In 10 square meters of small space | see 120-inch big screen is what it feels like

Once heard that all men like two things, one is with a wheel, one is with a big screen.I think there are some truth, especially the latter, around the male friends, basically on the 'audio' Some of the pursuit, I naturally no exception. Last year, renovation of the new home, has been eager to read is not to get a projection, but because of the indoor layout and other reasons, had to give up the idea (in fact, because the poor ... ... can not buy a big house ... ...).

After the work because of the reasons, I have come into contact with some intelligent projection products, but also to bring home experience, but because of the projection distance and the location of the relationship, did not get a good viewing effect, the main reason there are two , The first is the picture is not big enough to experience the feeling is not enough shock, the second is due to the reasons for the arrangement of the speaker, and some smart projector, although comes with speakers, but the sound may be from behind or put the projector head position came, feeling Very strange

Last week, the rice family released a laser projection TV, this tens of centimeters can be projected over a hundred inches of the screen products, about to mention my interest, it seems to rely on it, I can complete in their own small 'dwelling' , The desire to build a real home theater. My living room TV wall area is not large, and the layout of the TV cabinet, so in the living room is not placed projection conditions, the only piece of white walls, in my that 10 ㎡ size of the study. After a very simple layout, I get a very good viewing effect.

Question one: the layout is not complicated?

It is not complicated, the laser projection of the ultra-short focus characteristics of the TV, so that it can be placed on the wall as much as possible, the actual placement and discharge TV is basically no difference between my house before the white wall, there is no cabinet, So I simply put the rice laser projection TV on the ground.Compared with the traditional family projection, there is no one of the most annoying alignment problem, only a power cord can be very convenient to hide.

Home only a white wall, in my 10 ㎡ of the study, without any wiring, connected to the power can be used directly

In addition, because the rice laser projection TV with a large depth of field of the lens, as long as the placement of a good position, almost no focus process, you can get a very clear picture of the fuselage built-in keystone correction is also very easy, completely Basically, the meter laser projection TV can be done with the hand, as long as the space is enough, from the unpacking to normal viewing time, should not be more than 10 minutes.

Question 2: how much can you project?

If you directly on the rice laser projection TV on the ground, then the lower edge of the projection screen is estimated to only 20-30cm high, personally feel a bit low, in order to get the right picture height, I put the box under the machine from the box, About 35cm height, so the projection of the lower edge of the screen about half a meter high, the machine placed 35cm from the wall position, you can get in my study room wall 265cm long, high 150cm projection screen, converted into inches, It is just 120 inches in size.

The projector is about 35cm from the box and gets the appropriate projection screen height

35cm from the wall

My study of the viewing distance is probably only about 2.5m, at such a distance, people do not have to deliberately turn the eye, you can view the entire projection screen, is basically the most appropriate size of the comfortable viewing. Do not use the wall away from the exhaustion, if the screen as much as possible to vote, it is estimated to be 130-140 inches, but that way, the upper edge of the screen has been basically to the ceiling near the viewing on the need to slightly looked up , Will not be comfortable.

Screen width 265cm, height 150cm, just 120 inches in size

Question 3: no curtain, not white wall how to do?

My family's wall is a touch of beige wallpaper, but also with a small texture, although it is solid, but certainly not the most suitable projection background wall, but the victory is still relatively flat from the actual picture view, the meter laser projection The brightness of the TV can completely correct the color difference between beige and white, from my point of view of the naked eye, and there is no difference in the company's curtain. As for the small texture, the screen does have a slight impact, but enough Large size in front of this little impact for a 'temporary build' of the home theater, it can be ignored.

My face is light beige with a fine texture of solid color wallpaper

As long as your wall is light and solid color, it is best that the wall paint is not a wallpaper, if you are not an extreme pursuit of quality performance of the people, then I think there is no need for curtains can also have a good projection effect. , You need to pay special attention to whether the curtain is flat enough, laser projection TV projection angle is very large, slightly uneven may cause distortion of the screen.If the wall itself is not peaceful, it is estimated that only by the more expensive hardcore to solve the The

Due to high brightness, the actual projection effect is not affected by the color of the wall, the effect is very good, the color is very positive

Question 4: Sound is good?

Ordinary projector comes with speakers, I have always felt no use, because the location of the relationship, the sound is likely to be issued from the head or behind, very natural, while the rice laser projection TV placed in front of you, the fuselage from With the sound of the speaker position relative to the viewing is very natural, and no difference between watching TV.

On the effect, the speaker comes with the sound quality can also meet the general viewing is not a problem, the bass has a certain amount of sense, the level is also good, but the whole is certainly not called 'fever' and may be due to my view But the meter laser projection TV has a very rich audio output interface, if the sound has a very strict requirements, you can add a more high-end speakers (such as speakers), the sound is too close to the sound, Viewing.

Question 5: small space cooling and noise is the problem?

Laser projection of the heat is still relatively large, rice this family in use, the fan noise in a small space than the air conditioning minimum wind speed to run the sound to be slightly larger, if in a very quiet case, you can hear But in the normal viewing process, and will not cause any impact, the film's ordinary volume can easily cover the sound of the machine fan.

Question 6: the requirements of the light is very strict?

Whether it is light source brightness of 5000 lumens, or projection brightness of 1500 lumens and the like, we only talk about the feelings in the daily use of laser projection TV in the process, or the need for appropriate shielding of the light source, such as closing the lights on the curtains and the like If the projection size is reduced to 80 inches or so, the brightness can be satisfied in the room to open the lights to watch.Of course also note that this is not the home of the laser projection of their own lack of all similar household products in the bright Under the conditions of the projection brightness is not the phenomenon of projection, after all, not in the case of adequate light to use the product.

Laser projection TV, or in the dark light is the right scene to use

Question 7: small space viewing effect in the end okay?

If you have not used the projection before at home, then this is the absolute impact of the large size of the visual impact is very strong.I put the rice laser projector TV home to the first day, the lady saw the next sentence is 'Wow! So nb', she is typical of this type of crowd, see the 120-inch picture presented in their own cabin, directly on the road without a child in the next few days, every day to see 1- 2 movies, and is quietly immersed in the viewing.

Although from a very professional point of view, rice laser projection TV picture quality is really not the top, 1080p resolution is not as good as 4K, but taking into account its price of less than million, really nothing to complain about the place You can see more details of the screen, experience a stronger telepresence, these are definitely not ordinary TV can bring you.

Question 8: Can a laser TV replace an ordinary TV?

This is a lot of friends are concerned about the issue, but also laser projection TV market, the new users need to be educated a little.In fact, from the actual point of view, I can definitely tell you, whether it is laser TV or traditional projection, short Time can not be completely replaced by ordinary TV. Watch the environment on the light requirements, the fan running a slight noise, may not be in line with the daily use of television scenes, such as many families are accustomed to driving television news, but not Sit down and watch, purely when a background sound, laser TV is obviously not a good job.

But these conditions are limited, in exchange for the potential is really the ultimate home viewing experience, large size screen, coupled with a good point of sound, watching movies at home really nothing to complain about, and may be immersed in the week For a few hours, you all feel it will be worth it.

Small space in the giant screen experience, definitely worth a try

Rice house laser projection TV, in my little room, like magic, like the emergence of their own cinema, a simple installation settings, without complex wiring, if you want my home as there is such a small piece of white walls, Then this product is really worth a try