Fun movement Guan Gang Gang: I used the blood and tears in exchange for the four business lessons

March 30, fun movement announced to obtain tens of millions of yuan financing, which is since the founding of the fun since the completion of the fourth round of financing.

Fun movement was established in 2014, the main thing is to do the sports venues scheduled service, not only successfully survive O20 death tide, but also to achieve a profit, the current integration of more than 2,000 venues, more than 100,000 venues, this year's revenue target is 260 million.

As the founder of the 90 years after the fun of Guan Zheng Gang, on March 31 by the corporal financial management hosted by the 2017 China Life Innovation Summit, starting from their own entrepreneurial experience, to the young entrepreneurs to share their own stepped some of the pit , To clarify some of the entrepreneurial thinking errors.

Fun movement founder Guan Zheng Gang

Guan Zhenggang first warned the entrepreneur, the project did not represent the victory of financing, and now get the first round of financing mortality is still higher than 99% .Second, he used blood and tears history in exchange for the lesson is: Financial planning, will bring irreparable consequences to the project.In addition, starting from the first day of business, it is necessary to think about the profit model, only the real profits in order to measure the value of the company.

The following by the corporal financial system according to Guan Zheng Gang live speech finishing

Good afternoon, I called Guan Gang Gang, just the host also stressed that after 90 labels, in fact, we do not often hear, two years ago, we talk about more, in fact, now we are close to 30 years old So we can slowly ignore this label, today is very honored to be able to have such a place, let me give the entrepreneur to share some of what I am good at and awareness of very strong things inside.

I do not know how many of them are now entrepreneurs on the road and are likely to go to business. I may not be the same as the direction of investors today, I am very good at some of the more popular, that is, We usually make mistakes.

I said today, the title is called thinking errors, so from the bottom of the ideological point of view, we will feel cliché, Ma said 10 times, Shi Yuzhu said 20 times, but Ma said 10 times, he said he also heard 10 times, he also made this mistake, I still want from my point of view and I made mistakes to tell you about this issue.

Financing success is not equal to the success of entrepreneurship

Now our company has two platforms, one is the fun of the APP, is provided online sports venues scheduled service. Now in this area is absolutely leading, the average can be completed close to 10,000 orders.

Online sports venues booking platform fun sports

The other is the bottom of the service, we give all the sports venues and sports venues to provide information and intelligent management system, including lighting, rolling mill, hardware, door mirror and so a lot of integration, before we appear, but also the industry Very short of the missing and backward part of the industry, of course, there may be some distance, so do not necessarily understand, I simply do an introduction.If there is a need for sports partners, fun sports APP is certain, because now Has been able to book all the 30 cities of the ball class, including swimming, karting and so on.

I want to talk about the first mistake today, do not know how many heard here, Change the cost of financing that victory, this is a very big misunderstanding.

Fun activities have done four rounds of financing, so far the amount of up to close to 100 million yuan in our business, we everywhere rub the office, can save the province, I use a table, the office gave me two The first round of financing we have close to 10 million yuan, this time the money on the inside, I will feel like endlessly, because before each month only tens of thousands of dollars, you do not need to do planning and Cost analysis, certainly not used up.

Of course, I talked about is not in the big company before the executives, and then 40 years old out of business people, I speak or a conventional state, I really did not spend so much money, so that time there is a The biggest problem, we must remember that the success of financing is not equal to the success of entrepreneurship.

Now get the first round of financing the mortality rate is still higher than 99%, what is the concept? Is the money to you, the resources to listen to your deployment, and then give you time, the last 100 items will have more than 99 no , And finally died, so that the success of financing, just a concept is that you get the right to allocate resources, from the fact that things are actually very far worse, you just have such a force in the hands of you Where the fist hit, punch or fist, hit where the problem Shi Yuzhu and Ma talked dozens of times, and Ma just got 20 million dollars when he was also muddled.

Financing success is not equal to the success of entrepreneurship.

