demand for high-speed laminating machines in A3 and is homeopathic, high-quality, intelligent, mobile, environmentally friendly and controlled to become the share of Kyocera's expanded high-speed laminating machine market Core competencies.