Meter home laser projection TV release | 9999 yuan the lowest price of similar products

Millet in the June 28 eco-chain conference, released a new meter laser projection TV, which is the first millet to participate in ultra-short focus projection products.Ma home laser projection TV price 9999 yuan, compared to Sony's similar Product GTZ1 to 400,000 price, just 1/40 of the price, cost-effective killer style again.

Meter home laser projection TV in the distance of 24cm from the wall to get 100 inches or so, 50cm away from the wall can be projected about 150 inches screen, compared to the traditional projector placed more convenient, but also eliminates the trouble of wiring, Has not occupied the interior space and the screen block the problem.

The meter laser projection TV uses the Ricoh foundry's large depth of field optical lens design, the size of the 30-inch screen changes, the device displacement without re-focusing, not like the existence of other devices will need to be moved once again Focus on the situation.

Light source, it uses the APLD 3.0 laser light source technology, the use of RGRGB frequency ColorWheel refresh program, the proportion of red light up to 16% -18%, compared to other in order to increase the brightness and sacrifice color products have a richer and more accurate color performance, While reducing the size of the machine to enhance the life of the light source.Ma home laser projection TV can reach 120fps refresh rate, the picture is more smooth and natural.

The gamma laser has a brightness of 3000 lumens, a static contrast ratio of 3000: 1, exceeding the cinema's 2000: 1 standard, supporting HDR. In addition, it is the world's first ultra-short focus laser projection with TI's 0.47-inch architecture DMD chip.

Multi-frequency, dual-frequency, dual-frequency, high-fidelity loudspeaker, built-in multi-fidelity speaker, designed to support DOLBY, DTS dual decoding, use and millet TV the same MIUI TV system, hardware configuration using Amlogic T968 Chip, with 2G storage / 16G storage space.

Humanized design, rice laser projection TV using touch buttons, remote control and millet TV the same, zero learning costs simple to get started, the host is also designed to have two anti-look sensor, the detection of light before the existence of human infrared, Enter the minimum brightness of the protection mode, after leaving, automatically resume display.

Meter home laser projection TV price of 9,999 yuan has a very high cost, want to build a home theater friends at home, this may be a better choice than the traditional projection.