I talk about this misunderstanding today, financing is not equal to the success of the time, I am also very clear before the start, when your account really have so much money when you really think, I succeeded mother, the money a lot , And even some people in the first round less, the second round of tens of millions, hundreds of millions of yuan in the hand inside, I can do anything, I can do 10 APP, money buy fund what. Too much, because you have the power , You will be confused, do not know how to do it.

Today, the first is the financing of the smooth and successful, does not mean the success of this hope that we must bear in mind, this is a very ideological problem when one day financing success, whether it is 100 million yuan, or 1000 Million yuan, tell yourself, still far worse.

The founder should be the company's first CFO

The second question is that the first question just said Misunderstanding II. Financial planning is not important , This is followed by just the first thought of a more serious ideological errors, this road will go for a long time, which requires me to take my history of blood and tears out.

When we got into the first round, my mind was not hot, made a simple plan, the money enough 10 months, or 20 months, we need to have the number of teams to do such a thing. Into the second and third round of the time, the money has been much more than before, and tens of millions of cash in the same time, I like the same as before, I think this time more money.

I do not have any financial planning, we do not have the cost to ask the financial planning people to do CFO, this stage all the CEO to remember that you are your first CFO company, whether your money is 10 million, or 100 million , Or 100,000, financial planning and financial model, you have to do in addition to the business outside the second important.

You have a clear idea, do not ask any external people to do financial planning, because the business only their own understand, where to go, I understand. I talk about financial planning, not simply you told me that 10 people, one year Spending 1.2 million, so 10 million with nine months.

To be accurate to the month, to be very accurate how much income you are each month, from which plate, how much profit is, how much cash surplus, all things should be very clear, and then continue to adjust the monthly because today is March , April spent 650,000 you have to adjust, May is not and you are not expected, financial planning is not just such a concept, is the model, we can tie a lot of models and better dry goods, I Today is an ideology for everyone to let everyone know how important this thing is.

The founder should be the company's first CFO.

Most of the companies, including we are almost buried here, more money, three months you are invisible, do not plan, then the water will be big enough you can not think of our most time when the cost of one month Close to 6 million, I thought it was more than 100 million, the financial statements I see very casual.

I thought that there was a spectrum in my heart, and I would estimate a cost, but it was a perfect two-thing concept with your actual cash flow. You had to be clear about every financial knowledge, what was net profit, what was Cash flow statement, you have to look at these things are very clear, otherwise the words will suffer, do not rely on the early can go to a very good CFO, it is impossible, you are your company's first CFO.

Once the business is to think about a good profit model

The third misunderstanding is a greater misunderstanding of thinking, 99% of the entrepreneurs, including I have committed, is the profit model is a late thing.

I can not even think about and do not discuss the so-called profit model, that is, a word, how do you make money, where your customers. I stayed in the Silicon Valley in 2015 for some time, interviews and exchanges of 100 start-ups , In the United States, I think we talk about business models, talk about the project, the first point after describing the project, the second is about the profit model, how do you do? Where does your income come from? How are you?

This in our China, we do not discuss, and even a company for four years and five years, profit models are still in the study and explore them, including us in the previous two years, I feel as if away from their own, someone told us this Point of view, but this ideology is easy to form in your heart, because you are rich in the hands of money when it is easy, but in fact these cash is not for you to live with, but to give you money You want to know from the first day.

So, the profit model from the first day will be clear, where my money come from. Today we are familiar with a lot of products, including ink weather, I do not know where there is no good relationship with their small partners, these are already active Users tens of millions or hundreds of millions of community platform, including watercress. In fact, their revenue data is very miserable, because from the beginning we did not want to understand when you have 10 million users when your money from everyone. Want to have 10 million users very Niubi, when the time certainly have money to earn. In fact not the case.

Mexican weather has been listed on the GEM, and all the financial statements are open, we can look at how much money they earned over the years.That large number of users whether the entrepreneur has been incredibly successful, but can be listed, but in fact You can go to see if they have 5 million users when the income is how much, there are 8 million users when the income is how much.

Once the business is to think about a good profit model.

