DHL Hong Kong warehouse fire | Dunhuang network released export notes

According to the grace network to understand, DHL Hong Kong, Changsha Bay warehouse recently a fire, the cause of the accident suspected logistics operators do not comply with the transport of live goods affected by this effect, DHL Hong Kong warehouse suspended collection of charged products, according to its proposed, Dunhuang network Issued a note on the use of Hong Kong DHL warehouse export lithium battery.

Hong Kong DHL warehouse fire, because the staff found in time did not cause serious security incidents, but after all the vehicles to suspend the discharge, which will affect the current two days of transport time, the relevant seller to pay attention to their own package delivery situation.

For the focus of charged products - lithium batteries, Dunhuang said that the use of lithium batteries, electronic products will be affected by the new regulations, whether it is a rechargeable lithium-ion battery or a one-time lithium metal battery. include:

1. Lithium batteries are packaged and shipped as separate goods and must be packaged and shipped in the form of individual items (bulk / container), for example: Bulk batteries / Charges;

2. Lithium batteries are individually packaged but shipped in the same box as the equipment, such as a mobile phone using a rechargeable lithium battery;

3. Lithium batteries are included or installed in the equipment, while in the same box for transport.For example: the installation of integrated lithium battery Tablet PC, the battery can not be removed or replaced by the user.

In addition, Dunhuang network also prompt the seller, for the recent issue of goods or upcoming goods, please contact with the buyer in time, do a good job communication, to avoid disputes, if necessary, the seller can consider the choice of other logistics channels as a supplement. To avoid the fire caused by the goods and other potential risks, the seller needs to have a detailed understanding of the new regulations for lithium batteries.