Life battery god! Huawei accompanied by WiFi 2 Pro evaluation: Let your phone more firm

First, the preface: power artifacts are capable of Huawei Huawei WiFi 2 Pro

June 7, 2017, Huawei in the MateBook conference officially released its new portable WiFi products - Huawei WiFi 2 Pro, priced at 899 yuan.

Filed with the WiFi, many readers may first think of similar to the 360 ​​portable WiFi such as U disk wireless router, is not plugged into the computer network cable Wi-Fi, ye sell so expensive?

Take Huawei's WiFi 2 Pro, this is a portable Wi-Fi, rechargeable treasure, wireless router triple product, 4G triplet, support LTE Cat.6 up to 300Mbps rate.

In other words, it can not only plug the card Wi-Fi, but also for the phone to charge, but also plug the network cable to do the router, whether to carry out travel, or dormitory power emergency Internet access, Huawei WiFi 2 Pro can be competent.

This can be more than a dozen dollars of portable WiFi to be able to do more, the price of course, even higher than a lot.

Some readers have to ask: 'my phone will be able to access the Internet, but also to open the Wi-Fi hot, Pingsha to buy a portable WiFi?'

The students speak very reasonable, but said the author would like to ask a question, your mobile phone power enough?

I believe that most of the smart phones are inevitable one day a red, severe users one day two or three red is possible, and many people have a feeling that the phone on the battery very durable, but one out on a variety of urine collapse?

Not to mention the Wi-Fi hot spots, this situation will be further exacerbated.

↑ ↑ ↑ You never know how far between the base station and the phone

This is certainly not the illusion, the street 4G / 3G signal needs to be transmitted from the far base station operators, the phone needs to find the signal connected to the network, connecting the surrounding Wi-Fi naturally easier and more stable than this.

The same place where the signal is worse than the signal is better place more power.

So have a stable, good signal Wi-Fi environment can greatly improve the already stretched mobile phone life, often go out of people should be deeply understand.

But theory theory, portable WiFi can actually save much power? Huawei with WiFi 2 Pro as the most high-end portable WiFi products, the performance will be how? With the author to find out what happens