Then the real time to figure out the profitability of the time should be put forward, in your business model to build and you want to tell the whole project when you are constantly asking yourself where to come from the money, even if the money is small, but You can not help but pay attention to it.I know that I think I speak up we feel very boring, because these people think it is cliche, said over and over again and again, I want to continue to emphasize that I have thought I was very clear, But I have just said the mistakes we have committed.

When we moved to the second year, we started the APP platform in 2015, there are 18 million transactions, but our income is zero .2016 transaction volume to more than 9000 million, the money is the user to put To us, I put a month to give me the upstream suppliers, we basically did not how to make money in 2016. The reason lies in the first day of the business model to build, we did not want to understand in this chain My money from where? Not even to the customer to a penny, because you start the first day is free, the first day free of charge does not mean ten years after you open mouth charges are received.

Of course, very lucky, fun to live today, because at the end of 2016 when I find their own profit model, of course, very difficult and very painful.

2016 I will say that my business is the most difficult year, not because the capital environment is poor, but all the Internet projects in the third year, if you have the honor to take a few financing to live the third year, the third Year is what I just said, if your profit model did not build a good time, to the third year you will be very embarrassing, because you need money when the financing of all the capital and so on have not too many models worth The only thing is your income is how much.Only one thing can measure your company how much money, whether you are acquired or listed, is the net profit, is the price-earnings ratio.

If your company's net profit this year is 10 million, in fact, has been very much, but if he is today's China motherboard market 20-30 times the price-earnings ratio, it is only 2-3 million, but we are now too many projects in China , Net profit of 10 million when the valuation is billions.

But we return to the essence of the words, only the net profit can be measured. Like a guest said that our company in the end can produce much profit, this is a measure of how much your company value. Do not think your hands users, The cash in your hands, including your story, etc. How important are these things, including your company's people or buildings, it is important that your company in the next fiscal year can create much net profit.

Entrepreneurship is actually doing business

The last one, from the first day of business return to the commercial nature.

This time we all seem to speak, it is popular, we Internet start-up companies, new media, electricity providers, TMT, etc., most of us always feel that their business is not the same as the breakfast shop next to you, you compare Even if you start financing only 50 million, people at that time the breakfast shop is actually cast 1 million open, you will think you count what business, your car wash shop what business, we call this business. In fact, this is a greater ideological misunderstanding.

Let the profits measure the value of your company.

In fact, what we do today, put it plain is a business, are a business, just say that your business may need some money into the platform bigger, it is possible to generate revenue, this is just your characteristics, But you can not get away from you is a business body.You start from the first day, to know next to the car wash shop or breakfast shop with you how much difference, if you can not produce cost control after the net profit, then you may even a business Are not really.

In the end whether you think you are doing business, whether you think you are doing business, we all think that entrepreneurship, do the project, do the Internet is very high, there are many users, you can often attend the forum, to share with you the so-called dry goods. Is exactly the same, can you generate a net profit, what is your business form, tell yourself from the first day you are doing a business, you invited everyone to spend the cost is not the investor's money. When you cast 10 million, 20% of the time, the remaining 80% is your own, which 10 million of each of these dollars have eight cents is your. You want to tell yourself this is your Money, not the money of the investors in the casually burned

The last really can be IPO and the acquisition of the company did not have one I just imagined to do that because the last note is a net profit, you may not like the breakfast shop next to your platform may be great, you may It is better to have a small restaurant next month to earn 70,000 dollars.It can open a chain, it can even sell afternoon tea, his business model is to make money, there is a positive cash flow.

So it is a business body that is the first day to tell you that you are doing business, which is what I share four points of the entrepreneur is very easy to fall into the four misunderstandings, but also my own blood with tears.

Because we spent too much extra cash wasting on my own ideological mistakes, because we have also been like Ma, like, in Pazhou rented a particularly tall office, rent a few million a year, I just paid I can only say that I wake up a little faster, you do not feel back to see, before or before you do it is very clear, but you do decision-making Of the time or will make mistakes.

I have just talked about the four errors, is for all entrepreneurs, whether you start tomorrow is to open a breakfast shop or an Internet company, there is no difference, the four errors are the same, so I hope we can remember I share four misunderstandings today, these four ideological ideologies are priceless.