Small change experience is different | Fuji Xerox S2110NDA evaluation

When people buy entry-level black and white A3 digital multi-function machine, there is a brand of products to become one of the most cost-effective choice, it is Fuji Xerox 'Longjing' series entry-level A3 digital multi-function machine, of course, China's market, Fuji Xerox used the name of the Chinese name for its product line named in 2012, Longjing 1 series listed; 2014 Longjing 2 series listed from Longjing 1 to Longjing 2, only 4 years of cumulative sales reached 300,000 Today, Longjing 3 series of products listed, the same will bring users to high - quality, cost - effective choice.

As a result of the Longjing 2 series, Longjing 3 Series - Fuji Xerox DocuCentre S2110 (hereinafter referred to as S2110) in the appearance, performance, experience and many other aspects, with a certain degree of renewal. What specific updates, and the series will be It is worth noting that Longjing 3 has two models of products, namely S2110N, S2110NDA, S2110N standard platen, no feeder; S2110NDA standard delivery Machine, double-sided document feeder and Mobile UI, Xiaobian evaluation of the S2110NDA.

The iteration is to understand the user

From the 'to change, will change' brand new slogan, you can see Fuji Xerox in product innovation on the determination to dare, this determination is also reflected in the Longjing series of products.Compared with the previous generation of products, Fuji Xerox S2110 in the design, Intelligence, efficiency and environmental aspects of a lot of improvements, these improvements are in the same goal, that is better to serve the domestic users.

1, design: Fuji Xerox S2110NDA has a new design, the appearance of inherited high-end series of products, the use of dark blue and white with; size, the size of the model is wide 595 mm × deep 580 mm × 568 mm high Double-sided document feeder), compared to the previous generation models more compact.

2, intelligence: to mention intelligent, Fuji Xerox S2110 series will be 'China customized' into 'China Dingzhi'. Mainly reflected in the smart copy function and Mobile UI operation. Among them, in the smart copy function, Fuji Xerox launched The new document copy function, you can copy the documents for intelligent proofreading; Mobile UI operation interface, Fuji Xerox S2110NDA using the interface, you can use the smart phone screen as its operation panel to improve the user experience.

3, efficiency: compared to previous generation products, Fuji Xerox S2110NDA support network scanning function, and the warm-up time is reduced to 18 seconds, in addition to copy / print speed increased to 21 / min.

4, environmental protection: Fuji Xerox S2110NDA has environmental characteristics, which lower energy consumption, to the national level energy efficiency standards, TEC value as low as 0.99 kwh, reducing power consumption, the use of advanced ultrafine particle emission optimization technology, more Conducive to protecting the environment.

Fuji Xerox S2110NDA in many areas have a very good update, including small models designed to save a lot of office space; intelligent design simplifies the user's operation; warm-up time to shorten the speed and improve the efficiency of the output, The final environmental characteristics, but also for the optimization of the work environment icing on the cake.

Appearance and detail analysis

Compared to the previous generation, Fuji Xerox S2110NDA in the appearance of change: the overall size of the fuselage width of 595 mm × 580 mm × 568 mm high, more compact; appearance inherited high-end product style, with dark blue and white with the overall view , The model is not only small and full of business temperament.

In the details, the Fuji Xerox S2110NDA has a lot of remarkable places.As with most models, the model is equipped with a flatbed scanning system and a document feeder, it is worth mentioning that the feeder is double-sided Document, support for double-sided scanning and network scanning function, which flat panel scanning system for the paper feeder, the largest scan size A3.

Fuji Xerox S2110NDA designed a simple user interface, the control panel by the display and a number of buttons, including key parts, including the number of keys, including the start and including double-sided, N-1 convenient buttons, as well as control the fuselage state Key, such as power saving. It is worth mentioning that the model supports automatic sleep function, a good save energy.

The model comes standard with a 250-sheet tray and a 100-way MP tray. The input tray is designed at the bottom of the machine. The MP tray is designed on the left side of the fuselage and the maximum feed size is A3. In addition, S2110NDA can also choose a single tray assembly, the paper feed capacity of 500, optional workbench. The model of the output capacity of 250 sheets.

Supplies, the Fuji Xerox S2110NDA is a black and white models, so the cartridge for the black and white toner cartridges, supplies warehouse design in the fuselage inside the front cover, there are supplies logo.

Regardless of the overall body or the details of the body, Fuji Xerox S2110NDA are very good to do the ultimate, which looks more compact, double-sided document feeder configuration is very good support for double-sided scanning needs, in addition to control panel arrangements, making white Users more easy to get started.

Smart Document Copy and Mobile UI Experience

In terms of intelligence and convenience, Fuji Xerox S2110NDA equipped with intelligent document copy function and Mobile UI function, respectively, can copy the documents for intelligent proofreading and the use of mobile phones to control the function of the printer, then the experience of these two functions exactly how?

