Haier full space fresh refrigerator experiment challenge one: small ball ups and downs

As we all know, in daily life, the refrigerator freezer freshly easy to be ignored, especially in the air-cooled refrigerator in the defrost, the freezing room will produce temperature fluctuations, which largely affect the taste of ingredients, resulting in nutrients Of the loss, so the precise temperature control is an important factor affecting the refrigerator frozen fresh capacity.

And to verify the accuracy of the refrigerator's precise temperature control, we can use the ice to melt the ball will sink the principle of adding sodium chloride and other substances to reduce the freezing point of the solution, so that once the temperature difference between the floating situation, the ice Will melt when the ball is frozen again when the ball will fall to the bottom of the cup, intuitive reflect the frozen area of ​​the product temperature control capacity.

In order to test the full cold storage capacity of Haier refrigerator, we through two cups of prepared sodium chloride solution and two cups of alcohol solution were placed in this refrigerator and compare the refrigerator, in order to verify its precise control Temperature ability.

Parameters Competition

First of all, before the experiment, we Haier full space fresh refrigerator and refrigerator comparison of the relevant parameters of the two comparison.

Through comparison we can find that Haier full space preservation refrigerator, which uses three circulation system, sterilization preservation, value practical.For its ability to freeze preservation, we also need to prove through the next experiment.

Experimental steps:

A: sodium chloride solution preparation

1, before the experiment, the laboratory in advance to prepare the need to prepare sodium chloride solution materials, including sodium chloride solid, distilled water, beaker, stir bar, measuring said, tsp, the same size of the plastic cup;

2, this time we need to configure the concentration of 17% sodium chloride solution, divided into two cups of the solution.Through the calculation, the need for sodium chloride solid 51g, distilled water 249ml;

3, first, the laboratory through the use of a small spoon, measured weighed sodium chloride solid 51g, into the big beaker and then remove the distilled water 249ml, while into the big beaker;

4, to be completed, the experimenter with a stir bar to stir the solution to the sodium chloride solid completely dissolved;

5, then, the experimenter will dissolve a good solution of sodium chloride is divided into two cups in order to carry out comparative experiments;

6, and finally, the laborer put two cups of solution into two freezer freezers.

Two: the preparation of alcohol solution

1, before the experiment, ready to the required solution materials, including alcohol solution, the same size of the plastic cup;

2, first of all, the experimenter of the alcohol solution were poured into two plastic cups to ensure that the amount of two cups of alcohol solution the same;

3, to be completed, the experimenter need to be two cups of the same alcohol solution were placed in two refrigerator freezer;

At this point there is a cup of freezer inside the preparation of a good concentration of 17% of the sodium chloride solution and a glass of alcohol solution.

Three: into the glass ball at the same time

1, until the solution is all frozen out;

2, will remove the four cups of frozen solution were placed in the glass ball, in order to form a contrast, the Haier full space fresh refrigerator in the two cups of the solution into the red glass ball, compared to the refrigerator into the blue glass ball;

3, after the completion of the two sets of solutions were put back to the two refrigerators for 72 hours, and to ensure that the refrigerator at this time the temperature of the refrigerator at the same time set at minus 18 ℃.

Experimental results:

After 72 hours, remove the two sets of solution, observe the presence of the glass ball into the state.

We can clearly see that Haier full space in the refrigerator two kinds of solution, the red glass ball slightly trapped a little, but almost exists in the frozen ice; and compared to the two solutions in the refrigerator, blue glass ball has been caught Go in, almost to sink into the bottom of the cup.

We all know that the 17% concentration of Nacl (salt) solution, the freezing point of minus 13 ℃, 30% concentration of alcohol solution, the freezing point of minus 15 ℃ or so, so we set the test to minus 18 ℃, so that the solution Can be better ice .At the same time, the general air-cooled refrigerator defrosting is generally about 40 hours interval, so this time we set to stand for 72 hours only when the refrigerator freezer temperature is higher than the solution freezing point, the solution melts the glass The ball will be completely sink at the bottom of the cup, a more perfect show of this process.

Through experimental comparison, we can clearly know:

(1) Air-cooled refrigerator in the defrosting process does produce freezing room temperature fluctuations;

(2) As the ordinary refrigerator frozen sodium chloride solution in the glass ball dropped to the bottom of the cup, indicating that ordinary refrigerator in the defrost when the sodium chloride solution has melted, so the temperature fluctuations in the 5 ℃ or so;

(3) Haier full space preservation refrigerator frozen 30% concentration of alcohol solution in the glass ball did not drop the bottom of the cup, that Haier full space preservation refrigerator in the defrost when the temperature of nearly 30% of the alcohol solution of the freezing point, so Haier full space preservation refrigerator temperature Fluctuating only at about 3 ℃.

The whole through the Haier full space vacuum refrigerator experiment a challenge: small ball of ups and downs, we can see, Haier full space preservation refrigerator, with strength to speak, precise temperature control, frozen fresh, keep the food the best taste, lock food The best nutrition, give you the best care.