Green orange debut MWC Shanghai exhibition, and China Mobile reached 2017 annual strategic cooperation

June 29, MWC Shanghai Exhibition Day 2, at the Shanghai New International Expo Center E2 Hall, China Mobile Communications Group Terminal Co., Ltd. 2017 annual strategic cooperation signing ceremony was held.

Domestic mainstream terminal manufacturers and business platform to attend, and signed with China Mobile, yesterday to bring VOGA V laser projection phone stunning debut MWC Shanghai exhibition of orange orange brand, also invited to attend the signing ceremony, and China Mobile reached the 2017 annual strategy Cooperation.

Rui Jiake Group President and CEO Mr. Le Jiaming (right 2) to sign

Stick to the heart, embrace changes

Green orange is Ruijiake Group's own mobile phone brand, from Shanghai. Since its establishment in 2012, green orange adhering to the spirit of innovation, adhere to the quality of the first, in the domestic mobile phone brand in the long term occupy a place, is the mainstream of its own brand 1. Green orange mobile phone has three major product lines, VOGA series of flagship brand innovation, intellectual, science and technology, green orange U series flagship youth personality, green orange three good series main quality than the main.

Orange Orange S1 phone

And in yesterday, Green Orange mobile phone produced VOGA series brand has just released a laser projection phone: VOGA V, which is equipped with the latest MEMS laser projection technology, the smart phone market segments, can be described as a full Imaginative innovative models.

Wise borrowed and changed the future

Science and technology to change life, and great technology not only change the life, but also to promote the change of the times.The emergence of smart phones, all the time to change people's lives.With the mobile phone function more perfect and powerful, based on the mobile phone technology is more mature, People's expectations on the phone is no longer limited to the basic communication function. The camera, TV and computer functions integrated into the phone into the pocket has become a reality, and this time, VOGA V laser projection phone is the projection The instrument was in his pocket.

Just released hot VOGA series of brand new products, and China Mobile signed a strategic cooperation agreement, Green Orange mobile phone recently can be described as frequent news, whether it is a breakthrough product itself, or the expansion of the terminal channel, I believe will bring more advantages of green orange mobile phone And the opportunity.