In the daily office process, the user can not deal with the copy of the document, but fortunately there is a model with a copy of the card function, but only the positive and negative documents were scanned, and finally unified print on a piece of paper, copy documents Tilt, the location of the user needs to adjust their own in the copy of the document, most of the correction function or need people to control.However, Fuji Xerox smart document copy function for the above problems provide a good solution.

For the smart document copy function, Fuji Xerox S2110NDA official information is displayed: in order to make documents, business cards placed neatly, do you often need to spend a lot of time? For DocuCentre S2110, this is not a problem. Slightly tilted, DocuCentre S2110 will automatically correct, so that the central alignment.

Xiao Bian tried this function, when you will bus card, business card or ID card was tilted at a certain angle (tilt is not too large), Fuji Xerox S2110NDA will automatically correct the location and make the document center copy. Multiple models are not words.

In fact, the use of mobile phones to control the printer, many print manufacturers have their own solutions or mobile APP, and Fuji Xerox S2110NDA also have - Mobile UI, Fuji Xerox S2110NDA official information display, Mobile UI function can be mobile phone screen as a multi- Machine operation panel, not only can copy the copy function, double-sided copy and all-in-one settings, more intuitive to manage user accounts and prints, query the cause of the malfunction, to provide easy to understand mode of operation. Look, Mobile UI is more like this machine's handheld remote control, the device to control.

In terms of experience, Mobile UI is more convenient, novice use this feature, need to download 'Mobile UI' APP, after the Fuji Xerox S2110NDA NFC function, mobile phone and Fuji Xerox S2110NDA connection, so as to control a variety of functions, such as Copy, view the copy function list, troubleshoot, and view the number of pages printed per user.

In short, from the 'custom' to 'Dingzhi', Fuji Xerox S2110NDA highlights the intelligence, as well as the convenience of intelligence, intelligent document copy and Mobile UI will be redundant manual operation to the machine, it can be said that intelligence and humanity Of the combination, making the machine can provide more services in place.

Speed ​​experience

In function, Fuji Xerox S2110NDA has a color network scanning function, the user can use Fuji Xerox provided 'Print & Scan Hub' software, through the network connection to the original scan to the computer, scan the file format, you can choose PDF / JPEG / PNG. It is mentioned that Xiaobian used the wired network function to test the Fuji Xerox S2110NDA for printing, scanning speed.

The speed of the Fuji Xerox S2110NDA (print, copy, scan), the official information page shows that the model warm-up time of less than 18 seconds, print speed, copy speed (A4 horizontal) roughly the same, 21 / (Black and white, color with the speed). On this basis, Xiao Bian of the model of the print, copy, scanning speed of the actual test.

Test environment: the use of YORK standard test page; connection is a wired network connection; scan / copy A4 horizontal.

The following is to print test data:

Fuji Xerox S2110print speed test

Test items

Output quality

time consuming

Single page Word document



30 pages Word document



5 pages of IE


21 seconds 55

10 pages PDF document


41 seconds 60




Still life photos


12 seconds 41

The following is the copy test data:

Copy test

Test items

Copy mode

Copy quality

time consuming


Single black and white


6 seconds 91

10 copies of black and white


33 seconds 07

The following is the scan test data:

Scan test

Test items



time consuming





5 copies of black and white

1 minute 33 seconds 88


5 copies Black and white

1 minute 19 seconds 12

Summary: From the measured data, Fuji Xerox S2110NDA print / copy speed is very strong, basically better than its official information page shows 21 / min speed, and scanning speed is better than the scanning speed transmission time is longer and cost But for the enterprise, this speed is basically able to hold the daily office of the print / copy / scan.

Quality experience

Print / copy / scan high-quality can clearly describe the original to show the effect, so a high-quality equipment is the daily office of the equipment needed to improve office efficiency is also an important way Fuji Xerox S2110NDA in terms of quality which Outstanding performance?

Fuji Xerox S2110NDA is a black and white models, so the test Xiaobian pay attention to the black concentration, clarity and writing between the grainy.

The following is a printed test sample

The following is a copy of the test sample

From the test sample can be seen, Fuji Xerox S2110NDA print the black concentration is higher, so that the text, the image is more clear, the clarity is relatively high, you can clear the text on the paper, and sharpness is also very obvious. , Although the quality of the print relative to the quality of printing, but compared to similar entry-level equipment, such a basic quality to meet the needs of business office.

Summary of evaluation

Fuji Xerox S2110NDA is Fuji Xerox deepening 'China Dingzhi' entry-level black and white A3 digital one of the multi-functional models, had more than its generation (Longjing 2) and on the generation (Longjing 1) in the market made a very good Performance, and the Longjing 3 (Fuji Xerox S2110 series) iteration, from design to intelligence and then to experience, and even environmental protection, gave the user to high-quality solutions, I believe Fuji Xerox S2110 series will inherit sales legend for the enterprise Level users to provide more humane office services.