Feel different scenery | rainy days to the beach must bring the whale projection F1

Last week the company group to build a trip to Nandaihe, but unfortunately the weather is not very good, the forecast shows that for several days have rain, and the next is not small, just at hand, just finished finishing the micro whale projection F1, thought or Bring it, after all, there are some free time to catch up with the rain can only nest in the house, look at the total film will not waste time.

The day of the building that good rain did not come as scheduled, to the sun at noon also drilled out for a while, but still indecisive, barrier water transport 'wet body' cool after pressing, the rain eventually came, then we Has been transferred to the room, despite the outside wind and rain.

The end of the event back to the room has been more than ten o'clock, had wanted to cast on the support, it really do not want to move, and finally looked at the phone fell asleep at night vaguely feel the outside from the rain, sleep very comfortable, but fortunately 7 Wake up after the rain has stopped, eat breakfast and went to the beach to take a trip.

The morning is not much at sea, but it is not calm, the waves continue to beat the coast, a series of footprints to stay in the wet sandy beach .When the sky flew over a group of seagulls, came bursts of farther and farther, Soon disappeared.

Remove F1 from the backpack

Compare with iPhone 7 size

Take advantage of this opportunity to micro-whale projection F1 and then take some photos it! F1's small size, you can easily put in the backpack (must be equipped with a protective cover, to avoid scratched the lens), before contact with some micro- Some of the volume is smaller than it, but there is no advantage in brightness, F1 brightness of 1200 ANSI lumens, compared to the same brightness specifications of other products, F1 volume is more compact.

Glacier gray main colors, and the day the weather is very tune, if you look carefully will find the above also through the drawing processing, very texture, the key is not to leave fingerprints, which I like.

The back of the fuselage interface

Bottom with 1/4 inch screw port, easy to use fixed

The back of the fuselage power, USB3.0, HDMI2.0 and headset four interfaces, in fact, these interfaces are usually used less, because the micro-whale projection inherited the micro whale TV in the content and system advantages, as long as the network , In order to prevent the room network is not to force, I actually also downloaded several movies in advance to prepare for contingencies, but later did not come in handy.

Remote control and whale TV equipped with remote control exactly the same, the key layout is simple, to provide Bluetooth voice function.I contact with many other TV remote control is different, this remote control is very weight, there is no kind of floating feeling, It was pragmatic in his hand.

Power is not light, 19V / 6A specifications, the weight is about twice the ThinkPad X230 power supply, and occasionally back to the acceptable.

Took a moment suddenly began to rain, rushed to return to the room, the time is still early, only to use F1 to pass the time.

In fact, the room has a TV + set-top box, but this twenty-inch CRT TV is not open to see the desire of the whale projection F1 projection ratio is 1.2: 1, which means that the distance of 2.5m can be projected 100 inches I put the whale projection F1 on the bed, because the opposite wall is a slope, you need to slightly higher in front of some.

In the face of this slope, the system comes with automatic keystone correction did not play a good role, but do not worry, through the manual keystone correction will soon make the screen display normal, press the focus button on the fuselage or voice 'Focus', through the left and right keys will be able to let the screen into the most clear state, if you can support auto focus on the better.

As the waterfall flow WUI2.0 is no stranger to open immediately after the start of the search content.As with the TV, micro whale projection F1 content mainly from Tencent video, but also cross-platform integration of mango TV, BBC, TVB, etc. High-quality content resources, in addition I also installed TV cats and other third-party APP, the whole network content can be covered.

If you know what you want to see, the direct use of voice search more convenient, you can save the remote control complex key operation.

Daytime projection effect

The effect of pulling the curtains during the day

This is the rain of the daytime projection of the screen effect, 1200ANSI brightness performance is indeed beyond the expected, do not pull the curtains, the brightness is enough, if the curtains on the effect will be better.

Out of the rain had gusto, unwittingly read the movie, but also to pack the luggage back.

For this short trip, the micro-investment will not be a burden, but also for the journey to add a lot of fun, the next trip must also bring it.