Haier full space fresh refrigerator experiment challenge two: temperature fluctuations

Everyone knows, accurate temperature control for the refrigerator is very important, but the daily life, the refrigerator door can not have been closed, we will cause the operation of the refrigerator will cause temperature fluctuations, thus affecting the preservation of ingredients it?

To verify whether the refrigerator has excellent temperature control capability, we can carry out a series of daily behavior simulation, combined with professional equipment to monitor the output temperature curve, so that the audience more intuitive to see the product temperature control capacity.

In order to test the full temperature of Haier refrigerator temperature control capacity, we through the professional equipment to test Haier full space preservation refrigerator and contrast refrigerator, and were carried out static simulation experiments, switch door simulation experiments and warm water simulation experiments, all-round Measure the temperature control capacity of Haier full space preservation refrigerator.

Parameters Competition

First of all, before the experiment, we Haier full space fresh refrigerator and refrigerator comparison of the relevant parameters of the two comparison.

Through comparison we can find that Haier full space preservation refrigerator, which uses three circulation system, sterilization preservation, value practical.For its temperature control ability, we also need to prove through the next experiment.

Experimental steps:

Before the experiment, the Haier full space preservation refrigerator and the comparison refrigerator were transferred to the same temperature, minus 18 ℃, and were installed temperature tester, so as to better access to the inside of the data.

One: static simulation

1, Haier full space preservation refrigerator and contrast refrigerator does not carry out any operation, were set aside for 1 hour;

2, record data;

3, the output data comparison and make a graph.

Two: switch door simulation experiment

1, prepared for 1 hour long, every about 10 minutes to open a door;

2, record data;

3, the output data comparison and make a graph.

Three: warm water simulation experiment

1, will be prepared in advance two cups of the same temperature of 32 ℃ water into two refrigerators, this time the refrigerator for the same temperature;

2, the test duration of 30 minutes;

3, record data;

4, the output data comparison and make a graph.

Experimental results:

(1) Haier refrigerator product temperature changes in three stages will be very smooth, undulating;

(2) Comparison of the temperature of the refrigerator has been fluctuating, especially in the switch door and warm water after the curve fluctuations will be more obvious, even the temperature difference of about 7 ℃.

We all know that the general into the freezer food in addition to chilled most of the meat at room temperature, so the water at room temperature for experimental comparison is to explore whether the temperature of the ingredients will be accurate on the refrigerator Control the impact, so as to further highlight the refrigerator's temperature control capacity.

Through experimental comparison, we can clearly know:

Haier full space fresh refrigerator intelligent temperature control system, can effectively control the freezing room temperature fluctuations, reduce the daily operation for the refrigerator freezer temperature fluctuations, precise temperature control to achieve full space preservation.

The second through the Haier full space vacuum refrigerator experiment challenge two: the temperature fluctuations, we can see that Haier full space preservation refrigerator, with minimal temperature fluctuations, accurate temperature control design, to bring the user the freshest ingredients to the user The best taste, the happiest life. Haier full space preservation refrigerator, the strength of your every day.